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  1. bringiton says:

    Having seen the intransigence of England’s Tories,who in their right mind would do business with them in future.
    Ireland is doing what an independent Scotland could well be forced into so it will be interesting to see how
    things pan out.
    Those companies who have fled England will not return as any future deal on rejoining the EU will not be on
    as favourable terms as they have now and businesses will be reluctant to incur further costs.
    The potential dislocation of supply chains is something Scotland will have to take into account when it separates from England
    since,like Ireland was,we have much of our business dependent on infrastructure based in England.
    Perhaps we could team up with Ireland and nullify the present imposed dependencies.

  2. Crubag says:

    Doesn’t the Rhine-Alpine corridor go through Switzerland?

  3. SleepingDog says:

    So what kinds of commercial opportunities are thriving in Brexit Britain? Firearms, jerry cans and thongs, perhaps?

    1. Willie says:

      Ah you ask an opportune question Sleeping Dog – Jerry cans and firearms indeed.

      And why do I say this well yesterday, an official from our newest para military force, the UK Border Force was convicted of the importation of £3.8m of heroin and cocaine along with ten handguns.

      Most surely reflects the rotten nature of the UK and it’s compromised agencies with thugs like this in the ranks. And these boyos are riding plainclothes and armed on the Ulster Ferries, and with the forthcoming untrammelled rights to stop search and detain in NI border areas, and presumably everywhere else they wish in the hunt for foreigners, and other undesirables.

      And so as we isolate ourselves from Europe creating an ever more hostile environment for the poor / the disabled / the filthy immigrant whilst feather bedding the corporate masters, we need to all get ready to rock, because this all portends the absolute discontent and consequent hatred that will, like like a cancer grow – and all part of the Brexiteers bro liberal plan.

      Yes SD, what commercial opportunities indeed, and for who?

  4. Willie says:

    Didn’t see anything on the list about the construction and engineering services major Interserve who are once again being touted as being the follow up act to Carillion.

    Mind you, like Carillion, public service, product and jobs are secondary to the rich picking to be made whilst trading in bankruptcy and by short selling and credit default swap insurance. Only for those in the know though. And really, just another Great British success story as the plebeian suckers, that’s us, stump up for Britain.

  5. Wul says:

    With hindsight, might it have been easier to split the Tory party, rather than the whole UK and Europe?

  6. Wul says:

    DEXEU average wage appears to be £80k/yr. Nice.

    I wonder if Boris and Jacob Rees Mogg are investing heavily in the UK’s new Brexit Opportunities?

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