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  1. Richard B says:

    Oooh I’d be very chuffed if my tweet starting “@afneil (yawn) was the inspiration for the title …

    1. It wasn’t – but it would haves been if I’d seen it! Great minds and all that…

      1. Richard B says:

        “@afneil (yawn). There is no queue”

        11/2 12:21 !

        1. c rober says:

          A very british thing the Q.

          Standing shuffling along it , biting lip , judging those in it to pass the time like some sort of bigot , nose breathing in the stench of the unwashed , and avoiding the festering leper coughing without a hand over the mouth – the word itself , without even using EU membership , serves to conjure negativity.

          More so when you add the term “back of it”.

          But if you are the back of the q – for the teachers strap , things look a little bit better. But not as much as FRONT of the Q , or indeed and most importantly no Q at all.

          For that reason , any indy movement needs to use the EU parliament NOW – as they state “any organisation can petition the parliament” , where the Q is the first letter of the word question.

          That one question and the known answer already , can and will , put the establishment on a collision course with failure , and invalidate their use of this “back of the queue lie” for a single moment afterwards.

          This question is “Can an independent Scotland gain or retain entry into the EU as the remainder of the UK prior to its exit , having currently met all obligations as a current member instantly”?

          That answer is already there – it is yes , and only achieved by voting yes.

          By that one admission , there is no veto from Spain , so that threat too is removed from MSM. And where they are already guaranteed Gibraltar , with England having thrown it under the wheels of the bus , and where the constitutional question for EU “on Basque and Catalan” would remain , for a little longer at least protected , in pandoras box unless there is a EU ref in Spain.

          But constitutionally Holyrood itself is prevented from doing such petitioning directly , as is the EU parliament from replying to it – while it is still part of the UK and UK during Brexit negotiations.

          So perhaps then the only option is asking the question outwith Hollyrood , perhaps by the SNP itself? Or a proper indy movement once Indy II is asked for?

  2. bringiton says:

    One thing that these England unionists don’t like to mention is that if we stick with England,we will not be in any queue,list or anything else related to European union membership.
    Clearly,in their minds,membership of the EU (European union that is) would be beneficial to an independent Scotland which is why they try to portray the idea as being not possible,or very difficult to achieve.
    It is only by sticking with Old Blighty that Scotland can become the complete disaster the Uncle Tom’s wish to see.
    They make the case for us remaining within Europe.

    1. c rober says:

      Nah , many fall into that trap.

      The true problem perceived is that “IF” Scotland ascends , taking on a direct entry having already met all conditions as a current member , as a result of being a former member prior to brexit proper , and shows it works – then just how believable were the arguments and reasoning’s for RUK to leave?

      Thus the true fear is that “Westminster is then to blame”, for the very things RUK voted to leave for.

      BTW this is proven already , if your not blinkered – in many ways.

      1.The lies of privatization – French and German state ownership of utils and car makers as well as other members of the EU keeping things like post or rail.
      2.Benefits policy – Most Eu nations prevent benefits tourism.
      3.Health policing – ditto.
      4.Open borders and immigration – UK has control over its borders , its immigration policy is failed as a result of lack of investment into those services affected , perceived or promoted as such.
      5.Fishing – most of Scotland catch and that of England is exported to the EU. Spain and Portugal have long term incursion problems , Scotland has removed its coastguard units via Westminster control and cuts.
      6.Housing – lack of , protecting banks.
      7.State owned banks being prevented – one only needs to google that too , and see State owned EU banks.
      8.Schools – again no EU mandate on schools , pure and simple any immigration policy being Westminster controlled means their lack of investment.

      I could go on , but the great farting dug in the room , the eu , is pure and simple a finger pointed – as your pocket continues to be picked.

    2. James Coleman says:

      Uncle Tam’s.

  3. DialMforMurdo says:

    What is interesting in this embarrassing exchange is further confirmation that Andrew Neil is utterly thirled to Westminster and Union to such an extent that he will shout down, dismiss, vacillate and sideline provable facts. All this done in an effort to prove that the Union from which he has created his fortune and fame is superior to Independence and those that to wish to leave it, are damnable fools.

    Neil reminds me not only of Boswell or Alasdair Gray’s ‘Kelvin Walker’, but those émigrés who denigrate everything contemporary Scotland has to offer as shallow and unworthy compared to the glory of London, similar in cringe to the ‘internal Anglicisers’ Paul Henderson Scott refers to in his ‘Elephant in the Room’ essay. The type who round their vowels and relocate their city upbringing to leafy suburbia and only display their unfettered Scottish identity on Burns Night and Hogmanay when lubricated.

    I’d really like to know what it was that caused Andrew Neill to lose faith in his fellow Scots.

    1. IndiaOsaka says:

      I’d really like to know what it was that caused Andrew Neill to lose faith in his fellow Scots.

      Eating really shit cereal, day after day.

      1. c rober says:

        The burden of having to bank those large checks from conversion to English gold – when the other Scots dont have to is probably the reason.

        Theres only one thing worse than whinging Scots – and thats self loathing ones.

        Hes dying to be the guy from Rab C , the Shug character , to grab a bottle of Irn bru , gless wan of course , along side a proper deep fried pizza. He must be sick of Chicken shops and vimto.

    2. Wul says:

      “…I’d really like to know what it was that caused Andrew Neill to lose faith in his fellow Scots.”

      Upton Sinclair: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!”

  4. Gaelstorm says:

    Thought the photo was of trump at first. Intentional or accidental?

      1. c rober says:

        I prefer the older term of bastard.

  5. c rober says:

    Speaking of alt facts – has anyone seen the edit recently of the wiki page on indy II?


    The bit where it NOW says , hints , that the majority in Scotland in indy 1 were anti EU – “One of the reasons cited by those opposed to Scottish independence was that it would endanger Scotland being part of the European Union (EU)”…. Well thats funny , when there was a whole “only by remaining in the UK can you remain in the EU” mandate by better together?

    Strange , or positioning?

    anyone with experience querying WIKI? as to when this bit was inserted?

  6. w.b.robertson says:

    Nicola better hurry up and get us in …before the EU collapses. I have made this point before.

    1. c rober says:

      Long term austerity because of protecting them banks? Not their own but that of Germany and France more than their own – as seen by IMF bailouts and revolving doors back to them.

      In theory I agree with the media portrayed problem in the EU , yet it doesn’t report proper EU news , instead only that where its weaponized for policy inclusion in MSM.

      Which is why I always offer the nordic model as an alternative.

      The nordic model retains sovereignty over fiscal levers and currency – which as we see in the manner of PIGS members where a wide brush doesnt work. But then again there is more than just that to consider , ie local protectionism , and in the case of Greece its inability to commit properly to the EU mandates – Just like Portugal of the PIGS.

      After 310 years its time to bring the economy home , but if that means as a member of the EU in the same manner , as a stepping stone – then so be it.

  7. Rob Mc says:

    When i heard the “joining the queue to join the EU” phrase after looking at the other countries joining like Turkey, i interpreted it as starting a large process that goes through stages, so a sequence of processes that need to be executed ( a Queue).

    This joining could take years Turkey started in 1987 and won’t be a full member until 2025, so even if they fast tracked Scotland would the delay be 10,15,25 years ?

    But, Surely if we want independence from the UK why do we want to be controlled by the EU ? , an independent Scotland by definition cannot be controlled by Brussels, this ain’t independent, this is not independence:


    Also would we be joining the Euro , the First Minister seems to want to join the Euro, but under EU rules we won’t be able to the max deficit allowed is 3% , Scotland’s is 10% and likely to go up on independence due to infrastructure changes needed for independence, and our share of the UK debt etc.. ….

    So how is this going to work ?. i have seen nothing from the SNP on how this will be dealt with.

    1. c rober says:

      In theory its a good argument , or something to just muddy the water.

      Scotland as a current member within the UK – is all answered instant changeover , just changing the driver.

      Euro – agree to it but no need to adopt the currency , however it also means negating the pound sharing , and denial of it , argument in an instant.

      Deficit levels are negotiable – as a current member the UK is above it also but is still in it.

      Deficit II , many central and private bank ratings mean AAA for Scotland – thus the ability to do the funding needed for investment over the longer term at the lowest rate in decades.

      Deficit III. Currently all fiscal levers that matter are a reserved power , so if Scotland is a basket case its on Westminster watch – thus the solutions outwith currently the power of Holyrood to solve pre EU. However Scotland as independent has assets on top of those powers being soverign in which to work its economy.

      I get your argument on how quiet the SNP and Holyrood are , but the same can be said of WM on brexit.

      I too wish to see the proper argument , done and dusted , proving the facts , just in order to bust the PF II machine…. but considering we live in MSM and the era of fake news it hardly surprising that democracy suffers , so is perhaps protected in the silence as a result.

      That may mean the Nordic model being pulled out the hat , but if the bean counters are happy with tapping into the EU support of the brexit ref in order to get INDY II on the mandate books then so be it.

      So let our masters concentrate on the front line , while we send in the parachute regiment behind them.

      1. Rob Mc says:

        Scotland is not a EU member and will need to apply for membership, this has been said by the EU on numerous occasions.

        The Scottish Government Stated the size of the deficit, it is about 10% of GDP in Scotland, but currently the barnett payments cover it 100%, so it is not an issue at the moment.

        The UK deficit is only 4% and they where / are a major member of the EU being the 6th largest economy in the world.

        There is nothing stopping the Scottish Government from getting a fiscal plan together, and taking actions like adjusting taxes to attract business, talking to countries to get trade agreements and how will they get rid of the deficit, how will they cover our share of the UK debt etc ……. this needs to be done ….

        West Minister are negotiating if you are negotiating you do not tell the people you are negotiating with, exactly what you would accept, if you did then there would be no negotiation.

        Googled cannot find any credit ranking for Scotland, but with a 10% deficit cannot see it being a AAA.

        Quote you “So let our masters concentrate on the front line , while we send in the parachute regiment behind them.”

        Masters ? , who ! , no one is my master.

  8. Heartsupwards says:

    I do feel a little disengaged with this debate when I desire for Scottish Independence first but hear no talk on another Scottish EU referendum once independence has been voted for. The whole dynamic of the membership will have changed once the UK doesn’t exist and our closest next door neighbours are members/not members. Scots should get to vote again once independence is achieved.

    1. ben madigan says:

      When Scotland gets her independence there will be a lot of things to do – write a constitution, negotiate the UK exit and the EU remain/re-entry, set up partles representing the full spectrum of Scottish political opinion, hold elections and bed down the new parliament; get used to self governance; get used to taking her place, in her own right, among the nations of Europe, which will be very different to being a backwater, afterthought of the UK, and so forth.

      When all these tasks have been accomplished and the Scottish people can draw breath for a moment – well then if there is a demand for a Referendum on the EU – fine, let it go ahead.

      The Scots will be in a position to honestly weigh up the pros and cons of Scotland’s membership as an independent state.

  9. William Henderson says:

    The wigs slipping

  10. john buchan says:

    Andrew Neil

    Treason springs to mind

  11. manandboy says:

    Apart from some members of the ToryUKIP Party and the truly xenophobic and racist sections of English society, the majority of UK voters know that Brexit is a very bad decision. A re-run of EU Ref16 would produce a different result and all the pain that’s coming would have been avoided.
    Scotland will have the opportunity to reverse the Brexit choice in Scotland. Sixteen million who voted remain plus those who regret voting leave, would jump at the chance to vote again. IndyRef2 will be Scotland’s chance to step ashore before Brittania heads for the rocks.
    Andrew Neil knows this and he is choking on it.

    1. Peter Not Sure Yet says:

      You are the Bigot , I voted for BrExit and I am not xenophobic or racist unlike your self (insulting the english) and i don’t make up stupid insults and stories about people who disagree with my views.

      Your attitude is the one that is destroying Scotland because you make Scotland look full of ignorant bigots.

      This is not supporting an independent Scotland btw, why not present a logical reason without insulting racist comments.

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