unknownActive Response is a two-year process to stimulate thinking, actions and responses to the post-Brexit future of Scotland.

It comes out of the recognition of the need for fresh thinking and new ways of working. We are seeking 21st century responses to 21st century challenges.

We are aiming to make connection with different groups and individuals to help us:

  • Imagine post-Brexit futures in Scotland
  • Build solidarity and finding new strategies, via both conceptual and practical active responses
  • Collaborate with communities living in precarity and austerity
  • Open spaces for new perspectives and ways of resisting

We are inviting proposals to be part of this project. You can find out all the details about how to take part here.

Contact us here: activeresponsescotland@gmail.com

The project is run by an independent collective of activists who want to explore, experiment, imagine and agitate.