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The US Embassy on Brexit

This is from the Channel 4 documentary ‘Inside the US Embassy’ and has more than a little of the Hitler Bunker scene about it as the eyes dart back and forth…

“They know Brexit is a disaster and that the British Govt are not telling the public that 52% voted for something that’s likely to be “very very bad”.

It’s a brutally frank assessment from someone who has no vote or say and can’t be derided as a ‘Remoaner’ by a thousand tabloid scribes.

Several questions stem from this analysis.

One of which is – if as the American diplomat states (and many would agree) Brexit will result in quick hard economic downturn, what effect will this have on those who have fought for it? What will the political fallout be from economic failure?

He suggests that the embitterment that will follow if this project fails badly will be huge.

But who do xenophobes turn to when they’ve run out of immigrants to blame?

Channel 4 tell us of the first part: “In part 1, we meet close, personal friend of Donald Trump and billionaire businessman, Woody Johnson, the new U.S. Ambassador to the UK. Johnson is on a mission from the President and has a message for the people of the UK to make the most of Brexit.” Sort of.

See the full show here.

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  1. Herbert Eppel says:

    Interesting, thank you. Is there supposed to be a link at “See the full show here”?

      1. Herbert Eppel says:

        Splendid, thank you.

  2. Bert Logan says:

    An objective (not the UK, not the EU) opinion, and a very worrying one.

    A breakdown of some sort is coming.

  3. Dougie Blackwood says:

    I tried to watch the clip without success, I went to the whole program and skipped through to about half way to see this part but gave up when enmeshed in interminable ads. Channel 4’s catch up is really terrible if you do not want to suffer the whole program complete with more ads than can be borne.

    Despite stories like these from unbiased outsiders there are many people in Scotland, never mind the rest of the UK that think Brexit will be wonderful. They do not think the economy will “tank”, they think that, with all the foreign workers gone, there will be more and better jobs for them, The fishermen think they will get to scoop everything that swims out of our waters, they think the UK government will step in and continue to subsidise the farmers, the queues in the NHS will be shorter with all these health tourists sent away. Every one of these ideas are a delusion.

    Outside the tariff wall of the EU, with customs barriers and costs our economy will crash and without the infrastructure to deal with collecting and paying customs dues the imports that we survive on will grind to a halt; the little that UK exports to the EU will line up at the ports and wait, and wait to clear customs. Our just in time supply chain will collapse. The fishing rights will be traded as part of a deal to help the London Financial market, just as it was when we entered. Do we really think London will subsidise Scottish hill farms, really? The health service will collapse as foreign workers are either driven out of leave voluntarily; do we think they will all line up to give their names to be added to the “little list” for the xenophobic Tory government and pay £60 a head to do so; they will see the writing on the wall and leave.

    While we are part of this nonsense the Scottish government can ameliorate some of the damage but will be overwhelmed by the costs and lack of powers to change anything. WE really need the option to man the lifeboat sooner rather than later and there should be no need to let the voters taste the horrors that will befall before giving them the option.

    1. Graham says:

      Use an adblocker to get rid of unwanted ads. The net is horrendous without them.


    2. You just click on the embedded clip Dougie?

  4. Graham says:

    ‘It’s a brutally frank assessment from someone who has no vote or say…’ You think Theresa May and her UK-pimping cabinet don’t listen to what America has to say? Really? That pathetic American-table-scraps-begging fool is selling the UK lock, stock and barrel to the USA, and they will benefit a great deal from relaxed food hygiene standards, etc. They have a say alright.

    1. Yeah – that’s true – though I don’t know what great trade deals Trumps doling out?

      1. Graham says:

        He’s not doling out any great trade deals, but servile, fawning May will never stop hoping. She has been sold straight down the river, and us with it.

  5. Legerwood says:

    I watched this programme when it was aired. I have never seen such a banal bunch of people in my life. It was just unbelievable that any of them had reached the positions they were in.

    Scary to think they were in charge of anything above the level of a well stall.

    The clip highlighted here was about the only bit where someone with some functioning neurons actually made a contribution.

  6. Gus McGregor says:

    I don’t agree with Trump on 99.9% of what comes out of his gob, but the new location of the US embassy is the big ‘A’ of the world.

    In my view great, it will further hasten the path of the uk down the toilet of history!

    Need to make sure when Scotland becomes independent we offer the US a central location near to the mile accompanied by a truthful and equal partnership and not some mystical special relationship that others laugh at!

  7. Wul says:

    “if… Brexit will result in quick hard economic downturn, what effect will this have on those who have fought for it? What will the political fallout be from economic failure?”

    Same as usual I would think; blame the remaining immigrants, disabled, “shirkers”, young people, single mothers, politicians, “elites”, foreigners etc. Basically, anyone not “Us”.

    Who gets to define “Us” though?

    That’s what scares me.

    Very fertile ground for a new (and possibly not benevolent) “hero of the people” to emerge.

  8. Lochside says:

    “if… Brexit will result in quick hard economic downturn, what effect will this have on those who have fought for it? What will the political fallout be from economic failure?”

    How about civil war in England?….If you think the Poll Tax riots were bad, just wait until the real shit hits the fan, then the fans might starting hitting the shits!

    The English are not passive like us. Historically, in the 17th century, they executed Charles 1st because he was an absolutist. Now we are faced with an absolutist Westminster government and the mob of London will not tolerate much more. Grenfell was a warning. But Tories and their lapdog ‘opponents’ will not pay attention until there is civil disorder.

    Where this leaves us, is anyone’s guess. Like the 17th century, we were divided by religious and political stupidity and allegiances to English parties that cared nought for us, both parliamentary and royal. In a strange parallel way, it it happening again.

    A panelbase poll shows 49% of us would vote for Independence when we get dragged out of the EU, but theoretically ( unlikely) would be allowed to remain. Whilst, incredibly, despite all the red warning signs, 51% would follow their masters the UK ,into the abyss.

    At the EU Ref 61% of Scots, and ALL the constituencies, voted Remain. Yet that number has shrunk, according to this poll by 12%, when intuitively based on the evidence, it should have gone in the other direction. But deep allegiance based on emotional reasoning means that people in this country will vote against both their national identity and economic interests because of a vassal like allegiance to the Big Brother England. The same poll, incidentally showed that no more than 9% felt similarly about large neigbouring countries being given control over their smaller neigbours. Cognitive dissonance thy name is Scotland.

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