Cw0OV_MXEAAm9QW.jpg-largeWe’ve not heard from John McTernan yet but I’m sure we will very soon. Meanwhile over at CapXecrable Chris Deerin admonishes people saying:

“Time to take a look at ourselves. If Hillary Clinton is in part the author of her misfortune, so the wider liberal community is responsible for its own downfall.”

He goes on: “Liberal progressives have lost. The stark truth is that the model that has more or less dominated Western politics for the past three decades is defunct.”

Eh? What? Reagan, Thatcher, Cameron, Bush (1 &2), Blair, they were all ‘liberal progressives’. Okay, got it. So economic failure is a fault of ‘liberal progressives’ and their darn falutin’ lefty economic system.

He writes: “We used our hegemony to take down barriers and borders, to connect and build, to (yes) line our own pockets and smugly luxuriate in the goodness of our ideas and intentions.”

Speak for yourself.

‘Our hegemony’.

Deerin explains that there is thinking to be done and that “there are limits to the acceptability of free movement of people and mass immigration and it appears we have reached them”. So the answer is more capitulation? More triangulation? The problem he seems to have conjured up is that has driven Trump to victory is, somehow, immigration?

He concludes with a flourish:

“They are the masters now, and we are about to visit some extremely dark places. We only have ourselves to blame” … says a columnist for the Daily Mail.

Meanwhile over at there Telegraph Tom Harris is in full smug mode declaring: “If you’re tweeting in liberal outrage about Donald Trump and his bigoted supporters, you actually helped him win”.

This is the commentariat eating itself.

It’s avoidance and blame game stuff. Chris McCullich is more accurate when he says:

“It has been like a slow-motion train wreck that we have been watching in amazement, fear and disgust over the course of the past several months. But now, shortly before the trains finally plow into each other, something akin to understanding has set in. The real story is that of the last 35 years. Since the 1980 Reagan Revolution, a conservative syndicate has systematically strived to destroy the foundations of liberal democracy by elevating the economy, selfishness and social Darwinism above all.”

It’s 100% true that Democrat hubris and complacency allowed this travesty. It’s 100% true that there is huge untapped anger and disillusionment with the political class. But, as Paul Mason has noted, the motivations for supporting Trump are being charted: “The New York Times’s rolling update exit polls confirm: racism #1, misogyny #2. The poorest voted Clinton, rejected Trump”.

He writes: “Donald Trump has won the presidency – not because of the “white working class”, but because millions of middle-class and educated US citizens reached into their soul and found there, after all its conceits were stripped away, a grinning white supremacist. Plus untapped reserves of misogyny.”

That’s harder to face up to than a Bruce Springsteen story about ‘blue collar America’.