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Scotland the Dump

Bella is working with the highly-talented Andy Arthur (aka @cocteautriplets ) who created this map of Scotland the Dump “A schematic map detailing the major sites of military munitions, chemical, biological and radiological storage and dumping in and around Scotland.”

We’re getting quotes to make it available in print at A2 size. It would be useful if any group would like a bulk order to let us know and we can adjust print run accordingly. The price would be to cover production and postage. Leave a comment or email us and let us know.


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  • raddledoldtart 3 months ago

    Anybody fancy a crowdfunder to supply a copy of this map to every school in Scotland?

    • DW Scott 3 months ago

      Great idea..count me in

  • Tony Osborne 3 months ago

    Cape Wrath Range

    “, one of only sites” Does this require a number, e.g., one of only x sites?

    Horrifying map.

  • Geacher 3 months ago

    A work of fiction…..

    • Bella Caledonia Editor 3 months ago

      What is?

  • Colin Young 3 months ago

    Yes! I want a copy of this map for my independence canvassing purposes. Just to show potential supporters the contempt that this shit-awful almighty imperial power has shown towards our beloved country in the past and will probably continue to do so in the future if allowed to.

  • Freida Dyson 3 months ago

    Is it just Scotland that has been left with these lethal ‘toys’?

  • keng 3 months ago

    Duncansby Stacks: surely kiloton not kilton? Shame to publish it with errors.

    • DaveL 3 months ago

      And Bishopton -being redeveloped, rather than ‘redeloped’? How can that even be contemplated, if land contamination is not in public domain?

  • SleepingDog 3 months ago

    These are kinds of sites that the fictional (but prescient) Doomwatch team used to investigate:
    Sometimes fiction seemed to get too close to official secrets for government censors, but some episodes sparked popular criticism of policy (lead in petrol, for example). Effectively, government assurances about the environmental dangers they had a hand in creating were portrayed as worthless.

    The Scottish central and local governments have helped open up more of the country to walkers, increasing the chances that people run up against mysterious fences and decaying installations.

  • MBC 3 months ago

    I’d like a few Mike. Thanks.

  • Liza Downie 3 months ago

    I’d like a copy too


  • SleepingDog 3 months ago

    If you wanted to get schoolchildren involved, there is potential for a citizen geo-tagging project of toxic waste and military ordinance dumps, perhaps as a subset of more general environmental hazards. The usual dangers of geo-tagging could be mitigated by anonymisation features, keeping only (say) coordinates, digital photograph, year, comments and subject tags. The main danger could be if this encouraged kids to go near enough (or crawl about in) the sites themselves.

    Mind you, some of the stuff will be washed up on public beaches waiting for a passer-by with a mobile phone.

    Perhaps there is already a suitable project with safeguarding measures.

  • Louis 3 months ago

    A final proof reading, prior to final print production, is required.
    But, other than that; very informative.

    Well done

  • Grastic 3 months ago

    Another correction: “HMS Condor” should be “RM Condor”.

  • yesindyref2 3 months ago


    Not my bag to be honest, but if I’m impressed it should make an impact on a lot of people who are also not “into this sort of thing”.

  • Rhona 3 months ago

    May I respectfully suggest that the several spelling errors are corrected before a print run goes ahead?

    • Bella Caledonia Editor 3 months ago

      Hey Rhona – you may! This is a draft. Thanks

  • Cubby 3 months ago

    Hi as someone who is colour blind I found the choice of colours made it very difficult to discern where Scotland is and make out some of the writing. If you are making changes re spelling perhaps you may want consider changing some of the colours used. Just trying to help. It is a very good way of showing this info to a lot of people so it would be a shame if colour blind people found it difficult to look at.

  • Wullie 3 months ago

    Loch Garten of Osprey fame, WW2 ammunition dump.
    Loch Morlich Cairngorm national park WW2 ammunition dump
    Loch Einich Cairngorm National Park WW2 ammunition dump. The water supply for the area for decades.
    Glen Feshie Cairngorm national park. Training and ammunition storage area WW2


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