Eigg – Our Island

We sometimes think that land ownership is something that will never happen, something far away. Here’s a great practical example of real change. An amazing film about the island (ers) of Eigg.

This is what ‘taking back control’ really looks like:


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  1. Andy Oliver says:

    What an inspirational film, beautifully made. Having spent a few holidays on Eigg and having met some of the folk in the film, it’s great to know that the future of Eigg is in the hands of the people who live there.

  2. Stewart Connor says:

    The key message “When a community comes together great things can be achieved” Unity provides the mechanism and we should be inspired by this when we consider our evolving and changing Scotland. In many ways empowered communities work by giving them the opportunities to influence the way they live their own lives. You will never please everyone but at least its democratically structured so that local decisions affecting local people are made in the heart of the community. In many cases our rural communities suffer the burdens of absentee landlords, quangos and conservation charities who own large parcel’s of our land in some cases claiming to benefit the Nation but have no real social interaction other than that of the dictator.

    1. c rober says:

      Funny that , oor community came together to fight adding land to the LDP in North Ayrshire , citing SNP policy failures , but sadly farmland was allowed for unneeded housing , where the MSP put a letter to the council asking for it despite the Community council and locals with objections and petitions….this as his MP wife campaigned against it – win win eh.

      The SNP and Holyrood are not the deliverers of land reform that they or their members portray themselves to be. One only needs to read through the legislation wording on LDP to see that it is geared towards developers – not communities unless they ask for it – but not if they object it.

  3. john young says:

    Totally agree Stewart this is why for me “Common Weal” is the way forward,as opposed to the usual political parties with their political agendas and self seeking ways,we here in Scotland could change the whole landscape shaping something beneficial for all.

  4. Crubag says:

    The dichotomy between privileged rural dwellers and urban renters is going to become more acute – a taxpayer funded right to buy for the countryside and nothing for those in social housing.

    I can’t see that being sustained.

    1. Given the state of housing and tenancies on Eigg prior to the community buyout that’s just a ridiculous comment

      1. Crubag says:

        Worse than Govanhill?

        Rural areas have their problems, including access to services, underemployment, and an ageing demographic as young people leave for education and opportunities and don’t come back.

        The decline of farming and fishing as these industries have globalised and become capital intensive has also had an impact.

        But for serious economic, educational and ethnic disadvantage, urban areas have it worse.

    2. hamish says:

      Crubag is right. Govanhill is only one example of what life can be like in some of our urban areas. I am not talking about Hyndlands or Marchmont but areas like Wester Hailes or Possilpark.

  5. Strategist says:

    Great film – many thanks

  6. Ian Wight says:

    Communing – in action! Agency in Communion. Simply inspiring.

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