scotlandbadgeThere’s something really weird going on, and its been going on for too long. The movement that was about challenging power and questioning everything – in the name of transforming Scotland and seizing independence – has been transfixed into a turgid quietism.

Paul Kavanagh and Derek Bateman are two of the sharpest of the new writers on Scottish politics. I normally find myself cheering their every word, and I have to agree with Kavanagh who writes:

“The most radical act that Scotland can take will be for all powers and responsibilities to fall to a Scottish parliament that is accountable to the people of Scotland and beholden to them alone.”

So true.

I also had to recognise the endlessly parochial Unionist media as described by Derek Bateman who suggests the sequence in which “Kenny would commission Alex who would commend David who’d be flattered by Stephen”.

But there’s a real problem here. Are we really to agree that the independence movement is best served by adopting an unthinking unquestioning approach to our governments policies and actions? This is beyond bizarre.

What needs to be established is that BEING CRITICAL is the process towards independence not its impediment.

You’d have thought it be so mind-fuckingly obvious as I needn’t write this, Apparently not.

Derek’s argument couldn’t be clearer:

“….don’t dismiss the wider political point that, while it may make you squirm, the unbending middle class Unionists we need to win over to independence are still there. Raising taxes would confirm every prejudice they have imagined about the SNP’s real intentions – to take away their pensions and hard-earned cash. They regard the tax move as sensible and pragmatic economic management – the very characteristics most likely to convert them eventually to the cause. The cause that remains the goal of all nationalists.”

You got that? Don’t frighten the horses. Another Scotland isn’t possible. Sounds to me like UK:OK has been replaced by Scotland: OK.

That worked well before didn’t it?

I don’t believe this is either credible of even helpful.

I don’t believe that building a new media that is about parroting government truths is useful.

I do believe you can simultaneously be massively pro independent and be critical of the SNP.

I know people within the SNP who agree with this. It’s moronically obvious.

Does nobody else get the irony?

I await the deluge of denouncing denialism as I write this.

The latest bout of Eat Your Cereal probably stemmed from Loki’s Dear Nicola piece.

I find the contradictions crushing, hilarious and depressing:

“Get back into your shortbread tin, Scotland. Don’t dare to imagine that you can define your own future or the kind of society you want to live in.”

Our new media needs to be braver bolder and better than just being a tribal apologist for the SNP. Another media is possible. If you want it?

I don’t believe that we benefit our movement by quietism. It’s absurd.