C424-thank-you-typewriterSo our annual crowd fund has now finished and we raised an amazing £33, 442 (plus a bit more offline). Our Indiegogo page has now closed but if you want to support to us you can donate here. 

We give a huge thanks to everyone of over 1000 people who donated to us – many people with not a lot of money digging deep. That’s a great effort and we will try and deliver for you in the next year.

We didn’t get all that we wanted to – so as a board we’ll have to reflect on what we prioritise and what we can deliver, but we’ll also be exploring other ways to raise funds and be viable. We’ll also be asking our supporters what they want us to focus on.

Special thanks to Phantom Power for his great campaign film, to all the board who helped tweet relentlessly, and to everyone who gave us anything at all. Sometimes the smallest gifts are most appreciated.

We’re going to make some site upgrades and then have a re-launch in a couple of weeks. It seems we’re not going anywhere after all.

Thanks Everybody!