c8evcpuxqaedu5gThe Prime Minister just pranked the entire UK with a letter published in several newspapers claiming to “represent “every person” in the U.K”.  In a hilarious spoof thought to be the best since Spaghetti Trees, Theresa May wrote:

“When I sit around the negotiating table in the months ahead, I will represent every person in the United Kingdom—young and old, rich and poor, city, town, country, and all the villages and hamlets in between, It is my fierce determination to get the right deal for every single person in this country. For, as we face the opportunities ahead of us on this momentous journey, our shared values, interests, and ambitions can—and must—bring us together.”

That ‘shared values and interests bit’, brilliant. Leading newspapers were caught out, as well as 51.9% of the population.

Spain responded with a one-liner, the simple but hugely effective rib-tickler: “Gibraltar”.

But the entire continent should have seen the British joke coming when, earlier this week when she told the House of Commons that what we needed in this hour of need was the ‘liberal, democratic values of Europe’:

Responding to the giant prank, Wolfgang Schäuble, the German Finance Minister, said:

“We have no interest in punishing the U.K, but we also have no interest in putting European integration in danger over the U.K. That is why our priority must be, with a heavy heart, to keep the rest of Europe—without the U.K.—as close together as possible.”

British diplomats responded saying ‘typical Germans, no sense of humour’.

Some critics have suggested that caution should be observed and that sometimes these giant jokes can go disastrously wrong:

But others point that Theresa May’s prank isn’t original and is part of a global joke that goes back decades:

Commenting on the classic that’s’ fooled everyone, Dennis MacShane, the Uk’s former Europe Minsiter said:

“British anti-Europeans wanted to destroy what Europe’s nation states have painstakingly created over decades. It is not going to happen, and if Britain wants any access to Europe, it will be on the EU’s terms, not those of Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson.”