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Why Britain is the Greatest Nation on the Earth

Did you ever think to yourself “Is ours the most extraordinary national story ever?” This hilarious Brexit TV film of spewing self-importance, false-victimhood and hypocrisy is not, we’re told, a well-timed spoof.

Apart from the massive stupidity of the entire piece two moments stand out. I like “and things did seem to improve for a while” shot to people in white coats doing something in a laboratory (probably injecting British values into the evil foreigner) – and secondly the acting when the guy realises that “something in this nation was wrong”. He looks like he’s just turned on the telly and there’s only Miranda or A Touch of Frost.

If you had any doubt whatsoever that the Brexit campaign wasn’t based on an erroneous sense of self-entitlement, a complete re-writing of British history and set of weird racist values about the outside world, run by deluded Little Englanders and Neo-Arthurian fantasists, this short film will make you cast those doubts aside forever. Enjoy!

This really is the Golden day of Destiny.

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  1. Bert Logan says:

    Oh ffs. This means less than nothing to me. Its forgetting that history is pockmarked by that Empires atrocities. Its forgetting what Europe is now. Its forgetting the lack of democracy, 25% voted for this government, the unelected HoL.

    A joke, it makes me puke.

    1. impossiblysmoothcobra says:

      “Its forgetting that history is pockmarked by that Empires atrocities”.

      Scotland was and is part of the UK that had an empire that indeed committed various Acts, which you point to as ‘atrocities’. Therefore Scotland and the Scots were party – and a willing party – to those acts, and partook, willingly, of the benefits reaped in so doing for themselves.

      It’s all very well to pontificate about what the current generation might have done differently were they in possession of a time machine, but you aren’t.

      “Its forgetting what Europe is now”.

      What ‘is’ Europe ‘now’? Do tell.

      “Its forgetting the lack of democracy, 25% voted for this government”

      In September 2014, Scotland voted, conclusively, to remain part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

      In May 2015, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland elected a majority Conservative government, under the first past the post system.

      I reiterate; in September 2014, Scotland voted, conclusively, to remain part of the UK, and all that comes with it.

      In 1997, 2001, and 2005 Labour got into office with not dissimilar % of people’s vote (though if you don’t vote, no-one cares) and there wasn’t much reaction, in Scotland or anywhere else. that’s the system and that was the result.

      Conservative majority with votes of 25% ish of the population: screaming, shouting, marches, protests.

      So what you’re telling me is, you just don’t like Democracy much.

      All the analysis suggests that under any kind of PR type system, the result of the 2015 UK General Election would have been a Conservative / UKIP coalition. Perhaps you’d have preferred that?

      “A joke, it makes me puke.”

      Given that by being born into an advanced western liberal democracy operating a successful model of state-regulated capitalism, with free healthcare and education, and enormous opportunities that are the envy of the vast majority of people around the world (hence so many want to come here) I think it’s pretty pathetic that you spend your time sat there vomiting over history, which you can’t change, and democracy, which has been enacted in full.

      1. Michael says:

        Scots were a part of the Empire and can’t claim clean hands in all that was done, very true. And the EU has many problematic issues that need to be addressed. But the subtext of this video – rather than looking towards the future – seems to do the classic thing of trying to find the future by talking about the past, about empire, conquering and being the ‘greatest nation on earth’ (TM). Claiming that the UK is tethered to a body that has taken away its freedom as this video does is living in fantasy land. Sure, certain aspects of sovereignty have been given up over the years, but that reality – of having to deal with other countries and having freedom of action in some way prescribed is a consequence of the world we live in and would be the case whether in the EU or not. The UK is not the power it was in 1900, and can’t dictate to the world. That’s not per se a reason to vote remain, but it is a reason to take stock and think that seeing a future outside the the EU shouldn’t be done through a rose tinted remembrance of the past.

      2. David Rushent says:

        “Given that by being born into an advanced western liberal democracy operating a successful model of state-regulated capitalism, with free healthcare and education, and enormous opportunities that are the envy of the vast majority of people around the world (hence so many want to come here) I think it’s pretty pathetic that you spend your time sat there vomiting over history, which you can’t change, and democracy, which has been enacted in full”

        Under the present Government the state is declining. and it’s a monarchy where more than 50% of the parliament is unelected (H.O.L.). Free Health Care and Education are under attack from that Liberal Democracy, what ever that is. Given the increase in unemployment reduction in Education, growth of food banks, declining industries and lowest pensions in Europe. Opportunities would seem to be reducing. Other Nations are growing fast leaving this sadly declining historical foot note behind. What needs to change is our Parliament and politics before like the Dinosaurs we become extinct.

      3. John Page says:

        This snake person has been trolling Bella for a couple of years under various names.
        He suffers from narcissistic personality disorder and gets some warped psychological nourishment by
        Showing how clever he is and how special his life is based on his intelligence, hard work and superior values
        Being sneering and mean to others
        There is also some weird Scots upbringing hang up that attracts him to Bella
        ………best just to ignore him as responding to his provocations just feeds his condition.

        1. Frank says:

          don’t feed the troll.

      4. Dave says:

        Dad? Is that you?

      5. Richard Anderson says:

        I’m fascinated by the idea that unionist and empire apologists promulgate that Scots were willing participants in the excesses of empire. I suppose the third verse of the U.K. National anthem was really a celebration of General Wade’s contribution to British tourism, accessible travel on the highlands and trade routes to rest of the U.K. rather than part of the militarisation of Scotland and suppression that took place post the union. Yes there were some scots that had blood on their hands. Let’s not forget the Hong Kong banks (still supported by a uk government today) built on being kind to the Chinese by creating a market for heroin and looking after all the money that it made. Yes Scotland provided fodder for the empire in much the same way that it’s underdeveloped economy, its population stagnation and the economic straightjacket that is applied forces young talent to leave today. There are, no doubt, scots who willingly ripped off the LIBOR system and contributed to the exchange rate rip off and much more. Sometimes we supporters of independence get accused of living a ‘Braveheart’ view of the world. FFS. We recognise that Braveheart is a film. This crap shows how far from reality our Union and empire apologists really are.

      6. Pilrig says:

        This post makes me nostalgic of the days when they played God save the Queen after the last showing at picture houses…(sigh)

  2. John says:

    Long , long , gone days , the people of all countries , including Scotland , have now woken up to the to the fact that they were a conquering nation , a greedy nation ,a subversive nation a nation with no morals , land grab at all costs . Little Englanders are a dying breed , the sooner the better .

  3. Noel Darlow says:

    These people are absolutely batshit crazy. The greater “freedom” outside of Europe would simply be used against us by our glorious leaders. Not for us.

  4. Darren Ferguson says:

    They do realise for the most part when Greater England AKA the UK colonized a country they destroyed indigenous lives, sold their wealth, their people and was generally a plague on the face of this planet.

    If people support leaving the EU fair enough everyone of us is entitled to their own view, but this we were ones giants who civilised the world and now have been brought to our knees but the EU is xenophobic nonsense (those weren’t not my first choice of words but family audience and all that)

  5. June Stewart says:

    This video really does beg the question as to which century these Brexit chappies are living in.
    Alas, too many sheepels will agree with it and hang on to the misguided notion that Britain, or what’s left of it, is still Great.

    O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us!

  6. Paul says:

    Oh my Lordy, it’s quite literally vomtastic!

  7. Peter Arnott says:

    See all that time we were wondering why Better Together wasn’t making , or even attempting to make, a positive case for the Union? This is why.

    1. Peter Arnott says:

      Do we know who made this?

      1. I Clark says:


      2. John Page says:

        I can see why this is so awful if it is from UKIP but are Gove, IDS and Boris involved in this?

  8. Didn’t Germany fight that war as well, lost, is a staunch Eu member.. Now compare the two

  9. Derek says:

    Let’s take India as an example of Empire. At the same time as London was celebrating the Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace in 1851 – celebrating Britain’s might and at the same time drawing in cultural exemplars from all round the world – Britain was still trying to exert full control over Indian maharajahs. The Indian mutiny (India’s first war of independence?) was a few years in the offing. After which, The UK took over from the British East India Company. It took another hundred years for India to gain its independence, and in the meantime, I’d suggest, Britain gained much more from the ‘union’ than India did.

  10. Mark Crawford says:

    Rubbish video, for sure. And, yes, the “Brexit campaign” may well be run by a bunch of total beltjobs. But I’ll still be voting to leave the anti-democratic EU which seems to think that imposing an unelected technocratic government on Italy and then withdrawing liquidity from Greek banks in an attempt to terrorise the population into submission, is somehow going to be forgotten by those on the left who can vote in this referendum.

    What the hell are the Greens, the SSP and the SNP thinking by supporting a remain vote? It’s totes crazeballs, to be honest.

    1. Frank says:

      I’m increasingly of the view that the forthcoming referendum is not so much a referendum on the EU but rather a referendum on attitudes towards immigration. For that reason, I am likely to vote ‘remain’.

      1. Mark Crawford says:

        Ah, that’s the other reason I’ll be voting to leave. The EU is creating Fortress Europe and I won’t be endorsing their extremely worrying plan to remove refugees to Turkey (the legality of which has been questioned by the UN) any time soon.

  11. arthur thomson says:

    My ancestors gained so much from their wholehearted participation in the empire that they didn’t have a pot to piss in, in common with the vast majority of their peers no doubt.

    But it is on record that there were numerous ‘proud Scot butts’ who were keen adherents to the spirit of subjugation and exploitation that was the British empire. They are still doing it today, at home and where they can abroad. True British values as promoted by yoons.

    I find it fascinating that a film supporting Brexit glorifies a British state that is actively conducting a deliberate campaign of fear against them. Perhaps this irony isn’t being entirely lost on Brexit supporters. Perhaps they are beginning to see more clearly that, in the British state, their role is not to reason why, just to do as they are told or face the consequences.

    I really don’t know how British plebs are going to react to that. Maybe they are as easily cowed as their Scottish neighbours.

    In the aftermath of the EU Ref, in the event of a vote to stay, are those who supported Brexit just going to lie down and accept defeat? Maybe they will just be philosophical about project fear, accept it without fuss and get back in their box. Then again, maybe they won’t.

    Interesting times.

    1. JohnEdgar says:

      If it is a vote to remain, and especially if the non-English vote keeps the UK in, then the Tory party will do one thing to keep it together, it will break the Union cast off the rest and declare UDI from the EU. There are only three Unionist MPs from Scotland and even they don’t matter to DC. He holds his one Scot Tory MP in contempt along with the Scots Tories and indeed the Scots as a whole. As has been recently revealed in the press, he could not have cared less if Scotland had voted Yes!
      So, there must always be an England with Evel.
      The Scots Tories are beginning to fear being cut off for good from dahn sath! Slab and LibDems are nearly off the radar anyway.
      All Scottish peers in the Lords will loose their titles and privileges and be repatriated. Sad, eh?! There will be general political disorientation among the old UK parties, the old UK trade unions in Scotland; they will all have to negotiate their assets from their UK organisations and start to think for themselves! Not a pretty sight at all. Gordon Brown will be relieved, he will no longer need to kid on he is Scottish or North British, he will probably move to the USA and save the new US administration as he saved the world, but not his party in Scotland from oblivion. What do Ruth and Kezia do ad they would never countenance an independent Scotland, yet the UK parties ditched them? Answers on the back of an old UK passport!

  12. Ian Kirkwood says:

    Independence would allow Scotland to depart the hard bargain of UK membership. But what if the old ideas remained? We’d be no better off. For me independence is only of any use if it is used to end the problem that causes the problems.

    Civilisations exist by sharing the surplus that is created when people work together. There is no other reason to work together. And in Scotland the surplus is currently privatised. Civilisations that have allowed this have all fallen.

    Our combined efforts as citizens (our taxes invested in amenities) enlarge the market value of each benefitting site. And this we give to the owners as free capital gains.

    The government that fails to collect this AGR (Annual Ground Rent) is ultimately responsible for tax-induced inequality and poverty. Because AGR is the stream of value we all create together.

    To recognise that achieving the goal of collecting AGR is the sole useful reason for independence is vital. Without that goal, independence would provide Scotland with a repetition of the Greek/Spanish experience.

    How do we know this? Current forecasts indicate a perpetual and growing £12 billion annual deficit for Scotland. AGR promises an immediate and sustained £12 billion surplus. See http://www.slrg.scot.

  13. Jamie says:

    The comments are today are informative and diverse, well done everyone. I think it is time to leave the UK and leave the EU. An immigration policy where we bring in the skills we need or better yet train up our unemployed youths, whilst providing enough services e.g NHS and housing where currently rents are sky high and rising and now people need to wait a month for a GP appointment.

    How bad do things need to get before people realise that either massive investment is needed or the door needs shut? It’s simple maths, not racism. I don’t mind more immigrants if there are enough services, but no big party is offering the services needed, because they don’t really care about it or in the SNP’s case do not have the powers.

    The other reason, as many have pointed out, the European Commission, is undemocratic and has too much power, these things are just not going to change with a remain vote. A vote to leave is a vote for the potential to nationalise industry which is banned by the EU and is the true Socialist choice. A vote to remain is a vote for more of the same neo liberal policies or a vote to leave is a vote for potential socialist change.

    1. Ian Kirkwood says:

      Yes. To remain in the EU is attractive to Holyrood for the same reason it once was to Greece: as an insurance policy against national bankruptcy. But unless Scotland changes from tax to AGR, Scotland (because of its perpetual forecast deficits) would be doomed to follow Greece into everlasting serfdom, trying to pay the interest on loans it cannot afford. Hopelessness on that scale is not my idea of where Scotland should go.

      Nor would it be possible to end VAT (an integral step in adopting AGR) whilst within the EU.

  14. Tony Rozga says:

    That is one crazy video. I think it is saying… We were once in control of the world, we went to war in Europe, then we threw everything away when we joined the EU? So we should vote to leave, so as the 2 wars were not a waste of time and also, so as the rest of the world can get down on its knees and look up at us again.

  15. Alan says:

    They said the sun never set on its empire. It created fabulous wealth.

    Wow. Are they really that ignorant of history or are they audacious liars? They looted most of the wealth. They even looted the word loot to describe how they created the wealth. And, as Shashi Tharoor jokes /a>, the sun never set on the British Empire because God didn’t trust the British in the dark.

    1. Alan says:

      I didn’t close the link properly in that last sentence. Here is the fix:
      And, as Shashi Tharoor jokes, the sun never set on the British Empire because God didn’t trust the British in the dark.

      1. Jamie says:

        That is a good one and made me laugh out loudish.

  16. Bugger le Panda says:

    Comedy Gold and almost ironically fruitbatshitcrazy.

    Just missing the Morris Dancers and warm flat beer

  17. tartanfever says:

    I wouldn’t limit this mentality to Brexiteers only Mike, I think much of England believes this crap.

    Really, it’s not much worse than some of the films made by Clarkson and his chums for Top Gear.

  18. James Dow a voice from OZ says:

    I am an expatriate Scot living in Australia, in all cases the Government decides who lives here on merit and likely contribution to our society. Scotland could take a lead from Australia on how to protect themselves as Australia has done by separating from England and becoming a sovereign nation again.

    1. Don McKillop says:

      And in Melbourne, what contribution does the Apex gang bring? Have you been watching all the news on the ABC and the commercial channels? What about dumping all the refugees in Nauru and so forth. No thank you, please do not hold up Australia as a good example. Australia is being run by the most right wing Government in its Federal history, a very sad place to be.

  19. JohnEdgar says:

    What it all says is “There will always be an England’. Irony is much of England is now owned by outsiders. The Germans own the two iconic English luxury car companies, RR and Bentley. Government ministers are driven in Jaguar Landrover vehicles owned now by Tata of India, the former Jewel in the Crown of the Empire and HP sauce is manufactured in the Netherlands and imported.
    Whaur’s yer England noo?

    1. Bugger le Panda says:

      So is Coleman’s Mustard, so quintessentially English, not any more. made in Netherlands.

      1. JohnEdgar says:

        On a more serious note,though, when H(ouses) of P(arliament) sauce went to the Netherlands, about 200 people lost their jobs; I think that was in Birmingham. Brown was PM at the time, he used to trumpet that the low wage economy priced people into jobs; then production went to the Netherlands.

  20. Anne Roberts says:

    A while since I’ve watched anything quite so deluded. History according to Captain Mainwaring. I’m still laughing.

  21. Ken Guthrie says:

    Surely that’s a spoof. Surely?

  22. Claire says:

    I wonder who made that video. Alistair Darling? Michael Gove? Jackie Bailey?

  23. Donnie Switch says:

    Claire, it looks like a Kay (with an ‘E’) Adams production.

  24. JohnEdgar says:

    I suddenly realised the problem with this article and the confusion. It talks about Britain, but is is under the rubric English Culture. The promoters of the film confused Britain with England . Nothing new here.
    Same old story. Perhaps Engxit is necessary for les Anglais so that they can reorientate and discover their origins pre and post Norman.

  25. MacTavish's Knees says:

    Are we to go forward, or wallow for ever in the evils of the past? And what’s English, for goodness sake? A mess of racial pottage that did bad, some good, and made loads of money for a minority in the meantime. If we’re all going to smear ourselves in historical ordure for ever because of what happened to our forbears, lets not forget that it takes two to tango. The Scots, Irish, Welsh and English did bad things to each other and the nations they colonised. But I don’t blame the present-day Romans or Normans for their conquests of Britain and their savagery. That was then, this is now. We must move on.

    1. JohnEdgar says:

      Just a wee correction. The Normans under William the Conqueror did not conquer Britain. Britain did not exist then. They conquered England. William laid claim to the English crown. The mere Duke of Normandy conquered England. The Normans were invited in to Scotland by the Scottish monarchy to assist his rule.

  26. Eoghan Dubh says:

    Am I right in noticing that every actor in the film that represented “Britain” was white?? I can’t be arsed to sit through that again so maybe I am right but there was a touch of the aryan race to that video…
    If I had to summarise the film (omitting the racial issue above) I’d say that it was written by people who can’t face that the UK isn’t as important as it once was and they don’t know what to do (other than brexit).

  27. Onwards says:

    I liked the bit about being masters of our own destiny and owning our future.

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