Investigative journalism takes time and resources. The British state and the political elite is reeling from the deluge of revelations about the connections between private firms, political parties and electoral deception and manipulation. We are trying to give the space and profile to Liam O Hare to continue investigations.

Liam writes: “Journalism at its core should be about holding power to account. That’s why I am determined to investigate this story further. With a catalogue of elections interfered in from Nigeria to Bulgaria, Brexit to Trump, rarely have we seen such unaccountable power wielded as shown by Cambridge Analytica and SCL Group. What’s really concerning is that they appear to have close ties to our own state institutions.”

With your support, I will investigate:

  • The worldwide activities of SCL Group and which governments and organisations they have collaborated with
  • The background and political links of SLC Group’s board, directors and shareholders
  • How closely has the British government worked with Cambridge Analytica/SLC Group to interfere in elections and democracies globally?
  • If SLC Group is really just a private arm of the British Ministry of Defence?
  • How big a role did SLC Group/Cambridge Analytica/Aggregate IQ play in Brexit?
  • How closely is SLC Group tied to the US state department?
  • What other elections or referendum were they involved in? For instance was there any involvement in the Scottish independence referendum in 2014?
  • What was the cause of Dan Muresan (Christopher Wylie’s predecessor) mysterious death in Kenya?

Please support Liam O Hare’s work here and allow us to keep digging …