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The right are clinging on by threatening women’s rights and continuing with the Rape Clause. Ruth Davidson only cares about LBGT rights, which happen to affect her. The left gained by hoovering up UKIP votes, promoting a policy to reduce immigration. The Bantustan constitutional racism of EVEL, designed to stop SNP votes, affects who can vote in the coming parliament.

Brexit negotiations begin in 10 days.

I predict that the Scottish Tory leader will join the negotiating team. Her party, with 20% of MPs, is accorded more power than the SNP, who had 92% of the MPs in Scotland and now have 60%.

British Labour and the Tories refused to even negotiate with the Scottish government; now two minor parties – the DUP and Scottish Tories – will gain access, power, prestige, and pork barrels from the Brexit negotiations with which to bribe the electorate. Sinn Feinn, with 7 MPs, will be represented by the Republic of Ireland.

This is Unionism: national governments in Wales and Scotland are excluded, minor parties are represented, because of British Nationalism and FPTP.

Britain is broken.

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  1. Gordon Bickerton says:

    Thank you, well put.

  2. Craig Fraser says:

    Not to allow representatives from Scotland and Wales at the Brexit negotiations is a disgrace. This will speed up the breakup of Theresa May’s ‘precious UK

  3. Redgauntlet says:

    Panic over, dinnay fash….

    Ian Jack says everything is okay again, and has abandoned plans to move to Scotland after the latest Labour Party defeat against the vile and loathsome Tories…


  4. Eleanor Ferguson says:

    I had just heard that Polish proverb recently and was very amused by it. My disabled daughter’s care team is made up of three Poles a,two Spaniards and one Scot so I do worry about this dreadful Tory government and Brexit as they are an excellent team and I regard my daughter as being very lucky to have them.
    I was so hoping that the scare tactics about another”divisive referendum” wouldn’t work-that the Scots are too canny to fall for it,but no-turkeys have voted for Christmas again!

  5. Katrina says:

    Looks like you are right about Tank Girl, she’s just come out of 10 Downing Street with Mundell after attending a Cabinet Meeting! When was the last time anyone saw the leader of a Scottish party attending one of those – eh I’ll bet never.

    1. Brian O'Hanlon says:

      Why was Ruthless Ruth at a Cabinet meeting? I would suggest it is against the rules.

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