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Change the Rules

On Wednesday Dec 21 we’re having a Review of the Year 2016, a year that many of you will be glad to see the back of.

But just to be clear this isn’t a Review like others, of backslapping or maudlin remorse, it’s a review with the idea of response. Buy your tickets here.

This Change the Rules film sums it up:

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  • Frank 1 year ago

    Was that an advert for Rise?

    • Bella Caledonia Editor 1 year ago

      Yes. Everything is about RISE, that’s right.

  • Peter Burnett 1 year ago

    Well, looking for the bright side as usual . . . and at least tiger, panda and manatee numbers are growing.

    My question is though, just to see things as clearly as I can: Is Trump or is Trump not a part of, as this video suggests, ‘The Far Right’? He might be right wing, but is that the same thing?

    I see him more as the Head of Populism.

  • c rober 1 year ago

    The social phenomena of radical change , pah.

    The majority sit watching tv shows , after a 12 jr day home to processed meals or takeaways , where they have voted in txt form in one year more than they have in a decade at a polling station. They then justify their political and radical inactivity by sites like these , or even ones like bella where their time is nothing more than a 140 chars or less on their train commute to the hipster burbs.

    We are not people , we are assets , we are sheeple.

    Since the poll tax days nothing has changed , if anything the social media use has removed the physcial to the ethereal of protest – in other words it is doing the work for the billionaires that have increased their own numbers and income as a result.

    Regular media in print is in decline , but not for the demographic supplier of change ie SKY and the Beeb in the UK or wasp media in the USA .The establishment soldiers they have implanted in powere will not change the income in their pocket to be lowered , nor will the pensioners that rightly fear change , so we have a face change rather than an ideological shift… ie centrist politics of wealth creation for the few , which only moves a nano to the left or right of the spectrum in order to be elected protecting the norm.

    This is why I see the death knell of social media as a political deliverer , as the sheeple sit in their suburban rooms hunched over the mobile , table and laptop on the couch , in other areas the social media was used to create a radical change has failed.

    The Arab spring , the media vs black lives matters and the both side of the lies. Wheras in London such media was heralded as rioting and looting for politics on our media , the same can be said of the Arab spring old media counter movement. So much so Our MR Cameron at the time in the commons praised the Arab spring on one hand , while ordering a cut off switch in the uk , then of course just this year May rubber stamped the super snopper charter on top – so either Orwell was right , just a few decades out or history is repeating based on last century politics.

    Three meals will be the deliverer of change , and as long as they are fed their diet then there will be no change , the crumbs from the table analogy predates the kind of politics we have had since the removal of monarchs as rules in the UK. This is why we see billionaires and millionaires politicians replying to populist rthetoric , they supply the 3rd meal , and we are happy , only the chef hat has changed – nothing else.

    A like or unlike button will not remove them , we need a Fawkes , or a Ghandi , and thats whom the likes of Trump is portrayed as , there will be many like him to follow over the global and european elections over the next two years…. and we can track that back to the Financial crisis rather than Globalistion per se , just like the same rise of the right 100 years ago.

    Austerity following govts have bred the brexit situation on the alignment of bank protection , which has led to the rise of the populist right. Populist is after all democracy itself in fptp regardless of compass.

    But when you go right under populist , then you head towards knee jerk creation of populist legislation , or you have populists inability to supply their promises , thus back to the status qou once more , or empowering dictators.

    Social media is no cure , only action is , and that may well take getting your hands dirty , swiping left doesnt supply radical over your masters protected powers , political history teaches us the definition of freedom fighter and terrorist is defined by the winner…. Fawkes , Ghandi and Mandela , populist no doubt , rich hardly , and definitely sans social media.

    To know your enemy is to win the war. Ours is apathy more than the establishment , social media is part of that apathy.

  • Fay Kennedy. 1 year ago

    You’re right on every point. Depressing init.

  • c rober 1 year ago

    Heres a year in review for you , one more cheerier than this one , ironic ed showing bowie by the way and his indy stance.

    2105 , the GDP of the UK with historical low oil price was circa 3 trillion dollars , along with enduring austerity hitting the disabled and unemployed the harderst , pay rises for bankers and politicians , and housing price protectionism for the banks continuing.

    We are Told that the City State of London supplied around 33 percent of the UK GDP , and a large chunk of course being the European banking passport.

    The next region in number two position was Scotland at 22 percent. Which means over half of the total GDP creation of the UK combined wanted to remain in the EU , in other words the majority of the economic engine of the UK wants to remain.

    Scotland is what 9 percent of the UK population , but is supplying near a quarter of the countries GDP? Neither too wee nor too poor.

    Of course like all maths and accountancy , more so with gers , figures can be “adjusted to suit the desired outcome” , but I will use the sources most convenient and proven.

    Bella of course with its larger supply of educated manpower can run with this piece proving or disproving data supply , creating a more polished article than I can , comparing to the gers numbers through perhaps an accountancy lecturer. Thus is would be avoided like the plaque for MSM.

    London has 10 million people for that gdp percentage supply , so 2x that of the population of Scotland , and of course is based almost in its entirety on the Banking services denied of an independent Scotland , through the control of a private central bank our public still thinks is state owned.

    SO comparatively for 5 million people Scotland is more profitable to the UK economy than even London , through lower wages and costs. We are a heilan cash cow even without oil output , but are portrayed as its whinging parasite.

    Scotland supplied 750 billion to that 3 trillion dollars , London 1 Trillion.

    So what would that be increased by with banking being Sovereign in an indy Scotland?

    Do we honestly think that England would not still remain a trading partner with an indy Scotland , after all is this not what they are also saying about the EU post Brexit?

    But on the same hand , without nearly a quarter of UK GDP remaining in a biased union , would their brexit negotiation power not be considerably reduced? So it is in England’s best interest to keep that union BAMP , so if you thought Indy 1 was bad , it will be worse next time.

    Per capita GDP of the UK sits around 35th in the world , with Qatar being in pole position.Scotland would surpass that of Qatar (even with 2015 oil price) by nearly 50 percent based on UK GDP figures it regionally generates.

    Per capita an indy Scotland , vs the UK , with the 2015 gdp would have been 150k! , Qatar well its at no1 with just over 100k.

    So in what effect does McCrone report have relevance today , ie in that document it was based on high oil prices , comparing an indy Scotland then at the level of Kuwait now at 25th position , yet even without oil based on 2015 gdp it still comes out as the richest per capita nation on earth, surpassing even those findings that were suppressed by a considerable margin?

    During the years post discovery of NSO we now know of how Scotland was treated and the fiscal truth of the matter of the McCrone report.

    However we are now told with the rose tinted rear view mirror of the MSM , that we would have been worse off with the historical low price of oil , of which many calculations of a indy Scotland were based on…. yet it is very far from the truth if we do the math.

    This year I hopefully have educated a few on the housing con from our 3 govts and banks , and also now have highlighted that Scotland with the 2015 GDP comparisons that there is no need to count NSO as anything other than a cherry on the cake.

    Roll on 2017 and a demand for indy , either for England or Scotland , with the former I think it may well be the desired result , after all , populist , foot and shot was 2016.

  • c rober 1 year ago

    Source of per capita GDP.


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