The Power Grab

In the context of the Brexit breakdown Phantom Power examines the origins of devolution, the historic attempts to undermine it and the recent efforts to grab powers and “Take back control” (to Westminster).

“The Threat to Scottish Democracy. 20 years after devolution and the creation its own Parliament, Scotland now faces its biggest challenge in the form of Brexit and a hard-right UK Tory Govt determined to centralise power” …





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Comments (7)

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  1. bringiton says:

    The psychology of England’s right wing Tories is that of power and domination.
    This completely excludes any concept of pooling and sharing which in turn rejects any form of union based on equal partnerships.
    Once you understand this,it is clear why they are leaving the EU and why our “union” with England is as a subordinate nation.
    England’s Tories will never accept Holyrood as anything other than a structure whose sole purpose is to implement their will in Scotland.
    They have made it absolutely clear that they do not believe in devolution which undermines their power and domination so we know exactly what to expect.
    They consider Scotland,not as a partner but a possession.

    1. frank says:

      You don’t appear to understand what devolution means. Devolution is a subordinate relationship. Local authorities operate under powers devolved from the Sovereign power, National Parliaments/Assemblies likewise operate within a subordinate relationship. Neither can do as they please, they operate within parameters laid down by the Sovereign Power and they can not lawfully act out with those parameters. The devolved authority should also be free to operated unhindered within those parameters so long as it uses its powers as intended.

      1. Mr J R Geddes. says:

        Westminster does not have reserved rights to the Scottish constitution and its only held to Scotland by a treaty. It is in doubt that the PACTA SUNT SERVANDA was ever kept.

  2. Mike says:

    Iain Macwhirter provides some interesting background to this here:

  3. Blair Paterson says:

    I must say with great regret that I honestly believe the only way we will win our freedom is to resort to violence because Westminster is never going to let us go and they will not hesitate to use violence to deny us our freedom so we do not have any choice I mean Wallace did not bother with referendums etc he knew the only thing his foes understood was to use more force than them as the man said we want our freedom we ask for no more but we Demand no less although having said that I remember the Irish priest who said his dearest wish was to have a free United Ireland but added that the day the first life was lost the price became to high

    1. Alan Bissett says:

      I agree with the priest.

  4. mr J R GEDDES. says:

    Can the Scottish devolved government use the Scottish Claim of Rights and sign in a full Scottish government?

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