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Nectar for the Soul

keyboardactivists.jpgThis is our Bella 24 Hour Call. We hope to be able to shut up about this very soon, and leave you all alone.

But with news this morning that ‘diplomatic cables reveal the extent of the British Government’s collusion with foreign powers to damage the Scottish Government, undermine international confidence in Scotland’s economy, and to usurp the democratic process of the referendum on independence’ and remembering too the comments during the referendum of Paul Mason, BBC Newsnight’s former economics editor (now at Channel 4 News) who said of the state broadcaster: “Not since Iraq have I seen BBC News working at propaganda strength like this. So glad I’m out of there” – we can’t stop.

We need a better media that doesn’t act as a filter and breath lies and distortion into the public debate. So we need you’re backing. We’re almost there. Here’s some great comments from people who have already given:

“Thank you for being both informative and entertaining. Quality of writing is nectar for the soul.”

“’S e do beatha!”

“Gaun yersel, Bella!”

“BC is marvellous reading for anyone with an “independent” (small i) mind! Diverse views, mostly well written, and some painstaking research – breath of clean, fresh air in an otherwise sterile, corporate, media nexus!”

“I really value Bella. Just wish we had something comparable in the north east of England”

“Happy to help you help me stay educated, informed & entertained!”

“Thanks for all the great work and all the best for the campaign & beyond”

Thanks to all our readers and supporters. Go here to donate – please give what you can, however small.

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  1. john mellon says:

    you are very very near to achieving the financial goal,hopefully I can continue to help in what little way I can but you do deserve far more support.

  2. H Scott says:

    Congratulations Bella on hitting your target!

  3. Donald Mitchell says:

    Are you sure it’s the BBC that’s biased and not you?

    1. Stevie Anderson says:

      Profound Donald, profound.

    2. Wul says:

      Donald, I think the point is that the BBC is supposed to be impartial.

      It would be very strange if Bella Caledonia’s output were not biased in favour of independence.

      One is our national broadcaster, paid for by public subscription. The other is a pro-independance media outlet.
      Can you understand the difference?

  4. ColinD says:

    Congrats, Bella. Never in doubt ;0)

    1. Ha! I wish I had your confidence, a nerve-wracking and exhausting experience, but delighted now …

  5. Katrina Caldwell says:

    Delighted that you have reached and surpassed your target. Bella is a lifeline for intelligent nuanced thought and debate. Looking forward to sharing the future with you all.

  6. Indiaosaka says:

    ‘But with news this morning…’

    That article is from 2014, although its contents are worth remembering now.

    Congratulations on meeting the fundraising target.

  7. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    Onwards and Upwards to a new media for an Independent Scotland.

    Well Done – Bella.

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