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The Mayor comes to Perth

hqdefaultThe former MP for Tooting, and now Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is one of Beleagured Labour’s most accomplished and talented souls. Or so we’re told. But his contribution to Labour’s Perth conference is so crass, so wrong and so ill-advised it’s extraordinary. The blame lies not with Khan himself but with Scottish Labour organisers who must, you’d hope, have seen an advance of the speech which attempts to equate Scottish peoples efforts for self-determination and the racism of Brexit saying: there is no difference between nationalists ‘trying to divide Scottish and English people’ and “those who try to divide us on the basis of our background, race or religion”.

To caricature the indyref as an effort to ‘divide Scottish and English people’ is demeaning to the many thousands of pro-Yes English people living in Scotland, to the many thousands of people offered the vote (regardless of where they came from) and to the inclusive and progressive vision laid out in the White Paper, by the SNP, by the Yes campaign and by the wider Yes movement and parties.

c5gfut0xqaamiqq-jpg-largeThat this came from the party that spoke of ‘British jobs for British workers’, has rolled-over on freedom of movement, that has failed to defend EU nationals living in Britain and who  has flirted with the UKIP vote in a project of abject opportunism and confusion, leaves his speech not just wrong but breathtakingly hypocritical.

It is unclear whether this is a metropolitan blindspot,or  a coordinated political strategy. If it’s the former its unforgivable ineptitude, if its the latter it’s the politics of the gutter.

The fact that the inclusive register that was decided on for the indyref contributed to the failure of Yes is in itself a fact – one of many — that Khan seems oblivious to. The fact that unionists are already rubbing their hands in glee at EU nationals being excluded from a second referendum presumably also passed him by?

“The  antidote to Brexit and the rise of right-wing populist parties  is not to run away” we’re told from a  Labour politician who’s party has failed to either make any convincing case for Remain but also has just left the Tories unopposed as they steamroller a hard-brexit through Westminster.

It’s also worth reminding Khan, and whoever scripted this ruse, that the most prevalent source of racism, whether it came from the anti-Scottish tabloid 16938727_1402201583164226_6365355864670549066_nmedia, cartoons and reflex cultural jibes of pundits and slebs, or the tribe of British loyalists and unionists, came from Better Together supporters, and not the Yes movement.

British fascists and nationalists like the BNP and their followers in the loyalist movement found their home supporting Better Together, never mind the tragic murder of Jo Cox by Britain First supporting Thomas Mair.

The case for a pluralist, multi-cultural Britain was made again and again in 2014. But in the wake of the reactionary spasm of the Brexit vote, and the subsequent surge in English nationalism built around an extraordinary edifice of xenophobia, false grievance culture and denial of reality, twinned with the contempt that both Scotland and Ireland has been treated within the process, it is inconceivable to come to Perth and lecture Scots about ‘fueling division’.

‘The last thing we need now is to pit different part of our country against each other’ he says. It’s a statement which means effectively that we should shut up and eat our cereal. There will be no amendments, no discussion and no compromise on Brexit, and that to stand up for the vast majority of pro-European thinking in Scotland is to be ‘separatist’.

That Scottish Labour chose to give platform to such a statement is, at best, grandly stupid politics, at worst it drags the constitutional debate in this country into a ridiculous low.

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  1. G says:

    Perhaps if you didn’t think your side was so great, and opponents of nationalism so wrong, Khan’s argument might be blunted.

  2. Brochan says:

    Do you honestly think that his argument is valid?

    Do you think that a statement like, ‘The last thing we need now is to pit different parts of our country against each other’ is valid?

    Do you think that Scotland is a different part of a country?

    1. c rober says:

      Sorry that already happened , its called a special deal – of which none for Scotland along the lines of what is promised for NI , or for protecting EU exports like the 70 percent of cars made in the NE of E , or the taxpayer funded remaining of the Eurpean Banking passport for Khans London.

      If KHAN is so adamant that there should be no pitting country to country , or region to region , then why so silent on this? Or in rejecting at the party level SNP ammendments to the brexit conditions.

      Khan is a the NU face of Old NuLabour.

      If the manifesto of the Labour party is inclusion , of the WHOLE UK , proving and protecting socialism , then why not as an equal partner , as full fat federal? But then again he represents Labour , London , and with London as the home of Westminster , oo millionaire and billionaire personal wealth , of banking that caused austerity on his party’s watch – he has an iron in the fire in order to protect it.

      An independent Scotland would see those banking jobs move North , with soverign tax powers , low wages thus increased profits – as well as the EU banking passport remaining… I think we can see the truth of the matter without having to resort to specs and microscopes.

      It is control , Labour in England gearing for its brand of Tory lite , and his leadership hat thrown in the right post council elections…. perhaps even in Scotland , but given the comparison to Scots as NuRacists I doubt the latter.

  3. G says:

    I note the article above only concerns itself with nationalists slighted and yes voters, while completely ignoring what no voters might think.

    1. c rober says:

      I think the voting results since 2014 for Westminster show you that answer to what No voters think of Labour and its branch office.

      And soon to be the results for the CE in May.

  4. G says:

    ‘Do you think that Scotland is a different part of a country?’
    Yes. The country is the UK. Scotland is part of the UK.

    1. c rober says:

      So by that definition there is a UK football team? A UK football league? Someone needs to tell the SFA , fifa and Uefa of this Country you speak of asap.

    2. Heidstaethefire says:

      No. The U.K is a state comprising different countries who signed a treaty. If either country decides to resile from that agreement, they have that right

  5. bringiton says:

    Typical Little Englander who thinks the world revolves around them.
    Who cares what English politicians have to say about Scottish independence?
    It is nothing to do with them and is a matter solely for the people of Scotland
    and as for the above comments about Scotland not being a country,Cameron put that one to bed with the last independence referendum when he agreed to recognise the outcome i.e. the right of Scots as a nation/country to decide our constitutional future.
    Hopefully,this time without interference from England.

    1. c rober says:

      Nope , I would rather tip the coo , and offer an English indy instead , read the comments section of our UK media papers , the Express , the mail and the torygraph – its a runner.

  6. c rober says:

    Look we had Corbyn last month , shoot down the dead dodo that is Dugdale on a new act of union , dutiful in her subservient contract accepting the head office mandate , then coming along with the full federal faux pas – that same old cherry the party rejected in 2014 in destroying the Smith Commission findings.

    Now we have KHAN , a man of Pakistani background that is saying that India (and Pakistan by default) therefore should reject their independence and submit to Colonial rule by his same argument that nationalists are racists , and its still somehow effing Better Together.

    Khan the Mayor of the independent State that is the city of London , the banking capital of the World and soon to be UK tax payer sponsored for the European banking passport to remain , as a result of brexit , which was argued , then supplied , on basically independence for the UK from the EU.

    you dont need a metal detector to find the irony.

    1. c rober says:

      Just realized that I had in the same sentence , Dugdale , subservient , accepting head , then coming. And to think a few months back I said she was so indecisive that she would end up back on the boaby , and since has split from her long term partner.

      Mibbe I am Nostramacdamus? Or just float from Mills and Boon fiction and that of our newspapers too much , so much that there was a crossover.

    2. G says:

      ‘Now we have KHAN , a man of Pakistani background that is saying that India (and Pakistan by default) therefore should reject their independence and submit to Colonial rule by his same argument that nationalists are racists , and its still somehow effing Better Together.’

      Khan is a british citizen, born in the UK, not a dual national. Why would you assume that his ancestry is relevant on this issue? Does having darker skin make one beholden to a different country? That’s a bit racist.

      1. c rober says:

        Jump on the racist kerd , haha straws , clutching.

        His heritage matters in that his family came from Pakistan , once a region in India , which gained indy from its colonial masters , then as a region declared independence of its own from India by MUTUAL ACCEPTANCE.

        It is not a highlight of skin , of race , its of the absurdity on three levels. OF what would be , by his argument being applied , that Pakistan should be Indian , or that India and Pakistan should by his be once again under colonial rule.

        The independent State called London , the Independent state of India , then the independent state of Pakistan – yet KHAN seems to follow the mandate of prevention of the independent state of Scotland.

        IT is racist then , he is racist , that is if the Scots are indeed a race , that somehow BRITISH CONTROL is somehow NOT GOOD for India and Pakistan – but GOOD for the Scots. But then again a billion people at the election box would trump that 40 million English ones , making the English in political terms in Westminster as relevant as the Scots today.

        1. G says:

          You know you’re making Khan’s points for him?

          1. c rober says:

            Hardly , as a candidate for London Mayor i was for him , much like that of Corbyn for Labour – hoping both were not tory lite , or protectors of colonialism – but sadly they both are.

            While Khan was elected in order to prevent a Jewish London Mayor candidate using such reverse racism , and Corbyn elected to remove the Nu from Labour , both have shown they are now liabilities to that which the labour party stood for , was created for , for socialism , for workers protection , for affordable homes and of course the cherrt on the cake – home rule… the latter being the most important , as Labour wanted it for Scotland and the colonies ie including INDIA.

          2. G says:

            Could you expand on what you mean by Jewish London Mayor?

          3. c rober says:

            G , “Jewish Mayor”

            For someone whom has suggested racism , from me about Khan , in your promoting of him and his racist speech on Scottish nationalists , your hardly clued up on the London Mayor – or the election then.

            His main competitor for the London Mayor job , being Zac Goldsmith , liked to drop the reverese J bomb into press to appear there was an anti Jewish mandate in the media .

            The media which Zac has form with himself , having worked in it under his uncles press.

            The Goldsmiths , well this family specifically , Tories , OXBRIDGE educated and billionaires that are also through his mothers side representative of the Anglo British Aristocracy is a serial tax avoider through non dom status prior to election as an MP and is married to a Rothschild with Irish Aristocracy roots.

            But do carry on… about the fair union , two types of democracy , of division , of colonial empire , of independence somehow being preventative of the above folk in power unelected by the Scots.

  7. G says:


    ‘ there is no difference between nationalists trying to divide Scottish and English people and “those who try to divide us on the basis of our background, race or religion”.’

    ‘Typical Little Englander who thinks the world revolves around them.
    Who cares what English politicians have to say about Scottish independence?
    It is nothing to do with them and is a matter solely for the people of Scotland
    and as for the above comments about Scotland not being a country,Cameron put that one to bed with the last independence referendum when he agreed to recognise the outcome i.e. the right of Scots as a nation/country to decide our constitutional future.
    Hopefully,this time without interference from England.’

    Your own commentators making Khan’s point for him.

    Yes there is an inclusive scottish nationalism, but there’s a huge amount of anti-english, divisive bollocks that drowns it out.

    1. bringiton says:

      I despise the Israeli state but am not anti-Semitic.
      The same applies to the English state aka UK/British.

      1. G says:

        Funny, most people I know who despise the Israeli state are anti-semitic. Rather than criticise Likud policies or far-right parties they make sweeping statements that tar every Israeli with the sins of others.

        Besides, Scotland does not have a relationship with England in any way comparable to that of Palestine with Israel.

        1. bringiton says:

          You don’t know me.
          The actions of the state represent the views of the majority of it’s people in most democracies (Scotland excluded since we don’t have any say in the British state).

          1. G says:

            To be honest, I don’t understand your comment.

            But you seem very confused about UK democracy. You get to have a say when there’s a Westminster election. Have you not voted before?

        2. c rober says:

          “To be honest, I don’t understand your comment.
          But you seem very confused about UK democracy. You get to have a say when there’s a Westminster election. Have you not voted before?”

          Obviously you are meaning FPTP democracy , or the larger number being the democratic power.

          This means in effect that the Scots are irrelevant as a way of enacting change – due to the larger partner having , in the case of Westminster , 10x the number of votes within Westminster.

          Or do you mean the kind of democracy , that means a Govt elected in Westminster , on the same reasoning above , where 35 percent of the population of the UK elect a TORY govt , thus the proper MAJORITY , the democratic higher number of 65 percent still rejects it and is ignored?

          But then again Scotland has its DEMOCRACY bent , in order to supposedly defeat said unelected majority , in the form of PR , D Hondt and Regional lists. Or do you mean the Transferable votes of Council elections as democracy , which means Nulabour and Tory collusion to defeat FPTP proper Westminster style governance being repeated?

          If you must bang the Drum of Khan , of division leading to failure , dont expect that it is compatible with the truth , more so when it was his party that made the Electoral reforms for Scotland – yet did not do the same for Westminster.

    2. Wul says:

      This is a kind of strange phenomenon I’ve noticed; where the more powerful, victorious side in a debate claims victimhood.
      Thus, a powerful London Mayor, visiting Perth, claims to be a potential victim of my desire to live in a normal country running its own affairs democratically.

      Thus, those who “won” the 2014 referendum (with the vocal support of global banks, multinational corporations, the queen, the president of the USA , almost every national newspaper and, arguably, the entire BBC) get to be victims of “anti-Englishness” from nationalist “lunatics”.

      Whilst I’m supporting Scottish independence (against a tirade of multi-channel propaganda telling me I’m too skint, stupid or incompetent to be a normal citizen in a democratic country) I’m also supposed to feel sorry for those on the winning side, who are aligned with the rich & powerful, and get my knickers in a twist about their feelings. Aye right.

      You won. (last time) Get over it.

  8. Redgauntlet says:

    Hilarious is the only word I can find for Khan’s intervention, let’s get him up here more often.
    Because it more fuel to the bonfire which is Labour in Scotland…

    …one thing the Scots don’t like, and never have liked, is being told what to do by somebody coming up for the day from London: Thatcher, Osborne and now Kahn.

    If it wasn’t Brown and Darling and the ruse of “the pledge”, YES would have won on 18S 2014, and with margin to spare.

    1. G says:

      A majority of them also didn’t like being told what was good for them by Salmond and the SNP.

      Perhaps if the nationalists reached out to No voters, tried to understand their concerns, and did something about the lunatics on their own side they might have a better chance second time around. Being hypersensitive to criticism and attacking anyone who you perceive as not being a nationalist only harms your movement. A bit of reaching out beyond your own vote might improve the fractures in society for everyone.

      1. Redgauntlet says:

        See below for an answer. But I’m not attacking anybody. I’m pissing myself laughing….

      2. c rober says:

        Societal fractures , division – there is righteousness , it is of rich and poor.

        NuLabour protection of Wealth , Tory protection of wealth.

        Scottish Labour lost itself along the path of Tory lite , of choosing the national voice of the English head office over the local voice of those that elected them – it wasnt a short path.

        It was 17 years of promises to Reverse Thatcherism in Scotland , of reindustrialisation , then 14 years of broken promises – then once again in indy doing the same with BT and the Vow , preventing FFA , now attempting to scramble together some semblence of a FFA it denied in 2014 ready for BT II.

        Its a party when at Westminster buried the McCrone report , moved the maritime border as it supplied a chocolate fireguard super council as employment assured for more of them , and of course shelved Clyde basin oil and gas to keep Trident on the Clyde to protect England – under the guise , still repeated , that it means thousands of Jobs.

        Khan pure and simple is up to prevent the loss of London banking wealth moving to Scotland via indy , and again ensuring that Scotland subsidies English ones…. just like the BBC licence fee and Scottish exports via the ports in the South and East of England.

        Division you say , its division offered alright , dividing Scotland towards no , in order to protect the status qou – wealth creation for the few , wealth protection for his electorate , as the Scottish Branch office sell out their own.

      3. Wul says:

        I’m reaching out G.

        What are your concerns? Help me to understand them better.

  9. Redgauntlet says:

    I mean, when did Nicola Sturgeon ever go down to England to tell the people there what to think? Or Salmond either?

    That is not the way that Scottish politicians tend to make their point.

    The Scottish politician doesn’t go about pontificating like Khan does, or so many other English politicians do, either in England or Scotland for that matter.

    Because they are from Scotland, and Scotland does not have anything like the elite culture England has, I think to a large extent because of our universities which are not elitist in nature like the Oxbridge tradition is, always has been, and always will be.

    And if you pontificate in Scotland, in general, you’re out on your ear. Doesnay matter where yer frae or the point you’re making…

    Vast imbecilic minds are those /
    whae cannay tell a thistle frae a rose…

    Let’s hope Theresa comes up soon and does the exact same…

    1. G says:

      Scottish universities are much more unequal than English ones. It’s a direct result of SNP policy. This is all public domain, well studied stuff. Keep up!

      1. c rober says:

        Is it just me or is this starting to smell a little like tory and labour in Holyrood?

        Statement , without proof – next comes repeating the same merde even after being proven wrong – so just whose press or research officer are you G?

        1. bringiton says:

          Keich would be much better but would probably be regarded as racist separatist invective by some.

          1. c rober says:

            I was of course offering the inclusion kerd , to the “Scottish diversionary” accusary tactics , a hand to our Liberte , Fraternite , Solidarite loving Auld alliance people , the frogs.

  10. G says:

    Here you go /amp/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/35804363

    1. c rober says:

      You do realise the argument article is about Sturgeon and the SNP removing this , you know the party for independence?

      You know Nic , product of a working class family , that went on to further education as the first of her family , then through politics ended up leader of Scotlands largest political party today – leader of again a party that argues that the same sort of empowerment as social mobility in the article is Good for Scottish people , same as independence? So why then right on one thing , and not on the other ?

      Highlighting in the process that division is that of rich and poor , of North and South , of England and Scotland , and where UK Westminster is protective of it as remaining this way as proven by Scottish Nulabour – at the expense of the Scots , via the continual subsidy of UK and not the reverse portrayal of barnett , and of course the triple theft of Scottish oil?

      But also lets not go there of the Nulabour VOW , and refusing Scotland FFA , something that is now back on the cards again seeing as how it worked in PF and BT – you know that thing where even English Tories offered more for Scotland than its ain Scottish labour did.

      Scottish and Uk labour lost the right to the socialist kerd lang ago – and at this rate they canny even afford the reprinting of a new wan on the membership income.

    2. Brochan says:

      “The Commission on Widening Access was set up by Nicola Sturgeon in 2014”

      and your point is?

  11. Andy gray says:

    Mike Small tells us:

    “Sadiq Khan is one of Beleagured Labour’s most accomplished and talented souls. Or so we’re told.”

    Well yes, that’s certainly a view I would like to agree with. He continues:

    “But his contribution to Labour’s Perth conference is so crass, so wrong and so ill-advised it’s extraordinary.”

    Alas, I find myself agreeing with that as well.

    The Guardian quotes him further, Sadiq Khan, as saying that:

    “They make out that London is always working to undermine Scotland. I can tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. That is not my London and it’s not Labour’s London.”

    That seems important to me.

    I can believe that Sadiq Khan’s London, Labour’s London, are both, as he apparently said, as per ‘The Guardian’, “beacons of progressive values and hope within the United Kingdom”.

    I’m okay with that. Let’s hope it’s true for all our sakes.

    However, Scotland’s problem is not London (who told him it was?), Scotland’s problem is ‘Westminster Village’ and the lasses and lads gathered around the pump.

    That aside, I regard it as tragic that a man for whom I have had the greatest respect to date, has been so badly advised as to make such poorly judged comments to an audience in Perth.

    All of which leaves me wondering, not for the first time, how much longer we put up with the ludicrous proposal that the Scots lack the intellect, worldly experience (ie. money in the bank) and wisdom to manage their own affairs?

    Then again, perhaps I should just eat my cereal?

    1. c rober says:

      as long as its fair trade cereal , then you can hopefully stomach the lack of the same fair trade for the Scots farmer that supplied the coos milk.

  12. Eleanor Ferguson says:

    The thing that worries me was the statement that EU nationals will be excluded from voting. Is that true? Who has said so? Surely the same rules should apply to this referendum as applied to the last?

  13. An Tabhartas says:

    Who is this Khan fellae, is his brother called Genghis. London presided,( his wonderful hame toun) over a massive death toll of humanity of over 150 million souls,that would nae be called real racism that’s reserved to the nasty evil rotten Scotch seps- how dare they try to escape from this wonderful achievement for mankind.Lets rebuild the great British empire again and let London shine in all its glory, praise the Lord. BOWK

    1. c rober says:

      To add fuel to the indy bonfire all it needs is a Khan do attitude.

      1. c rober says:

        The magic potion for independence is simple , just add ONE tongue from a London Mayor comparing nationalists as racists , a pinch of confirmation of Scottish Labour are still a northern Branch office , and an lie of Dug…..and Kahngratulations you have now graduated from Hogwarts.

  14. c rober says:

    A tank commander , a a Dug . and the product of immigration walk into a bar… and demand everyone submit. Its either a joke , or its the next episode of Doctor who , which is the only place being Scottish is acceptable.

  15. c rober says:

    The London mayor , putting the Kahn in Khant for supplying an independent Scotland.

  16. Willie says:

    Khan is a man who fans the flames of hatred. He, is a man who decides whether a nation is to exist or not, and not the nation. And so he would deny self determination and call the aspirants racists in his desire to retain colonial control. But this Mr Khan, a metropolitan Labour politician . With an attitude like this you know this absolute filth of the Labour establishment would stop at nothing to resist Scottish self determination.

    1. c rober says:

      He probably came up to see what the London Tramp looks like in its native enviroment. Or to negotiate the terms of their repatriation.

  17. Alf Baird says:

    “the many thousands of pro-Yes English people living in Scotland” ??

    Voting intention surveys indicated in 2014 that this was actually the ‘group’ with the highest likelihood (over 80%!) to vote No. As Scotland’s largest single immigrant group, they account for around one third (possibly more) of No voters, and arguably pulled No over the line. Their rather ‘automatic’ No votes seems to be more cultural (i.e. they feel far more ‘British than Scottish’). That’s the reality I find.

    1. Thats a point I acknowledge in the piece Alf, but it doesn’t over-ride the fact that many thousands of English people living in Scotland voted Yes, does it?

    2. Fiona Sinclair says:

      As someone who was born in England, whose mother was English and father was Scots, I do get very tired of being told that I’m English, by virtue of my birthplace. A school-friend was born in Bangladesh, but her parents were both Scots – and there are many, many Scots who were likewise born `abroad`. Whilst I know that you haven’t given Scotland as a birthplace as your definition of being Scots here, I know you have elsewhere – and not a single person has disputed this. My point is not just that this is wrong, it is also wrong to assume that being born in England equates to being English, and that therefore identity and voting loyalties are pro-union.

      In saying this, I would also emphasise that I agree with most of the comments you make in Bella, with regard to cultural association.

      Fiona Sinclair – former SNP activist, former Elected Member of SNP National Council

      1. Alf Baird says:

        I appreciate what you say Fiona, and Mike. Inevitably, for those born elsewhere with Scots parentage there will be a Scottish cultural linkage. But for others without such connections the same cultural linkage is unlikely to exist. We can’t really deny the voting intention figures; 80% ‘No’ is a big figure, indicating an imbalance far in excess of those born in Scotland. This issue is also important given ongoing changes in the make-up of the Scottish population. Furthermore, a similar phenomenon is evident in (unusual) voting outcomes of several specific Holyrood and Westminster seats which reflect concentrations of populations from rest UK.

        1. c rober says:

          As i mentioned a few times in various articles and posts , I did my own maths post indy , and it does indeed correlate – but I may add where there is ALSO high wealth incomes.

          Geographically it means Edinburgh , the NE ie Aberdeen , and other areas with high professional employment , thus income – which also means Scots saying NO last time for the same reasons , that of personal wealth protection.

          The Numbers of English Born were confirmed with the census data , showing correlation , employment , ranging from 9 percent to over 13 in those areas with the highest rejection of indy voting. The number is perversely almost identical to the difference between yes and no.

          But if mem is correct then the percentile difference between a yes and a no regardless of make up , where many always say its 10 percent , especially the media , the gap between YES AND NO , ie 45 – 55 percent is wrong. This is a negative statement and incorrect inference – in other words a lie. The correct statement to apply is that there is actually a 5 percent difference to parity , or thus 6 for over the line via a change in voting , or 10 percent is only showing a complete reversal of the last result.

          There is some change in this , many of the “proper” working classes have changed minds since , or geographically lost jobs in the oil downturn thus moved to Dubby and the like. And seen the lies of the vow on top.Which is one of my arguments FOR UDI , but with caveats… but that would take balls from the SNP , resigning every single Scottish Lion and Standing on one mandate – UDI.

          However the largest single demographic for NO , wasnt the English vote , it was those rightly fearful pensioners , plus the English vote , the wealthy , and importantly as many have suggested the postal vote – and with it of course the irregularities , if not counter democracy , that perhaps came with it.

          The pensioner vote can this time be countered , the pound is safe , pensions are safe , but the NHS , free perscriptions , care and so on not so much.More so in also the new Sewell proof of the temporary nature of the Scottish parliament , along with the highlighting of special deals , and none for Scotland.

          The UK , Tories have history , and are today gearing for a future of self funding in England , already pay for prescriptions , and the NHS and care are sure to be privatized . And as we know the pension and care bill in England , with the aged population explosion will be hard – But for the SCOTS so much so the pension age in Scotland is beyond that of the Glasgow effect already , and where there has been a move onto workplace pensions , while completely ignoring the weekly news of company pension pots and private fund failures. Then we have the forced selling of homes to pay for care , removing inheritance.

          Which may as a result see those that can afford to downsize moving to Scotland in order to defeat it for themselves , I see this already in North Ayrshire , and have done for a long time. Where North Ayrshire Health care , Scottish funded , is seeing more and more aged English and Scottish patients retiring to the area with no links – or even the young due to the health care prescription charges.

          This is where I like to call it the Tesco method , where Every Little Helps , defeating the obvious counter democracy detection measures. And now on top of the previous BBC bias propaganda machine there will be 80 more eager beavers on top to roll out PF II.

          Counter democracy has to continually change , in order to defeat detection , so the methods of Indy round 1 will be shrunk and or changed to another form.

          Eight years of Austerity , Brexit and special deals will be their counter this time.

          Mark my words , the lies of frigates , of civil service job protection will be reversed with bribes – whether that is enough though is the question.Whether the Scots and English resident are gullible enough , selfish enough , or have memory impairment is perhaps the bigger question.

          The Tories at the helm have tripled the deficit , to the point where the UK is approaching the same tipping point that bankrupted it in the 70s.

          Once again Scotland will be the piggy bank with NSO and the implanting of Nuclear powerstations for the Northern Link to supply England with power , but the liability , financially , for Scotland over the long term , knowing the clean up costs post oil leads to independence , but via Westminster supply as casting off the empty piggy bank , perhaps by offering an English indy. This is why Scottish Tories have in their manifesto for two more Nuclear powerstations in Scotland – while Westminster removes subs for wind and tidal.

          Sometimes you need to step back from macro and see the bigger picture , Scotland is an asset , a piggy bank , proven by Barnett and its detractors, highlighted by subsidy through out trade and its imbalance , used like the EU as a place to point blame.

          So lets remember if England was so good , so beneficial to those that have now called Scotland home , why then are they not Still Staying In it? If they moved here for betterment , then it is the exact same with Scotland moving away from a biased union , for its betterment , thus theirs too.

          SO Bring them in , adopt them , show them that the very things they desire , want , need , deserve are exactly what an independent Scotland will supply , democratically , fairly , and not instead continue the perverted democracy of Westminster bias of London and the South East , of GERS lies , stolen oil , racism , protectionism , privatization , parking trident , de industrialization of England , removing council housing , and wealth creation of the few , by the few , on the backs of the many.

          We arent that differnt , well North of Watford anyway – whether the memory stretches long enough , or the bribes large enough is perhaps the only difference.

  18. Jo says:

    Like Mike Small I was astonished when I read the early excerpts of Khan’s speech in the Guardian. Extraordinary doesn’t cover it. Within a short time, the Guardian had closed down the comments on the article as they didn’t like what was being said. (Wonder why!)

    If Labour in Scotland did not see a copy of the speech in advance then they are fools indeed. (More importantly, who wrote it and was anyone within Scottish Labour involved in that exercise? I think we should know.)

    Khan went on to insist in the speech he actually made -post the changes – that he hadn’t been suggesting ……blah blah, but actually, yes he was: that was why he had to change it! That was what the stooshie was about.

    I think Kez must now be sitting with her heid in her hauns greetin’. And no wonder. As if the whole Labour Party isn’t in a bad enough state Khan comes up here and makes it even worse!

    Let’s look at Khan tho’ and others like him, Burnham for example, who are so peed off with their own Party that they’ve effectively left it and gone to carve out other wee fiefdoms for themselves. Khan went for the London Mayor position and got it, Burnham hopes to win the Manchester Mayor contest. Yvette Cooper is working away on her committee and project work, Harman has written and is now flogging her book all over the place. The awful “I’ll stab you in the front not in the back!” Jess Phillips has also written a book.

    There are others doing the same sort of thing, all following their own private projects and all but separated from their main Party because they haven’t recovered from Blair going and remain ultra-loyal to all he stood for and completely hostile to their new leader. They were presumably applauding Mandelson just the other day when he admitted that he likes to “undermine” Jeremy Corbyn every single day, just as they do.

    Post Copeland, Watson, Labour’s Deputy Leader, announced he will “stand by” Corbyn which is a bit of a novelty in itself since he’s been part of the plotting since it began nearly eighteen months ago after Corbyn won the leadership the first time! As Deputy Leader he’s the first I’ve seen in Labour that got involved in the infighting. Previously people like Prescott and Harman steered a middle path and attempted to heal divisions and make peace. Watson picked a side and his conduct as Deputy has been deplorable in encouraging a significant number within the PLP to proceed with their very public (and repeated) coup attempts to bring Corbyn down many of which the BBC were in on and were able to broadcast live, as they happened. What a state of affairs for Labour in England. What a message to send out. No wonder they’re hurtling towards a similar fate there as the fate they encountered in Scotland. Clearly they’ve paid no attention to what has already happened to Labour up here! Khan came here to speak about Labour while being hostile himself to the leader of that Party. Ye really couldnae make it up!

    Since Copeland the Guardian has gone even more into orbit than usual about Corbyn with the number of articles attacking him well into double figures. He is to blame for everything apparently.

    Khan came here to equate backing for independence with racism while ignoring the basis for the Brexit result in England. Scots didn’t participate in the EU vote with hatred of foreigners at the forefront! It was England that did that! It would be hilarious that he attacks those who support independence as racist were it not so tragic a position for him to adopt. I would add that never have I heard either Salmond or Sturgeon attack the English in any shape, manner or form. But I’ve read posts from English people expressing the wish that they had such representation in England!

    The meltdown of Labour in Scotland happened long before Corbyn was even on the scene. It started to happen in England too, long before Corbyn. It is a shame that there are so many within the Labour Party down there who still mourn the passing of Blair’s leadership and who would have him back again tomorrow. (Or, failing Blair, a certain David Miliband who has been making his feelings known this week too!) It’s a bigger shame that there are so many of that ilk in the PLP who will not rest until Corbyn is gone. And this despite the fact that Corbyn had May spluttering all over the place at PMQs three weeks running over the NHS in England and over the deal done between her government and Surrey Council in order to avoid a referendum over raising Council Tax there by 15%.

    If there’s to be a post mortem into the Copeland loss then it shouldn’t just involve the conduct of the leader of the Labour Party. Its entire PLP, including Tom Watson, need to look in their own mirrors and register the message they’ve sent out to the electorate in England in the last eighteen months. It is not a good one. Once they absorb the message, if they’re honest, they should freely admit to all being responsible for the mess they are in. That also includes Mr Khan. Which makes it all the more extraordinary, to go back to Mike’s word, that he thought the answer was to come up here and label people who back independence as racists.

    1. c rober says:

      The demise of Labour in Scotland though different reasonings , Scots like their Labour working class , Middle England dont , so in the Scots offering NuLabour the writing was on the wall – along with the 14 years of failed promises on Scotland , of new council housing , of reindustrialisation and so on that never materialised. The Scots seen them for what they are , were , Tory lite , proven post indy by the little among them that went back to the source.

      After sitting watching Corbyn in Perth , BTW a man I did back as a leader able to return the party to its roots , or route , I have came to the conclusion he is also a protector of the Status qou , thus hardly an asset to change the SLAB fortunes.

      During his speach , somewhat less like Khans , but in the same manner of eat yer cereal , he rolled out the Keir Hardie kerd , much like how Scottish Labour does on T Towels – and got the rock star reply seen when someone mentions the home town. Keir Hardie represented HOME RULE , for Ireland , India , Scotland , in other words proper democracy – but for Labour all that is now the equivalent of a Short bread tin.

      IF UK labour , Scottish Labour , want to be electable in either , then the only option left is to prove supply…. and that means in the case of Scotland supplying Home RULE , the same of what Hardie Spoke of when he thought about selling T Towels to inflate the membership income figures to members in his last email , or in his Socialist Worker columns.

      But instead we have SLAB REAL history of de empowering the VOW , of shunning the EU brexit amendments , of combining force with the auld enemy to shoot down Holyrood , of leaders unelected by constituents and importantly during indy proof positive that the electorate are not their masters but the head office is what they are elected to represent.

      Until such time as Corby can walk on water , and by that I mean scuttling the unionist boat , then there will be no change.

      The MAY council elections might well be that hole in the hull , where a proper SCOTTISH LABOUR PARTY , independent from the NULABOUR AND ENGLISH PARTY is created as a result from the wreck on the rocks.

      The irony that a party so anti indy , where its members need its own indy in order to remain in political employment in Scotland – and where Dugdale only offers a VOW II for FFA never escapes me…. but its only a few weeks away before it has another captain on the tiller , I can hear the hand rubbing in Dunbarton from here.

      This week I will be investing in life jackets , before the price increase in MAY.

      1. Patrick says:

        Man what Scotland need is another such as Gregor McGregor’s sly plan, the Scot who sold the colonization of the fictional Kingdom of Poyais to Europe, to convince all the Scottish people to vote for independence.

  19. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

    I think what’s so striking is the fact that Mr Khan is an intelligent man.

    However, his diatribe wasn’t anything less accurate than what has been said for years by the human remains at Labour’s branch office, who attempt to pass themselves off as credible MSP’s.

    I can only conclude that is was penned by one of the we hate the SNP mob. Perhaps it’s a sign of their desperation coupled with the fact that Labour are finished in Scotland anyway, so I might as well read this crap and go home. He may have also thought it won’t go down as badly at whatever pish Jeremy Corbyn says.

    Whatever the case it represents extremely poor judgement on Khan’s part.

    1. c rober says:

      Its like the TRUTH today , retract tomorrow , of how the press operates… gets both sides happy ish.

      The Labour party in Scotland have shown their Kerd , they are eager to align with the Tories , rather than those that stole their voters , not that it was a hard steal. They now have so little power that the unionists among them have left , those pro indy too… so who exactly is voting for them that is left?

      I dont think it was poor judgement on Khans part , i think it was a military incursion into returning the unionists to Labour , it was a strategical first strike to align the SNP with facists and racists – this is not a faux pas.

      Even with the former mayor his “faux pas” history shows that it works.

  20. Jo says:


    Aw no, the poor wee journalist who wrote a ridiculous article for the Guardian the other day defending what Sadiq Khan was meant to say at Perth but ultimately didn’t, has now quit Twitter because she’s “terrified” at the reception her article got.

    The Guardian, of course, are now going with her terror of all these crazy people hunting her down on Twitter!

    What I can’t get over is that:

    1. We heard what Khan was going to say about racism and the link he intended to make between racism and the SNP.
    2. We then heard that Khan hadn’t written the speech and that he’d had the speech altered to take out the offending sections.
    3. We heard the speech during which he assured us all that he was NOT attempting to label SNP supporters as racists.
    4. We then heard Kezia Dugdale insist that no such link was being made.
    5. Then this clown of a journalist goes on to write an article supporting the original quotes in the speech (which were not uttered by Khan) and throws around the same insults.

    And now she gets upset because she’s getting flak? Now she gets upset and claims she’s being tracked and is “terrified”? I’ll tell you what’s terrifying. That this person calls herself a journalist yet based an entire article on something another person didn’t say but, instead, used it as an opportunity to get a bit of attention herself by hurling around insults.

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