a611d800-ed2c-4be5-ae6f-94d4f84eeea5Bella Postcards: a new series of micro blogs, a random ‘best of the web’ in under 250 words.

Greg Palast, ex of Lobster, and renowned for Hanging Chads fame, asks ‘Who Hatched Rubio?’ “The smart money has been on Rubio since October 31–despite the fact that Rubio was polling at just 9%. Paul Krishnamurty, politics odds analyst at Betfair.com, told me that, among professional betters, over just two days, Rubio soared from zero to odds-on favorite to win the GOP nomination.” Read his stunning insider scoop on the behind the scenes dirty politics of America.

Meanwhile, over at Kiltr, whilst debate rages about whether or not title of ‘Makar’ is to be renamed, Eric proposes Tom Leonard, an appointment that is not going to happen. See ‘All Livin language is sacred’. Whilst we ‘re on the culture wars – Christopher Silver has an outstanding (but long) essay on his site here ‘Notes for 2016 Beyond the Culture War’.  Talking of outstanding essays, John James is on the money with his account of the “corporate omnishambles” at Planet Rangers.

Over at Sigrun Davidsdottir’s great blog she outlines the difference between Ireland and Icelands’s approach to criminality and banking: “Ireland and Iceland – when cosiness kills – The fate of the Irish and the Icelandic banks are intertwined in time

In darker news the full tragedy of the Assad Syrian regime is being disclosed with grim talks of extermination: “Report finds ‘vast state resources’ used to cause civilian deaths on massive scale, which authors say must be dealt with in peace talks”.