“In this dramatic footage you can see the police restraining Brian Quail as he stands next to the road holding up a small peace sign. The lorries passing by are on the last part of their journey from the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Burghfield to Coulport, a trip they undertake every 6 weeks or so.

(Although Brian had been known to step into the road now and then to hinder the progress of the lorries he made no attempt to do so on this occasion. In fact he told the policemen concerned he had no intention of putting himself or them into danger.)

The film was taken at 4pm today at the Raploch roundabout in Stirling.

If we do not highlight these convoys, track them , demonstrate against them and challenge their presence we allow this dangerous activity to be normalised.”

[from Scottish CND @scottishcnd]

Brian Quail adds: “Each Foden truck carries either one or two hydrogen bombs – missiles – each of which is about 8 times more powerful then the Hiroshima bomb. That’s either 34 times or 64 times Hiroshimas. Irrespective of the unimaginable human carnage this promises, this would inflict catastrophic environmental damage to the planet”