hand_drawn_map_337dGrim revelations that “30% of Republican primary voters nationally say they support bombing Agrabah”, a country notable for its non-existence have made some folks nervous that we might be going down the wrong tracks. But this idea may actually be the breakthrough we’ve all been waiting for. Maybe Paul Mason is right and Trump, who doubtlessly would support regime change in the non-existent regime, is trying to ‘amplify insecurities’ and ‘create a politics of spectacle and senselessness’. Let’s go with the flow.

Let’s take out the Nambutu Embassy (see map) and bring Petoria on board. We will of course need a no-fly zone over Graustark, and we will need to resolve the Bordurian-Syldavian conflict in the long run.

The danger in all this is of course that Oceania, Panem and ultimately Abaton become involved, but this seems highly unlikely at this stage. If we base the bombing campaign in Hoth (Tatooine) then there’s no need for UN, or even SHIELD approval for such raids.

The argument for bombing entirely fictional places as an act of surrealist pacifism couldn’t be made any better than by us here in Brigadoon, a fantasy place with a fictional grip on its own foreign policy.

Dalfador, Nublar, Zamunda you have been warned.