The Republican Candidate

The American Republican Party have just nominated an egomaniac racist liar as their candidate. Watch and share.

“Look at him. Bigot. Racist. Nativist. Separatist. Sexist. Brazen foe of women and women’s rights. Opponent of gay and transgender rights. Sworn antagonist of organized labor. Union buster. Denier of climate change. Tool of the gun lobby. Fomenter of mob violence. Adversary of the free press. Mocker of the poor, the homeless, and the handicapped. Builder of walls. Known organized crime associate. Chronic petitioner for bankruptcy protection. Warmonger. Birther. Slumlord. Thug. Bully. Constitutional know-nothing. Foreign policy ignoramus. Economic imbecile. Tax dodger. Draft dodger. Reality TV buffoon. Political novice. International laughingstock. Power-mad rogue. Loudmouth. Megalomaniac. Liar. Opportunist. Billionaire. Demagogue.

A man who has always served himself before his country.

A pestilence so terrifying and uncontrollable that even the vilest members of his own adopted party recoil from him in revulsion.

He is demonstrably the greatest danger to constitutional democracy and to the safety of U.S. citizens in the history of the American electorate.

This is your enemy.

Not that other Democratic contender, or that other candidate’s supporters.

Cease the inter-party vituperation.

Yes, vote your conscience in the primaries. Quietly. But come to your senses. Stop fighting. Confront the very real and nightmarish peril that is facing this nation. Unite behind whichever candidate the Democratic Party chooses at the national convention, no matter who it may be, in the November general election.

“Let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late.”

– Chris Morris, Los Angeles





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  1. Alan says:

    This smacks of desperation. The other candidate is very likely to be Hillary, unless she ends up being prosecuted for past crimes and misdemeanours (seems unlikely but possible). The reason Trump is credible is that we’ve had nearly 40 years on neoliberalism, Reagan through Obama. The Bill Clinton presidency, rolling over and continuing what Reagan started, that’s the reason a good part of the population is running around with pitchforks and willing to countenance someone as nasty as Trump. Hillary recently said of Bill: I’m going to put him “in charge of revitalizing the economy, ’cause you know he knows how to do it.” God save us all. So if Clinton is elected in November, don’t think for second that the bullet has been dodged because Trump or someone worse will be back in 4 years time and likely to be even more appealing. And given the Clintons’ penchant for corruption, lying, secrecy, incompetence, etc. their reek will overpowering by then.

    1. Claire says:

      That’s a very good argument for not supporting Clinton to get nominated but if, as looks quite likely, she is, what then? American voters will have three choices in front of them: hold their nose and vote Clinton; vote for Trump, a dangerous fascist; or refuse to participate, a course of action likely to favour Trump anyway. What do you suggest progressive voters do in this situation? You’re right, a Clinton victory will lead to more of the same politics that have driven people into Trump’s arms, but unfortunately the system in place forces a binary choice onto voters to elect an individual to a position which invests them with enormous power. Republican or Democrat, you’re stuck with whoever is chosen to stand for each party.

      1. Alan says:

        I don’t disagree about having to vote for the least bad choice. All I’m saying is that it just puts off addressing the real problem and maybe as a result it will be a worse problem in 4 years.

        So the time is getting late. But a vote for Hillary won’t stop the riders approaching or the wind from howling.

  2. bringiton says:

    Sounds like Trump will appeal to a broad section of the American electorate!
    The choice is between neofascism and neoliberalism,neither of which are in the long term interests of American working people.
    At least,the US of A President is mainly a symbolic figurehead with limited powers,as Obama found out,so not too much damage either of these nut jobs can inflict on the rest of us…I hope!

  3. tartanfever says:

    Trump is a nightmare I agree, but at least he has had the balls to come out and state some of the foreign policies he would employ, unlike war criminal and friend to Wall Street Clinton and the present dickhead Obama, who is now bombing more countries than any other president since the 2nd world war and has committed more war crimes with illegal arming, funding, hostile take overs and illegal drone usage than any previous president.

    To see Obama at Hiroshima today lying through his teeth about peace, a nuclear free world, making the right choice etc etc was an utter travesty.

    Sanders was the man, critically because in every single poll he beats Trump hands down for the presidency. Clinton however, has now just been overtaken by Trump and if the Democrats want to take the chance on Hilary because of Wall Street money then hell mend them if they lose.

  4. Andymac says:

    This is how the world ends, not with a bang but with a wanker.

    1. Black Rab says:

      Ha Ha

  5. Bryan says:

    I’m wondering if the Canadians are going to build a wall and make America pay for it. It is, that the lesser of two evils is still evil and Americans have shown that they are as mentally deficient in general as many uneducated third world people. With another Memorial Day just passed and we remember all those who died or were maimed to keep this country free, we can see that we are free to be stupid too and to try to impose our stupidity on others. One of the biggest wedges of stupidity is our god freak ‘religious right’ who would have you believe that their god made the world in 7 days and that it’s 6000 to 10000 years old, Jesus rose from the dead and their bible is the literal ‘word of God’ and anything or anyone that doesn’t agree with it is wrong. I think there were at least three of the original presidential candidates that admitted to this. It proves to me that no matter how much money we spend on education the ostriches are winning. I’m old and have seen a lot. Since the end of WWll, and that ended badly with the unnecessary killing
    of 10s of thousands of Japanese civilians, America has been sliding downhill. Seems like the only things we excel in any more is bullshit and science and science is being stifled by these idiots and the people that support them in all their ignorance. But it’s congress, in our governmental system that’s mostly to blame. The president is mostly a whipping post figurehead for the opposition party. So here we are again approaching another presidential election with another collection of candidates that I see as shameful and I shake my head in sorrow as I see my country being degraded. So many gave their all for this?

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