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Good Morning Britain

Tommy Robinson appeared on Alexa Jones programme for far-right fantasists, and the next thing he’s booked by to appear on Good Morning Britain. 12 days before the Finsbury Park mosque attack, Tommy Robinson predicted “English bombers” on the far-right US ‘talk show’.

This is how it works.

You legitimise and justify and rationalise racism, then it becomes normalised.

The you do it again.

Then you chase ratings for tv and circulation for papers and click bait for websites by sensationalising hate and stoking fear and anger and you make more money so you do it again and again.

Then you give Nigel Farage and his colleagues massive disproportionate over-exposure on the BBC for years.

Then you get Nick Griffin on Question Time.

Then you allow a public discourse to be curated by Mentorn.

Then you get a Labour Party selling anti-immigration merchandise.

You legitimise and justify and rationalise racism, then it becomes mainstream.

Then you do it again.

Then you demand that “immigrant children” have their teeth checked.

Then Farage seems normal. Piers Morgan seems moderate.

Then an MP gets murdered and quietly forgotten about.

Then the Home Secretary called on firms to draw up lists of foreign workers.

Then you treat the three million EU citizens in the UK as “unwanted aliens”.


Then you stoke fears about immigration with disinformation and lies so extreme that the daily Telegraph calls it “awful, ugly, misleading, cynical and irresponsible”.

You legitimise and justify and rationalise racism, then it becomes normalised.

You create a surround-sound of tabloid hate and pretend it’s okay.

Then the woman who as Home Secretary ordered a van to be driven round ordering people to “Go Home” becomes Prime Minister.

Then you’ve legitimised fascism and celebrated racism.

Then Finsbury Park happens.

Then the same person comes on television and urges people to be united and to “stop sowing division”.

Then everyone wonders where all this hate comes from.

Good Morning Britain.

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  • Steve Cairns 1 year ago

    Wearing a black shirt no less.

  • Mathew 1 year ago

    Spot on.
    Plus the Tories haven’t formalised the deal with DUP yet or had a Queens Speech (which could be voted down) – and yet they feel they are entitled to send Davis to Brussels to negotiate on our behalf.
    And even more astonishing they want to cancel the 2018 Queens Speech thereby removing a chance next year to bring them down!
    Pissing on democracy from a great height.

  • James Mills 1 year ago

    It’s called ”Strong and Stable …something ! ”

    • Allen McLaughlin 1 year ago

      ‘Strong and Stable’ aka horse shit. And that’s a smell that’s stong and can be found in a stable !

  • Scott H 1 year ago

    Superb expose of the real hate preachers! The fecking Torres and their blood thirsty tabloids of hate…..

  • Arthur Gall 1 year ago

    Bring it on. Boost Mrs May- Tory/BBC Party profile. Give her a “MANDATE” TO STARVE HER OWN CITIZENS. and deprive them of health care. Let the people burn.

  • Redgauntlet 1 year ago

    Bravo, Mike Small.

    At least one person in the sick, deluded little island of Britain has actually said it like it is…

  • Grant Kirk 1 year ago

    I think you have illustrated perfectly how things work – it’s blindingly obvious yet very difficult to get across to some people. Hate seems to be hard to beat for some people. It’s tragic. It’s easy to hate – no thought required, no justification either. We need to keep trying to get the message across.

  • Stephen 1 year ago

    Trying to Polarise the population so the neo-liberalists take up the middle ground to keep us poor dumb minions apart. Allowing them to introduce more legislation to serve there own agenda. Don’t watch mainstream medias public display of smoke and mirrors. The devil is in the detail of their sub plot.

  • CO’B 1 year ago

    A couple of observations: Nick Griffith’s appearance on Question Time was in 2009 and was marked by protests – including a huge demo outside the BBC
    Jo Cox has not been “quickly forgotten” the anniversary of her death was marked by a nationwide commemoration.
    Young men presentating themselves as unaccompanied minors is a problem for child protection. The Monmouth Mp may have been thinking of his constituent who was attacked by an unaccompanied minor he was fostering. The unaccompanied minor was later found to be in his mid 20’s.
    Not sure this fits with the narrative of unchallenged racism rampaging about…..

    • Bella Caledonia Editor 1 year ago

      Griffith’s appearance was marked by protests, though it went ahead and is part of a continuum of legitimising fascism, in my opinion. It had nothing to do with ‘free speech’ and everything to do with ratings. Jo Cox has not been forgotten but the link in that piece is to the sense in which she has by comments about ‘not a shot being fired’, and that was what I was alluding to.

      • co’b 1 year ago

        I see what you’re saying here. In the article it seemed as though you were saying there is a continous racist, facist narrative which relentlessly promotes racism and right wing extremis. I don’t see that. It seems to me that most political discourse in the UK is rational and rather measured.
        I don’t live in Scotland so maybe I have the wrong impression of how the debate is going with you – maybe you do have these rightwing extemists. But is’t not like that where I like.

        • Bella Caledonia Editor 1 year ago

          Where do you live?

  • IJM 1 year ago

    Hatred in this sh**ey wee place has been legitimised. Just look at the poor deluded fool who
    rented a van and drove 160 miles to “kill a muslim”. Seems like if your life is falling part, why not
    go with the flow. Easy…. MSM disciples.

    I wonder what newspaper he read…Just like the mummys boy who killed the MP. Wonder what newspaper he read?????

    Full frontal propaganda from some of the richest people on earth. Should we be surprised. I think not.

    Just stop buying that s”””e. Or just keep buying it. It is your choice. Just do not be surprised
    when the propaganda starts to come true (30% more right wing radicals referred to the anti
    terrorism authorities )

    Ye couldny make it up.


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