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Scottish Women Writers Network

TBsy8hgMBella is creating a database and network for women writers, both for publishing in Bella and beyond. We are looking for a dynamic organised person to help manage this project.

There’s a chronic gender imbalance in Scotland’s ‘alternative’ media and we’ve realised that commissioning more women to write changes the nature and tone of the political debate. It’s also clear that there’s a direct correlation between the number of female writers and the number of female comments.

This is important not just for properly reflecting Scottish society- but may also be vital in shaping the wider constitutional and political debate.

The project aims to create a searchable database of writers across genres (fiction, news, comment, poetry) through collaborating with key groups such as the NUJ, CommonSpace, Glasgow Womens Library, WfI (and others).

For full details contact us at: bellasletters (at) yahoo.co.uk

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  1. kimberley cadden says:

    Okay, so now you need a ‘super like!!!!’ button 😉

  2. Alison Lindsay says:

    Will written articles only be from known writers from particular women’s organisations or could women in general offer articles? Many women from all walks of life may have interesting and important contributions to make but have not easily found a forum to express their views. I understand you will expect quality of imput to meet your editorial standards. Independent voices are often unique.

    1. We are open to submissions from anyone

  3. Peter Burnett says:

    I’d agree this is a great idea. Having a look at two of the existing writers’ databases in Scotland Scottish Book Trust Live Literature Database, and Scottish Poetry Library’s ‘Poets A to Z’ I was surprised that balance can’t even be achieved, despite what I’m are these organisation’s best efforts.

    A quick count for example of the SBT database, and I was suprised to see of 730 listings, just under 250 were women. Really?

    So congratulations to Edinburgh City of Lit and Storyshop this year at EIBF, who produced a virtually 100% women’s programme, without necessarily trumpeting it as that.

    And thanks for doing this Bella. I’d also add that looking at these and other writer databases here and in the UK, there appears to me a far more glaring inequity, or lack of representation – – – that of class. That’s something to consider, also.

    1. Peter Burnett says:

      My apologies, especially to the Book Trust – – having done a recount it appears I lost several score of women and there are in fact over 300 women on the database. I’m pleased! This still stands as a good idea, so best of luck with it.

  4. Shehanne Moore says:

    I think it is high time Scotland had a database and network for women writers here. Yes there is Scottish Book Trust but I’d have to say it is hardly user friendly. I really hope you can get this off the ground Bella and I would love to be included. I network heavily with other women authors worldwide. It would be great to network with women writers from this country.

  5. Marcia Blaine says:

    Patronising or what?

    1. Shehanne Moore says:


    2. Do you not think this is an issue that the alt media should be addressing Marcia – or do you think we’re doing it the wrong way?

      1. Marcia Blaine says:

        The very nomenclature ‘women writers’ is a total throwback. Society and the post-feminist world has moved one. We don’t need this anymore. If there is glaring inequity, or lack of representation and the dreaded ‘manel’ (male only panels) there are other ways of making a difference. Giving women ‘a leg up’ is most certainly not the answer.

  6. Cheap Writing says:

    Thank you for the work done, Bella! This is really very important – when creative people, especially writers, unite together to create something new! We in Alabama already created such a society several years ago, of course we do not have a clear division, how many women and how many men – they are about the same number. But I understand how important this is and how it affects the .. overall tone of creativity And it would be very cool if such societies were created and expanded around the world! Especially where writers can not reveal their talents on their own, so that they are appreciated!

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