Faroe Islands – the Connected Nation

A Phantom Power production with Lesley Riddoch – the first in a series of films looking at the sense of possibility drawn from the example of Scotland’s Northern neighbours.

“The Faroese community connects in all kinds of ways – through tunnels that join the separate islands, by air to the rest of the world with its own national airline and is reconnecting with nature to create world-class food. There’s a lot to reflect upon about the future of the Faroes and Scotland but the ultimate connection is clear: with power comes the confidence to build a better nation….”

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  1. Elaine Fraser says:

    I watched this last night and was amazed and inspired. Definitely needs wide viewing and more films like this would be great.

    My only concern is how little people know or understand about how their own government works ( UK and Scottish). The more I speak to people the more I realise that they rely on the media , take it as gospel and think issues/problems automatically apply UK wide rather than England only. I hear people all the time talking about problems ( NHS in particular or trains ) that are actually to do with England. Im worried watching this film some will lay all the blame on Scottish government because it reinforces their existing view and /or they dont understand ‘levers of power’ etc. On the other hand planting seeds , doubts about existing set up no bad thing.

  2. Kenny Smith says:

    Truly inspiring wee video. I can’t help but be a tad jealous. I wish more people could see it

    1. More people can see it. Share it?!

      1. Kenny Smith says:

        I know Mike I mean out with the movement. It should be on at 6 o’clock on stv or something. Real proper exposure. You are right though it’s up to us to promote it ourselves

  3. caroline says:

    brilliant great video lesley get it on the tv .for all to watch

    1. Share it for all to watch Caroline?

  4. Colin Dunn says:

    If you’d like to help promote the documentary, please share it with those who aren’t social-network savvy and won’t hear about it.

    Download and print A6 ‘videolink’ cards to share around your town, workplace, friends and family. Homeprint and professional printer versions available at http://www.indyposterboy.scot/videolink-cards.asp

  5. Wul says:

    So frustrating watching this! Can’t wait to get started building a better Scotland. Great film. Have shared it.

    True, local power (either in an iScotland or just real, fiscal local democracy) would unleash so much positive energy in our communities. It’s a real buzz working to make your own future.

    I wonder what those who support our current UK settlement have to say when they watch this. Any one care to comment?

    1. Kenny Smith says:

      I’m sure our resident Wally Jamsie will be along any minute to unleash one of infamous brain farts

      1. Jamsie says:

        Did it ever occur to you that it is obvious to all that when you have the resort to insults that people might consider you have nothing else to offer or that you have indeed lost the argument!
        Not really surprising just typical of the Indy mindset eh?

        1. Kenny Smith says:

          Nah Jamsie it’s what you are really after so let’s no keep pretending you are a concerned citizen from Glasgow’s east end. Reasonable debate has been tried but your paymasters at Scotland in Union need you to be more irritating than ever. As for being frivolous with taxpayers cash, there is a whole two weeks worth of full articles that could be written about successive Westminster governments. Is it only the SNP or the Scottish government that does bad things? The thing is Jamsie as much of an irritant you are your waffling is counter productive. Keep it up.

    2. Jamsie says:

      It would be interesting to know how much of their taxpayers money is frivolously wasted on grandstanding projects by their politicians don’t you think?
      I bet it is not much!
      So far we have discovered £12m to Rwanda and £10m to Malawi over and above the UK aid given.
      Not counting the £15k to pay for a state visit of a corrupt politician to Scotland.
      Maybe if our administration was less extravagant with our money and spent it here where it is actually required say in Shettleston or Govanhell we might actually see local involvement in action rather than Party placement and lickspittle yessers!
      The mess education, the health service, the police and now the fire service is in suggests we can’t afford this largesse.
      Other than that I love the Faroes but any comparison to how Scotland could be is entirely inappropriate given the huge differences between us.
      Not just on scale.
      They at least try to live within their means unlike us with our £13.5bn from the Barnet Formula.
      And I think they have politicians who listen to the majority of the electorate following plebiscites.
      Don’t think the video mentioned anything about things like that.
      Never mind Aberdeen will be treated to the rally not the conference next week and wee Nicola will have to fess up to the chattering members that she cannot win a referendum right now!
      But that the GCR will show the way for when she eventually can.
      The transient left vote is already weakening because of the mendacity.
      Roll on 2021!
      End of the road is nigh!

  6. Greg says:

    Brilliant films! First time I’ve seen these. You need to find a way of sharing these with the wider public. There must be way?

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