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    Hand in Hand Spearfishing Democracy

    The images of Theresa May being led up steps by the POTUS just reek of a craven diminished human being acting like a child. Trump’s […]

    Mike Small 14th Jul'18 19
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    Trump in Dundee

    Dear Mr. Trump, I’m a big fan of your work. Especially your later stuff. You are the obvious natural successor to those other great leaders, […]

    Greg Moodie 13th Jul'18 0
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    NATO and its Shared Values

    The arrival of the Trump political circus has Europe’s diplomatic and military networks in a bit of a lather. The first performance will be at […]

    Bill Ramsay 11th Jul'18 5
  • Antifascism

    Give Trump the Welcome He Deserves

    Graphic artist Stewart Bremner is providing a range of free posters for the Trump visit. You just click ‘Add to Cart’ to download the printable […]

    10th Jul'18 18
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    In the hot July sun Britain feels like some kind of delirious literary experiment, something from the pages of The Cement Garden meeting The Road […]

    Mike Small 9th Jul'18 6
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    Scotland United Against Trump

    Scotland is getting ready to greet Trump. Please share this film in all of your networks … Plan, resist, protest … Scotland Against Trump from […]

    6th Jul'18 19
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    Rogue Won

    * It’s time for a massive show of opposition to Trump and the far-right internationally. Stand up and be counted. July 13th , George Square […]

    19th Jun'18 0
  • Civil Liberties

    Casa Padre and the Banality of Evil

    One of the images in the Casa Padre shelter in Brownsville, Texas, is a large mural of President Donald Trump with a quote (rendered in […]

    18th Jun'18 6
  • Peace activism
    Janet Fenton 11th Jun'18 13
  • Media

    A Wall of Madness

    Donald Trumps historic tv rant is required listening. Watch the expressions on the sofa. * ‘Exclusive Interview: President Trump on Fox & Friends’ …

    27th Apr'18 0
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    Airstrikes and Slime Balls

    There is No UN backing there is No Westminster backing there is No transparency and there is No process. The strikes on Syria have little […]

    Mike Small 14th Apr'18 19
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    Mike Small 27th Mar'18 9
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    Waiting for the Parade

    Citing Lt. William Calley serving less than 4 years under house arrest for his role in the execution of more than 500 Vietnamese villagers at My […]

    Mike Small 22nd Feb'18 10
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    Gordon Guthrie 25th Jan'18 15
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