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Hands up for Griogair

Congratulations to Griogair who has been nominated in Gaelic singer of the Year 2015. Hands Up for Trad reports: “Having released two critically acclaimed albums, Griogair is widely considered by both fans of Scottish Gaelic music and academics alike to be one of the finest exponents of old style (sean-nòs) traditional Gaelic song and has toured all over the world with his music. Griogair is a member of the legendary Afro Celt Sound System and has this year, for the first time, brought Scottish Gaelic material to the world music scene with a bang. This includes both original/traditional Gaelic song, piping, giutar and of course his Gaelic rap.”

Vote here for your favourite band or singer. Hear him and sing and listen to his interview (from 2:09) here:

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  • Steven Johnson 3 years ago

    I think I’ll pass.
    How much subsidy does Gregor get from the Scottish Government?

    • John Mooney 3 years ago

      Your prejudice demeans you,sad so very sad!

    • Iain 3 years ago

      Airson bruidhinn na Gàidhlig, agus a’ seinn? Facal gorach, searbh. aineolach.

      For speaking Gaelic, and singing? A stupid, sour, ignorant remark.

  • Eman 3 years ago

    Suibhad a Ghriogair – cum ort agus gabh orainn. Agus, air a’ chuspair eile, tha fios againn uile gu bheil Beurla air taic airgid gu leòr fhaighinn thairis air na linntean.

  • Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh 3 years ago

    Griogair Labhruidh –
    Nuair a bhios e seinn,
    Chan ann mar làraidh
    A bhios e ach mar thrèan!

  • Nick Gethins 3 years ago

    Great post Bella. I wish I had a better grasp of this culture, sadly I’m a product of the Thatcher era where money goes before community and culture. 1980/90s state schools gave us almost zero insight into the deep and rich indigenous culture of the Scots (an Albanach) which was then and still is now othered.

  • Dáithí Mac Cárthaigh 2 years ago

    Amhránaí den scoth agus duine uasal é Griogair. Mo cheol é. Cruthúnas beo gur pobal amháin sinn.


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