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Trump Administration Season Ending

This is from the amazing uber-talented @1oneclone …


[Video is a play on the Daredevil Season 1 ending montage. Song excerpt used is “From Russia with Love” sung by Matt Monro, 1963.]




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One Comment

  • SleepingDog 5 months ago

    Well, I haven’t seen the relevant US television series(s) but having seen Shakepeare’s Anthony and Cleopatra, I was suddenly taken with a resemblance between President Trump and Cleopatra. She is such a bad-news-messenger killer and poor investor in character, and she totally rules Mark USA who feels the bitter end (vapourous fear of bears and many pertinent quotes, I swear).

    So, witout any more ado, I present da case dat Trump is President Cleopatra, wid her constant twittering, vanity and sublimely poisonous affair wid the populassy Mark di USA. What are ya wading for? There’s a ton a quotes. Get minin’!


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