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  1. Lochside says:

    Good on you Stuart!…I respect your bravery in publicly backing sites such as this and obviously your pro-Indy stance, which you’ve never hidden even when on the BBC. Testimonials such as yours are welcomed and point the way for the media in Scotland.

    Unfortunately, many of your erstwhile colleagues may well be queuing up at the ‘Broo’ in the very near future due to their slavish adherence to the crumbling institutions that comprise our present ‘msm’. For their slavish silence during the past few years, they certainly deserve to be ‘sanctioned’ for tardiness and lack of enterprise.

  2. Fed up with the Lies and Propaganda of the London Media Industrial Complex says:

    You know the media is bent when every newspaper ( comics) magazine publication came out against Independence.

  3. Redgauntlet says:

    Bella, I thought you were raising cash for serious purposes…maybe get Tam on to talk about the pies…Stuart has been at Ch4 for ages,, while, simultaneously, Scottish film is starved to death. What the FF is Stuart saying about that?

  4. calum says:

    Why should we support a site that has been taken over by the 3 stooges admin?

    1. douglas clark says:

      What do you mean?

      AFAIK this is a collective blog that presents views I sometimes agree with, sometimes disagree with. I do not always agree with the editorial line, indeed it is not at all obvious to me that they actually have an editorial line.

      They allow people to speak and they allow fairly robust comments on the Opinion Pieces. For m, that is as much as you can reasonably argue for. Indeed I would not feel ‘out of place’ in submitting a piece for them to consider, had I anything I really needed to say that hadn’t already been covered.

      So, who are the three stooges of whom you speak? The editorial policy seems sound to me.

  5. Calum McAskill says:

    With respect to bbc, they “carmichaeled” the news.

    Let’s be plain, the mail, express, Scotsman or record, all play to the prejudice of their readers, they don’t hide it and don’t apologise.

    bbc play to the prejudices of the English establishment, they hide it and deny it. bbc Scottish branch office has become an embarrassment, it’s “talking to” a country that doesn’t believe it and it is not changing its tune. bbc does not listen to Scotland, it treats us like school children having union flags thrust into their hands as they wait to view a royal visitor, a visitor they have been brain washed into believing is a role model.

    ITV and Sky largely ignore Scotland, Channel 4 are an exception, Jon Snow’s reporting during the election was balanced and challenging.

    I no longer buy papers, I jump around the web to get a balance of news and ocaasionaly watch news on TV, again jumping about for balance.

    What I”d like is a Scottish news sourced and reported by people living in Scotland. News abroad and from England, I’d like this to be reported how it impacts Scotland, not chanelled though the London media then regertitated Friday m London’s perspective.

    Items such as bbc’s help in trying to get Jim Murphy elected in May, the Elanor Bradford story about NHS cuts in the week of the referendum or coverage of Gordon brown or the vow in the final moments of the referendum, must never be permitted to happen in Scotland or. Any democracy.

    In other words, I’d like to receive news the way a citizen in an independent European country does.

    1. That’s a fair aspiration to have Calum. We can only be one part of that – but we have lans to improve our content and deliver that aspect well – namely commentary, opinion and reportage. But we will also be actively supporting and collaborating with other projects developing specific news content.

      1. Calum McAskill says:

        Look at last week, there were teething problems with the new super hospital in Glasgow. People were inconvenienced (which is never good), but in the grand scheme of things, completely expected.

        Are we talking Heathrow Terminal Five proportions of failure? No, and issues have since stabilised thanks to endeavours of staff and understanding of patients and families. bbc Scotland were the only media outlet that pushed this negatively. The weaponising of the NHS did not disappear with Milliband’s departure, bbc are still at it.

        The six pledge stone of labour went through scrutiny of ten high level labour meetings, that it emerged in front of the cameras tells you all you need to know about the competence of the clowns that run that party.

        With all the austerity cuts of the past six years and still to come, SNP are to be congratulated on the high levels of care. Would anyone in their right mind let labour near the levers of Scotland”s NHS?

        My worry is we have another year up to the 2016 election of bbc, drip, drip, etc.

    2. maxi kerr says:

      Daily politics the other day allowed a sneering M forsyth to laugh all over Pete wishart.The Paisley grammar boy(Andrew neil) lets any anti SNP voices have the floor so they can spew their venom.

  6. Clydebuilt says:

    Callum we’e had the Drip Drip of the BBC since 1935 when the SNP formed. Hasn’t worked. If we keep up pushing we’ll get there.

  7. Rosie says:

    Thanks, Stuart, I agree with so much of what you say about Bella and its place in Scotland, but I really don’t like the new format. So much so that I read far fewer articles. Is it me, or has anyone else let Bella know that some changes don’t work favourably?

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