This is from the Channel 4 documentary ‘Inside the US Embassy’ and has more than a little of the Hitler Bunker scene about it as the eyes dart back and forth…

“They know Brexit is a disaster and that the British Govt are not telling the public that 52% voted for something that’s likely to be “very very bad”.

It’s a brutally frank assessment from someone who has no vote or say and can’t be derided as a ‘Remoaner’ by a thousand tabloid scribes.

Several questions stem from this analysis.

One of which is – if as the American diplomat states (and many would agree) Brexit will result in quick hard economic downturn, what effect will this have on those who have fought for it? What will the political fallout be from economic failure?

He suggests that the embitterment that will follow if this project fails badly will be huge.

But who do xenophobes turn to when they’ve run out of immigrants to blame?

Channel 4 tell us of the first part: “In part 1, we meet close, personal friend of Donald Trump and billionaire businessman, Woody Johnson, the new U.S. Ambassador to the UK. Johnson is on a mission from the President and has a message for the people of the UK to make the most of Brexit.” Sort of.

See the full show here.