This isn’t just a collapse of political norms, it’s a failure of values.

Yesterday Tracy Brabin tried to make a few comments about Jo Cox at her acceptance speech. This was the result:

But we shouldn’t be surprised. The stench of fascism has been accommodated and explained for years in Britain. It was hinted at by Tebbit and we’ve been on a slippery descent ever since, from militarised police to militarised schools to extraordinary rendition to pleading for our soldiers to be above the law.

From the staggering surveillance revealed earlier this year by MI5, MI6, and GCHQ to the endless degenerate representation of ordinary people as scum in the routine language of daily tabloids. We ended up with Nick Griffin on Question Time and nazis shouting at someone off of Corrie as Tories argued we check people’s teeth whilst the Sun snarls and spits its lies.

britainBig data meets quietism.

This week the Sun vilified Gary Lineker for standing up for refugee children. It’s a weird world we live in and it’s getting weirder. Just after Fraser Nelson emerged as a champion of Scotland’s underclass, now Gary Lineker is England’s Che Guevara.

A smiling David Dimbleby curates Lisa Duffy and her tv mob booing a Polish women expressing what hundreds of thousands of people must feel.

The lack of any trace of empathy was shocking.

What a disgrace. What a shitty little country.

Do you know how many children we are even talking about? Just fourteen teenagers from countries such as Syria, Sudan and Afghanistan arrived in Britain from Calais on Monday.

Fourteen. Can you imagine if we were doing anything like what we actually should be doing in response to the refugee crisis?

At the time of our first referendum, there was a queue of people explaining that our sordid little parochialism was outshone by the generous benevolence of Britain and Britishness. It was all Mo Farah and multicultural multi-dimensional Britain, thrusting contemporary and internationalist against us as a tired little backwater.

The case for Scotland has to be re-made. And the draft bill for indyref2 seemed to be more of a regurgitation than a re-launch. The case for Scotland has to be made, but the case for Britain has collapsed. The idea that it was a bulwark for fairness, openness or wider democratic principles always seemed unlikely. Now it just seems laughable.

‘Britain First’ was shouted as Jo Cox was shot. Now they’re shouting at her replacement.

The delusional self-entitlement of Britain’s political class is being exposed every day as the rest of Europe begins to respond to the ridiculous pompous isolationism displayed by Britain’s finest. Who wants to be partner with a pariah?

Yes2 has some serious obstacles ahead, but so do does the Better Together to explain away the litany of lies and disinformation that poured out of the campaign and the resultant crisis we have staggered into. It’s not a pretty picture.

Britain is breaking up not out of the dynamism of Scottish self-determination but out of the toxicity of English nationalism and the reactionary forces it has unleashed.