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So we just scraped into the Top Ten of UK Political Blogs today according to ‘Vuelio’, whoever they are.  Which is good, I guess. See the Top Ten here.

You can read on of those daft mini interviews here, where I say nothing at all.

All I would say is that we are currently running as a purely voluntary effort, so a big thanks to our amazing writers and volunteers on our Facebook group who do a lot for nothing at all. You know who you are, as they say. And thanks to our readers for sharing us and commenting and being part of the conversation. I’m pretty sure we’re the only one in that ten who does it for nothing. When we’ve got the site ready for re-launch and all our plans in place we might be able to change that.



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  1. John Bryden says:

    Well I think i have supportef you from the early days and am happy woth the results. But i am upset that so few other readers support you as well! Why should i, an exiled Scot about to be left high and dry by brexit which an amazing 40% of Scottish voters supported, carry on caring? After all, i am 75, and clearly no longer compos mentis! Well i care, and i will carry on! But i hope Scottish voters waken up before it’s all too late.

  2. Josef O Luain says:

    No matter how brilliant we are, there’s always an apprenticeship to be served before our undeniable wonderfulness is finally acknowledged by all.

    1. I’m not sure why you would be motivated to make this comment

  3. Richard MacKinnon says:

    Thanks Mike. I am humbled by your gratitude.
    All one can do, is try make the world a better place. I know the weight you carry. It is a heavy load. Be reassured your burden, the enlightenment of the masses, is not carried alone.

  4. Wul says:

    Bella opened my eyes to the possibility that a different kind of Scotland is possible and to how much of our common wealth is being purloined by the few.

    It was the doorway to many other sources of information, inspiration, great writers & thinkers. I am very grateful it exists.

    I am a bit concerned to read that it is run as a purely voluntary effort, I had assumed that there were at least a couple of full timers and that writers got paid at least something. I hope you can raise funds to put things on a more sustainable footing. I’ll contribute what I can and I hope other readers will too.

    Its significant that two of the Top Ten UK blogs are Scotland/Independence focussed, showing a high level of political engagement here.

    1. No, just me. Thanks Wullie – we will be re-launching and asking for support when we have our full plans in place…

  5. Fionnghal says:

    I may not contribute to many of the columns and responses but I do pay my share – even if it is only the pensioners rate. I hadn’t appreciated so few did. I covered Bella in one of my Gaelic On-line reviews in our newsletter last summer but Ghetto na Gàidhlig has been disappointingly inactive this last while. :-[

  6. Alt SNP says:

    Ahh brexit , terrible thing to do, ignore 30% of your core vote. Lie@bour ignored their core vote too and we all know what happened, don’t we.

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