13000082_10154699513218998_1123862145530451482_nToday is the last day of The Radical Film Network Festival and Unconference in Glasgow. To attend their closing events register here.

Here’s Monday’s schedule – this film (a mash-up version of Hitchcock’s and Gus Van Sant’s separate versions of Psycho) is on at the Old Hairdressers at 3pm! Opening sequence below:

The question in the header – “What Is Radical Film?” – is answered in an excellent and thoughtful interview with the event’s organiser, David Archibald, Senior Lecturer in Film and Television Studies at Glasgow University (some of his work here). An excerpt:

The main discussion on film policy in Scotland – at least at the level of the mainstream press – focuses on production, specifically the development of a studio. There have been discussions about developing a studio in Scotland for decades and it’s something of a scandal that there are no such facilities now. But there’s an important discussion to be had about grassroots production and exhibition.

On the ground there are more low-budget features and documentaries being made than ever before. This is not without its problems, as the people involved are often doing so on zero wages, but nevertheless there’s a dynamism in terms of no- and low-budget production. That has to be married to some form of alternative exhibition space – and that won’t be Cineworld – so other options need to be explored.

It’s interesting to read this in the context of digital film-maker May Miles Thomas’s submission to Creative Scotland’s Open Sessions a few years ago.

If you’re attending, we’d love to hear your thoughts and overviews about the Radical Film weekend – please submit in the comments below.