As the indomitable Mash has it ‘British pride has been restored by grovelling to a Japanese car company’.

It’s a unique twist to the Northern Powerhouse strategy and one hailed all-round but which only brings a sense of powerlessness to a government immersed in clueless drift. This is Porkbarrel Politics. But if the north of England has had a boost (of sorts) other areas of the United Kingdom are looking on in dismay.

David Mundell, fresh from his great achievements this week, has announced – prior to negotiations or discussion – that “Scotland will leave the Single Market.” Speaking to a Scottish parliamentary committee at Westminster looking at the implications of Brexit he said: “If we are leaving the EU, we are leaving the single market.”

He went on to say that he believed Britain could retain tariff- and barrier-free access to the single market.

Elisabeth O’Leary from Reuters notes that: “The implications of Britain’s EU exit for its access to the bloc’s 500 million-consumer single market remain unclear.”

Yeah but.

But who cares eh? As our Governor General said quite clearly on STV on the 24th October:

“It doesn’t matter what the people of Scotland want”.

A R.E.S.P.E.C.T. agenda has quickly and quietly shifted to a C.O.N.T.E.M.P.T. agenda.

Still if you think you are ill-served by your leaders, spare a thought for the Northern Irish. As Brian Feeney writes in the Irish Times: “Her peasant-like forelock-tugging obeisance to the British government is guaranteed to do the prospects of prosperity for people here a lot of harm.”

Feeney, in a damning article (‘We have a major problem with Arlene Foster’)  quotes Tory Remain supporter Nick Herbert MP:

“Brexit fundamentalism, or giving themselves up to a romanticised 1950s vision of Britain, a country of imperialist chauvinism”.

This summons the idea that we’ve got the scale wrong. The choices aren’t between a Hard and Soft Brexit but far wider. We are bidden to believe by liberal dreamers and delusionists that it will never happen, that there might even be – beyond soft – a sort of flacid Brexit, where nothing really happens and we all discuss it forever until it goes away, or whereby it happens but doesn’t really mean anything.

This is the sort of Quangle Wangle gibberish spouted by Boris Johnson and David Mundell, in which we’ll leave all the institutions but retain all of the benefits. And meanwhile the media cheers every ‘ news’ story with a side-serving of ‘see it’s not so bad after all!’, seemingly incapable of noticing that it hasn’t happened yet (!) At the other end, in the real world,  a sort of Titanium Brexit is emerging.

Back in the land of the Crumpetty Tree, Theresa May spouts that:

“Working together, the nations of the United Kingdom will make a success of leaving the European Union – and we will further strengthen our own unique and enduring union as we do so.”

Remember folks, it doesn’t matter how you vote and it doesn’t matter what you want.

Still, he’s better than Arlene isn’t he?