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Jack Monroe: The hidden costs of austerity

Food blogger and writer Jack Monroe speaks to the Scottish Green Party conference on the experiences of poverty and austerity in Britain…

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  1. Jean Thomson says:

    Wonderful – but too apologetic about being ‘feminist’. Why, women are still pushed to the bottom of Austerity Osborne’s list of the undeserving poor.

  2. GreatBigHoo says:

    This is a new low for this website, giving this self-entitled individual attention.

    She came from what was apparently a very good home, receiving a good education. She attended Grammar School, but left at 16. What was going on there?

    She met a man. She had a child with that man. What was going on there? Then she realised she was a Lesbian. She split from the father and became a ‘single mum’.

    unfortunately, when you have children, your needs become secondary, and it’s up to you to have the character and financial sense to be able to look after that child.

    If she (and the father of her child) failed to do that – her (and his) problem.

    She is the classic self-entitled Leftie; the role of the state is to clear up after me when I make the wrong choices to look after those I am responsible for and who depend on me.

    1. Stuart Blair says:

      Are you lost? This isn’t the Daily Mail.

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