What was Done

Bonnie Prince Bob reflects on the political history that led to the appointment of England’s greatest ever Prime Minister ‘Jeremy Corbyn’.

Enjoy and share.


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  1. Roland Stiven says:

    Nice to know that the children of the revolution have lovely timber houses to live in. Timber architecture is the future.

  2. DialMforMurdo says:

    Outstanding work.

  3. Kevin Williamson says:

    The finest political art to come out of Scotland ever. Nice one. This needs shared as widely as possible.

    1. Puppet Trump says:

      Good work but I still claim that accolade for ‘Donald Trump does Bohemian Rhapsody’. https://youtu.be/UbdsDPpd-Ew

  4. Ian says:

    Worked as a music video. Can’t say much about the commentary since too often it was obliterated by the music. Pity since it seemed promising.

      1. DialMforMurdo says:


  5. Tony Broomfield says:

    We really like the video and would like to add it to our front page section.

    Please take a look and if you are OK with it send me the URL if you have it on YouTube?

    [email protected] will find me

  6. Phantom Power says:

    Absolutely stunning work and infinitely superior to anything our state-broadcaster could produce. Under the horror and scalpel-sharp humour this is a love letter to what remains of Labour’s soul. Scotland is leaving but there’s still time for England. Let’s hope they’re watching. Share it and back this major talent’s future projects.

  7. Anne Gomez says:

    Absolutely loved this… informative, creative and with hope…, my only criticism is we in Scotland are Scots not Scotch… but probably me being neurotic lol… congrats, brill film

    1. SammySnowShoes says:

      I thought it was a joke? Pretty sure a Scotsman would know! 🙂

    2. DialMforMurdo says:

      That was the joke, bottle of Scotch and Tartan Tammy…

  8. Weeme says:

    Brilliant! A lot of work went into this, defy any of the petty critics to even attempt a story board 5 mins worth! Very clever amusing, Sad, Bittersweet, ‘If Only’ thought provoking. Thank you everyone involved xx

  9. Paul I says:

    Absolutely fabulous loved it

  10. Maryam says:

    It must be good because Facebook deleted it from everywhere!

  11. Donna McGlynn says:

    The reference to “the Scotch” was obviously tongue-in-cheek. 🙂

  12. Donna McGlynn says:

    The reference to “the Scotch” was satirical. 🙂

  13. Olga's Daughter says:

    Liked it. Would have loved it except I found the music overpowering and at times it drowned out the narrator. It was way too much of a distraction. Shame.

  14. SammySnowShoes says:

    Amazing work!

    A lot of people seem to be having problems viewing the video – and it apparently doesnt work on mobile devices. I hope you dont mind, but I have uploaded a copy to here:


    Its still rendering, let me know if you want it taken down or anything changed.

    Keep up the brilliant work.

  15. Eileen Murtha Brown says:

    So **Loved** this .. brilliantly done ..

  16. Eileen Murtha Brown says:

    So **Loved** this .. brilliantly done .. but FB censor ship has begun .. must have terrified some at the top ..more power to ya elbow..!.

  17. Kathryn Dickie says:

    Magic. And, well, we can dream . . .

  18. Linda Irwin Tinsley says:

    Fantastic ! Very informative I have shared it in the hope anyone who was voting for the cons will change their minds . Thankyou outstanding work .

  19. inverschnecky says:

    Fantastic – couldn’t stop laughing, it made ma day. That was sooo good.

  20. Kevin Williamson says:

    5k views in 48 hours here & on Youtube. 11k views on Facebook (before Bonnie Prince Bob’s account was deactivated for “security reasons”. Seems to be hitting the mark. Keep sharing folks.

  21. Ray says:

    This needs to go viral

  22. Zarria says:

    Fabulous work. We all like your work *especially putting the Tories on the Falkland islands! Will donate toward this too. Zz

  23. Robsil says:

    Lose the toilet jokes..amazing “wake up” piece…

  24. Nigel Blanchard says:

    Sums up nicely all the important issues of our time and how we got into this mess and gives me some hope. Brilliant!

  25. Johnny says:

    Video is ‘private’?

    1. Matt Lea says:

      Saying that to me to 8(

  26. dan thomas says:

    what happened to the video connection? had saved this from last night to watch this morning. Have you been knobbled by the Fascists?

  27. Bay Whitaker says:

    I saw a link to this on Facebook. I started watching it and thought it really good, really interesting, a really fresh way to get perspective on our political reality. But I didn’t have time to watch it all.
    This morning I saw posts on Facebook that the video is being deleted – by Facebook? By YouTube? By the poster? Who knows. But it seems to have disappeared and there is just a message saying video is private. Maybe there were so many abusive or threatening comments that the poster decided to remove it? Does anybody know what happened?

  28. douglas robertson says:

    Yes its coming up as ‘Video is private’.

  29. Tina says:

    Excellent video! It won’t allow me to open it again to share??

  30. Carole Inglis says:

    Watched this at 7am and no longer available. please can you provide an update, as we need to share this far and wide.

  31. Karen Pritchard says:

    This was available to watch last night but now unavailable

  32. AJ says:

    I must have watched this video on this Bella Caledonia website within hours of it being uploaded a couple of nights ago. It was excellent. Well done.
    When I tried to watch it again (I could watch it over and over!), I see as Johnny says it is marked as private. Has it been blocked? Hopefully it can be made public again so as many people as possible can see it.

  33. AJ says:

    As Johnny says it is blocked now. (I could watch it again and again!) I did see it within hours of it being uploaded and it was excellent in every way. I hope it can be made public again so that everyone can see it.

  34. MacDazzle says:

    Outstanding documentary…. very very clever…

  35. MarkB says:

    Brilliant satire, irreverent but completely relevant, thoughtful and tubthumping. Will spread far and wide. The only grumble I have is that the background music is sometimes too loud in the mix, making it difficult to focus on the narration – th worse being the Minder theme when talking about Tony Bliar.

  36. Carole Inglis says:

    Still not available. Is there anybody out there Bella? Update? Silence for legal reasons? Anything?

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