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jack“UK Govt does not want to “incentivise” refugee children to come to Europe” says the UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd, bringing the language of business to the reality of people fleeing carnage. A more putrefying example of Tory Britain is hard to find. A culture so besotted, so unconsciously immersed in the ideological language of the commercial that it has lost any connection with its moral compass. It’s not even a proper word, it’s just the sleazy language of the office filled with flip-charts and Next suits.

It’s a statement so hauntingly stupid, so bereft of humanity, so detached from reality you wonder for the sanity of these people. A ‘Global Britain’ means a Fortress Britain smug and sealed, glorying in yesteryear smothered in parochial zeal, puffed with pride, and with a foreign policy just reduced to a desperate simplistic xenophobia.

Amber Rudd’s comments come on the back of their abandonment of the principle established by Alf Dubs, a holocaust survivor, who had created an amendment to the immigration act, which forced Theresa May to let in the most vulnerable people from countries such as Syria.

The day of final Brexit debate, just before the recess, the UK government announced it will take no more lone child refugees.

The government effectively ended its commitment to Alf Dubs’ amendment to take lone child refugees. Cameron suggested it would be 3000. We took 350.

Taking 350 children amounts to taking on average fewer than two per local authority.

Commenting on the government decision Stuart McDonald MP, the SNP spokesperson on immigration, asylum and border control, said: “Theresa May is guilty of abject moral failure – showing callous disregard for some of the world’s most vulnerable children.

“It is shameful and completely unacceptable for the UK government to turn its back on child refugees in the midst of the worst humanitarian crisis since the Second World War. Canada, a country with half the population of the UK, took over 35,000 Syrian Refugees in 2016 alone, while Germany took around 300,000. In comparison, the UK government’s efforts have been pathetic and bring shame to a country with a proud tradition of accepting refugees.”

This is a moral abdication triggering the full unveiling (in case you were in any doubt) of the sort of Global Britain we’re pursuing.

Feeling Stronger Together?

No doubt there will be Unionist voices whining that the indy movement always ‘take the moral high ground’. Well christ it’s not very difficult is it? Britain is setting the bar so low you don’t need to do anything at all to seem like a nirvana of rational progressive humanity.

It gets worse. Britain, the family of nations, the multicultural force for progressive values, as we were sold, has rejected the amendment to the Brexit Bill to protect EU citizens in UK, presumably as they will be used as pawns in May’s desperate haggling with the EU over the next two years.

Thankfully the real fight starts here.

Ever felt you need incentivised to vote for independence?

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  1. Blair paterson says:

    These children are in France why can’t they look after them why is it always us who must do the so called right thing charity begins at home as for the holocaust what about the modern day one in Palestine your always the victim your never to blame aye right

    1. John O'Dowd says:

      Oh Blair, what a poor, sad, graceless ungenerous response to a superb article.

      We are talking about the child victims of our actions at the behest of the USA in the Middle East and elsewhere that has resulted in this humanitarian catastrophe.

      And even if we held no responsibility for the disasters from which these poor people were seeking refuge, we surely have a common humanitarian imperative to help. These are poor, innocent children for Christ’s sake! Suffer them to come to us – let us give them refuge.

      I really despair sometimes at the selfish inhumanity displayed here in response to any suggestion that we might rise above the level of a slug in terms of ethical and moral responsibility to our fellows.

      1. Well said John, the Dubs amendment was a response to the refugee crisis from Syria but we are seeing huge upheaval in parts of the world often with direct impact from the UKs disastrous foreign policy. Britain as a whole have taken a tiny fraction of people compared to other countries.

    2. Willie says:

      Better to have the children’s dead bodies washing up on the shores than giving them sanctuary Blair? Ach you’re just trying wind folks up and provoke a response. Trolling I think is the word.

      1. c rober says:

        To a certain extent its those things that led to a brexit – in that the whole “country of entry” hasnt , insnt , being enforced.

        Think of this for a moment , the likes of Italy and Greece could be instead patrolling North of Libya , where it is frankly dire as a result of western politics , preventing those bodies on beaches in the first place… but where is the action? So perhaps its time to think more out of the box , in UN port control via a wanted policing and investment? Or is it just that simple that the prevention of oil price increasing is that reason?

        Turkey though would in turn be the point of entry as a result of “refugee” blockades , where I think they already have enough to send the EU into crisis – never mind the ones seeping through already that is leading to the Eastern Europe states aligning more with the old enemy Russia as a result.

        Germany though opened the doors , or floodgates depending on your daily read , which was a a financial benefit – they are suffering from aging population and lower worker numbers. It already has a history of immigrants being the “mexicans” of europe for cheap labour – the turks.

    3. Me Bungo Pony says:

      Blair, you appear to believe geography should be the deciding factor when it comes to which countries help rehome refugees. That hardly seems fair. Especially as France is a fair way from the points of entry to the EU. Would you have the same opinion if the UK happened to be “unlucky enough” to border a war zone?

  2. SleepingDog says:

    Well, France. Those refugees might have picked all sort of dangerous foreign values like liberty, equality, fraternity and republicanism, hardly compatible with the government’s idea of traditional British values. They apparently even have some kind of “Good Samaritan” law over there, egads! Imagine if that started catching on.

    1. c rober says:

      Just wait on that one –

      In Calais , former and current politicians are now saying (agreeing) that Brexit means Brexit – and are Laughing their heads off with the win – win , clinking their cheap plonk glasses in celebration of UK “self amputation of feet” – as democracy in action delivered.

      No more Calais Jungle , or the minor ones.
      No more passport control on their side onward to England.

      brexit doesnt just mean brexit , it means mass migration into UK from France as port of entry , just like Italy and Greece are for the EU …. this is then removing France’s “economic burden” – by UK consent.

      SO As soon as the migrant arrives in France , its straight on the ferry or chunnel , its then Englands problem.

      If memory serves , it was one of the biggest reasons for Brexit in SE of E locale , ie “the illegals smuggling themselves in” – and YET here comes the untapped flow to replace the trickle , with more costs.FACE PALM.

      But on the plus side there will be a few jobs created in the South East , for housing them , making new detention centres for civil builders , and their living costs on UK taxpayers , and of course new border control jobs and investment withdrawn over the last 10 years.

      But heres the kicker – if the UK tries to send them back to France as country of entry , then they just send them back for UK not being in Schengen agreement anymore. Its not like France needs to worry about the reverse happening , ie England being the new jungle , with people trying to smuggle themselves into France from Dover?

      So surely its a winner for the UK this brexit thing then isnt it? We did get what the population demanded?

      Or did we?

  3. bringiton says:

    British Tory values:
    Pounds,Shillings and Pence.
    A nation of shopkeepers.

  4. Tony Rozga says:

    Brilliant article. the basic level of morals, looking after children, and especially vulnerable children.

    This short article is the type of thing that can prick the conscience of people to get them backing an independent scotland.

  5. john young says:

    Blair Patterson “charity begins at home” means from the heart,we in the “civilised west” are so far removed from our spirituality/soul that we are blundering about in the desert until we regain it we will continue to suffer.

    1. Frank says:

      No John, “at home” means precisely that. We have a large part of the Scottish population living in poverty, over 100,000 unemployed, far too many of our own children growing up to face a hopeless future and apparently with increasing numbers having mental health problems. On top of all that we have a housing problem. Despite this you think we are being hard hearted if we want to look after our own people first.

      That aside, just who would we be letting come in? In the past the refugees who came to Britain came from similar religious/ideological backgrounds, Protestants and Jews who were being persecuted in their own countries (Irish Catholics fleeing famine and destitution were British subjects). Most of those who want in now are aliens in every sense, to them we are Infidels, Just look at how they behave in Europe and Scandinavia, do you want that here? Of course I will be branded a racist for saying this but in the first instance my loyalties lie with my own people. Where do yours lie?

  6. Donnie MacLeod says:

    british values, stick them in a box and wait for the oinking – empty vessels make the most noise!

    What I find completely amazing is that these british tories actually are proud of their actions to deprive children from the basic human right of food and shelter and see absolutely no problem or shame with it what so ever!

    This is also mirrored in their wishing to use EU folks living in the uk as bargaining chips in the brexit negotiations.

    I think if they push the EU on this one the simple answer will be OK, we’ll have back out doctors, nurses, plumbers, care workers and brickies, you can have back all your OAPs.

    In light of what is happening in the English NHS, they be advised to to poke that hornets nest.

    Back to child refugees, does it not figure in the minds of unionists that if the English tory government would do this to the most vulnerable people on earth, what will they do to Scotland post brexit?

    1. c rober says:

      Ah the Tony Benn qoute>

      How a nation treats its refugees is how it would treat its own if it could get away with it.

  7. Patrick says:

    A ‘Global Britain’ , America Great Again”, “We do not interfere in USor UK politics. Europeans expect that Americans and Brithish don’t interfere”
    Man you have not noticed yet that everything becomes mambo and chorus. “Our goal is to make the country safe” none says to make the country more comfortable, more economical, more result with the least effort. Not that no more sacrifice, more taxes, and more expensive everything, and do not protest because that’s where the coconut lives.
    Tax cut for all those who create jobs and earn billions, for you that earns a perrimo salary, more plus taxes.
    If you do not apply the philosophy of TTM or throw it all to shit you go crazy, but that also has solution we put you more taxes to be able to give you mental health. It does not seem like a nightmare, more than a dream.

  8. Doubting Thomas says:

    Has anyone checked their teeth?

    1. c rober says:

      Unusually I am in agreement on that one DT , bet your never seen that one coming – Its not for the usual ukip view , but the anti ukip view , in that every single one we “adopt” that isnt a child that it removes an actual child.

      Just watched the “boy that started it all” on Al J , interesting , eye opening. If you can I suggest watching it.

      But that doesnt reflect the numbers of Africans on the boats , in camps – perhaps the western white guilt is even reflected in Al J as the reasoning – or that the uk media just has brushed it like many things under the carpet. The west can solve its problems simply by aiding Africa – but that would take the A.N accepting it , perhaps through proper state aid instead of charities.

      The uk needs a cleanse of its media , it is purely a propaganda machine to keep down its masses , owned by billionaires aligned to the wealth protectors – not creators.

      There is no excuse for rolling news other than to supply the means.

      People should get the real news , not cat bounces and fluff pieces , more so after the watershed – Proper international news is being suppressed means local and national is too.SKY BBCN around the clock all do the same thing , repeating the same non news -so lets not forget the “weapon of war” mandate for the bbc in its creation only exists as long as its controlled by a Government…… something the British press once said of Al J and still does with RT , but is strangely silent on Murdoch the king makers empire.

  9. douglas clark says:


    Could you start an Amber Rudd is a “c**t” thingy.

    Perhaps not.

  10. Andrea says:

    How would it be, then, if every country that has taken in British ex-pats starts making moves to repatriate. Prefering those refugee migrant kids with the persistence and gumption to trek for weeks and risk their lives.

    What a shake-up to the comfy stay at homes that would be!

    People who have been enjoying higher standards of living, better services and better homes at lower prices in foreign places. Able to find work and entertainment. TSuddenly, hrough no fault of their own – they’re out and on their way back Home. Genuine passport proven Brits

    They’ve lost their lifestyles and comfort and hopes. They’ve come back. Nearly Johnny Foreigners. And they’re steaming mad. And flooding the creaking moribunds systems they hoped they’d left behind.

    Now THAT would be both funny and poetic justice.

    Just think: Three thousand kids? Less than a tithe’s worth of Brits who head overseas each year.

    1. c rober says:

      800k supposedly ex pats in the EU. Total of 5 million globally.

      The number for Spain is supposedly around 380k – however this is the declared , there is a number again above this due to Schengen of semi expats and those not registered as citizens. Then there is the second home owners.

      I supposed that there may well be a return of many – to what exactly , its not like there is any property for them unless they kept one and rented it out.

      So perhaps this is the “new drive” to creating more rental properties announced by WM last week , subbed of course , yet private rented. Which means just like Reaganomics that Thatchers view of home ownership for many has failed…. or then again maybe its just the way it was meant to be , destroy the social , then private rented market for the few – in order to create one for corporate to feast on?

      Many expats I know are still feeling the pinch , sure not as bad as say 2010 and parity , but with the low pound supposedly creating exports in the UK for the EU they are indeed suffering as a result of the exchange rate. Its worth bearing in mind there was already an exodus of expats between 2010 and 2014 for that reason. Also what is reflected by expats and conversion from pound to euro for food becoming expensive – is repeating what is to be expected for food import pricing into the uk – where you also have transit costs on top.

      Now with the Schengen saying adios with brexit . then these things will only worsen for the expats – no freedom of movement , the loss of the London banking passport , low pound means for many the time is now for repatriation….. But without the convenience of hopping on a cheap flight for a couple of months a year , without visas and other associated tarrifs , then the only option left is to sell up and flood the market with their Spanish properties in a fire sale.

      Spain never took that harder route of letting its banks fail , those holding the mortgages , instead they contolled the market – even today still offering 100 percent mortgages on “repo” properties with the same pricing , or higher , than before the crash. This is to artificially inflate their assets , staving off the true accountancy.

      Spain still is the best country in the EU that would and could benefit from refugees and migrants , it already does the “Amexican” for cheap soft fruit labour , from North Africa , Vietnam , and so on via work gangs. And also has millions of empty properties to fill. But for them that would mean something terrible , they still have a big chip on their shoulder about the Moors of history , and dont want such a thing repeated – so cutting off nose to spite their face.

      IF the banks had their way then they would drive for such a scenario to offload their duff mortgages , but I suspect with even Spains govt there is a limit of banking protection they are willing to swallow at the polls.

      There is great potential for Spain in doing such mass immigration as say Germany is doing , aiding the economics of the country. But as we see with the likes of Catalan and the Basque region , they (Madrid)would fight such a thing by any means possible in fear of artificially creating a new state , having only to look over the border to SE France to realise that fear in their Ghettos next to banker homes.

      But even if they would adopt such a large number , in order to bail out those banks that refused to firesale . the millions of properties unoccupied today , they would still have a problem as unemployment in the sub 25 age group is still quite high.

      Sure all that though doesnt help children refugees unless theres money to be made from their parents.

      1. Redgauntlet says:

        What are you talking about c rober? You just witter away…

        “Spain never took the harder route of letting the banks fail”….where did they go for that? Remind me?

        Just pure havers your posts, mate…

  11. Patrick says:

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