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Black Drinks Matter

Is there anything worse than a militarised police force inflicting racist brutality and operating above the law? Apparently there is: that daily reality being turned into a commodified form to sell cola.

Holy shit if you haven’t seen it here’s the worst advert in the history of humanity:

The Independent offers a ‘scene-by-scene dissection of possibly the worst commercial of all time’.

That its very specific makes it worse.

The new Pepsi ad evokes the imagery of Leshia Evans iconic bravery in Baton Rouge when she walked into riot police. This is a total exploitation. A new branding of social activism (see below).

Capitalisms ability to regurgitate and commodify protest culture is legendary.

But the comic limits of its own creativity and the violence of its own reality coupled with the power of social media to instantly deconstruct and ridicule its putrid outpourings may mean that this ability is now fragile and painfully exposed.




We all know the phrase that ‘under capitalism we are all prostitutes’ but Kris Jenner seems to be operating as her familys Madam.


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  • Richard MacKinnon 1 year ago

    The higher Mike Small climbs the tree of the outraged intellectual the more he sees that offends him. That he chooses to keep climbing is of no interest to me, it is his uncontrollable fixation with ‘sharing’ that has long ago made Mike such a tedious bore.

    • DC 1 year ago

      Said the most tedious bore on Bella.

    • Alan Stewart 1 year ago

      Richard. Your comments are of no interest to me, but your uncontrollable fixation with “sharing” them means I have to endure your tedious drudgery and self-righteous pish.
      It’s way beyond boring.

      • Bella Caledonia Editor 1 year ago

        LOL. Yes Richard is always a ray of light.

        Someone complaining on your blog about you, er, writing a blog. Stunning stuff.

      • Richard MacKinnon 1 year ago


  • John Watson 1 year ago

    For a really withering deconstruction of this add, try The Young Turks’ Hasan Piker

  • 3Rensho 1 year ago

    The Situationists classified these things as recuperation back when the New Left (of which BLM’s a descendant) was just getting going. Nothing new in this at all. But perhaps for this generation, or perhaps for those who’ve let their memory lapse. Soft drink brands at least haven’t gone in for this crap in a while. Am I the only one who remembers Coke doing a spot based on the fall of the Berlin Wall 1990? People smashing the wall and spraying Coke over each other from a can like champagne. What I don’t like about this ad is it’s so convoluted. Not even a decent example of the genre, like that Coke ad.


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