Another Greece is Possible – SYRIZA Scotland, RIC and #Greferendum

In the fourth of’s Greek Week interviews, Sophia Lycouris talks to Jonathon Shafi of Radical Independence Campaign and Dr Myrto Tsakatika of SYRIZA Scotland.

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  1. Syriza Scotland Calls Solidarity Rally in support of a NO Vote

    Syriza Scotland has called a solidarity rally in support of a No vote in this Sunday’s Greek referendum.
    The rally will take place in Edinburgh outside the offices of the European Commission at midday on Saturday the 4th of July.

    The rally looks to build on similar shows of support for the Greek people that have been taking place across Europe and other parts of the world. This Solidarity rally is to show the Greek people that they are not alone as they stand up to Troika blackmail and intimidation.

    In January the people of Greece elected Syriza on a platform of ending austerity and renegotiating the debt. In the five months since then the Troika have done all they can to deny the Greek people their democratic rights and a chance to rebuild their economy.

    It is important to state that of only 8% of the total bailout money that has been sent to Greece has actually reached the Greek people, the rest has gone to Greek and international banks. Yet it is the poor and the pensioners who are being made to pay for the misdeeds of the bankers while the wealthy have not shared the burden. This is neither right nor fair.

    This why we have called a rally in support of a NO vote in this Sunday’s referendum. We ask everyone to join us this Saturday to show solidarity with the Greek people and to let them know that they are not alone.

    The Rally is being supported by STUC, Scottish Green Party, Scottish Socialist Party, Scottish National Party, Radical Independence Campaign, Women for Independence, Scottish Left Project, TUSC, Real Democracy, the Peoples’ Assembly as well as many other nonaligned individuals.

    A Syriza Scotland Spokesperson Said:
    Amongst mounting pressures and direct threats from the country’s creditors, corporate media and powerful European elites, the Greek people are called upon to make a crucial decision on Sunday. They will be voting on whether to accept or reject an agreement that asks them to submit to more austerity, more poverty, more humiliation. SYRIZA has called for a NO vote on Sunday’s referendum. NO to blackmail, NO to austerity, YES to democracy. SYRIZA Scotland is calling a rally outside the office of the European Commission in Edinburgh at 12 noon on Saturday the 4th of July in solidarity with the Greek people.

    STUC Deputy General Secretary Dave Moxham said:
    “It has become increasingly clear that the international financial institutions and the EU hierarchy are prepared to contemplate acts of extreme economic incompetence and social vandalism in their attempts to crush opposition to austerity from ordinary working people and the elected government of Greece. Greece is their current target, but their aim is far wider and encompasses all those who would stand against austerity. It is now, therefore, more vital than ever, that workers and progressives in Scotland show their solidarity.”

    SSP Co-Spokesperson Colin Fox said:
    ‘It is better to defy the laws imposed by the moneymen – the IMF and European Central Bank – than to impose further impoverishment and humiliation on the Greek people. They have suffered enough. They are entitled to ask for our help in this common struggle against austerity.
    The Scottish Socialist Party will join Saturday ‘s protest rally in Edinburgh in sending a loud and clear message to the Greek people that their struggle is our struggle.’

    1. Anton says:

      OK, I accept that currency union has been a disaster for Greece, in that it concedes monetary policy to the body controlling the union and takes little account of local conditions.

      In that context, I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me why it’s a bad idea for Greece but (as per the SNP) would be a great idea for an independent Scotland.

  2. C Rober says:

    First you have to rule out why they were ever allowed into the party in the first place.
    Secondly you have to look at history to see that debt payback has never been great historically for Greece.
    Lastly you have to look at thinning out the civil service , like many southern states in the Eu its ineffective.

    Greece wanted to take its money back from Germany for WWII , money it wrote off for them long ago , which led historically to Germany’s prosperity today , and aided the buying up of European assets for German companies like VW over the last 15 years. This is still ongoing , Germany is still absorbing EU companies within its own , but now its even cheaper for them to do so!

    Spain somehow is on the right track with its austerity , it problems though were caused by housing , enlarged civil service.

    Portugal somehow is also on the right track , but again its civil services is too large , and wages are too low. I.E more than 3 levels of policing , your average copper on 450 euros a month , highest EU PAYE and Ni costs. Everything has a licence to be paid for , even for carrying building materials! It has sold off all it has to service debt to other Eu countries like roads which were paid for by the EU taxpayer , including the Scottish.

    Italy is in the same boat as the other basket cases , for the same reasonings.Again another country like Greece with historical money problems.

    Solidarity is all and fine , but the previous politicians and bankers need punished , not merely as mentioned bailed out because its best for their country , or should that be the EU borg collective.

  3. David Allan says:

    Quotes – “Money has no motherland financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.” – Napoleon 1815

    – “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” – Mayer Amschel Rothschild !

    Capitalism and the Euro Project is not serving the citizens of Europe equally, if there can only be Austerity and a resulting two tier Europe then the Euro Project needs fundemental reform.

    This is not the kind of Europe I wish to be part of and if Cameron and his YES Campaign hope to win the Euro Referendum there will need be evidence of a willingness to embrace a more dare I say progressive form of Politics from Europe’s Master’s.

    ” It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and money system ,for if they did,I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning” – Henry Ford.

    Germany after the first world war were forced by the League of Nations to pay crushing reparations, it wasn’t acceptable to them then and we all know what followed – yet Merkel expects the Greeks to respond in a different manner. I will be carefully considering how I will vote in the Euro Referendum.

    There are competing Ideology at stake and voters will see beyond the meaningless tinkering of David Cameron. I hope those involved in the out Campaign will suggest alternate ways that Eorope may function requiring new treaty negotiation. The concept is good the reality flawed.

    Well done to all those who attend and demonstrate their support for Greeks tomorrow in Edinburgh.

  4. Frank says:

    It’s becoming increasingly clear that it is not possible to pursue an alternative economic strategy whilst being in the EU. Social democrats in the SNP who look to the ‘Nordic model’ should take note; are we in danger of jumping from one ‘democratic deficit’ into another?

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