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Bella’s Review of the Year

Bella’s review of the year in full – from the Melting Pot, Edinburgh, December 21

Panel 1 – Joyce McMillan, Andy Wightman, Heather Burns, Christopher Silver (and Sarah Kendzior from Ohio)…

Panel 2 – Lesley Riddoch, David Pratt, Laura Cameron-Lewis, Gordon Guthrie …

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  • Robert Graham 1 year ago

    unfortunate we didnt get any Q & A at the end it might have been interesting with such a diverse panel other than that very good sound Quality from Independence Live well done , and all the best for 2017 it should be a busy one . Thanks to Mike Small and the gang for an interesting year .

  • douglas clark 1 year ago

    Fascinating range of commentators. Would have liked to have heard the Q & A though.

    • Bella Caledonia Editor 1 year ago

      Yeah, sorry about that – problem with the mics, still working out how to do live events, whats best for the audience on the night isnt always best for the online audience

  • Neil Anderson 1 year ago

    Aye, God save us all. Except, there isnae a god.

    • c rober 1 year ago

      Dont need to have a beleif in a god to fear repercussions , at least when living , the old testament idea of a Judeo Christian God isnt exactly that of a benevolent one – and as it states man was indeed created in his image.

      However , one can argue that even in an educated faithless society that Karma is indeed a bitch , one that carries a big fecking stick – however if politics are the new religion , protecting the wealth of the few over that of the many , then we all should have sticks as well as being willing to use them.

  • Jenny Tizard 1 year ago

    I was surprised and interested by leslie riddoch’s positive vision of a post-EU Scotland. Not sure she’s right, but its true there is more than one way of being a european

    • c rober 1 year ago

      When we finally realise that any union is bad unless its fair to all , only then can we be free of our masters. So perhaps the EU was the polar opposite of what England wants of a Union , and thus the reasoning why we should grab it with both hands , but then again its not like Norway has done bad for itself outside any union.

  • Rory MacCormack 1 year ago

    The past year has been a lull in Scottish politics, the year ahead will be poisonous as unionist invective graces the airways. Led by the bbc and davidson with London control!

    labour are at the point of collapse, where their ex members go to is key.

    We (radical Scotland) must embrace these folk, they have been abused by labour and let down badly, and we must hold their hands as we march to freedom!

    Independence must be inclusive for unionists too (to a definable extent), but be prepared for the poison to to come from the unionist camp, be it brown, may, darling, dugdale, bbc or betty windsor!

    • c rober 1 year ago

      Sorry Rory , but there is no Radical in Scotland , that last one was put out to pasture in the 90s.

      Where there a radical then it would be attacking with every measure the very establishment representing the unionists , from the lying media , the licence tax and BBCunScotland , to even taking Westminster to the ECHR on the McCrone report being withheld from the people of Scotland.

      Or of course do you mean radicals like those sent to Australia or hanged , protecting the livelyhood of the Weavers rather than that of mill owners? Or those that the SNP wish to wipe from its history?

      Mibbe you mean the middle classes and the social media , the armchair radicals , while watching Sherlock in a couch slouch ,while sipping prosseco and complaining they are a persecuted minority?

      Radical means action , and in round 2 of indy then dirty hands will be needed to combat dirt tricks , not merely an ipad.


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