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Stronger Towns – Stronger Together

There’s so much going on in this image and tweet I’m not sure where to begin … take a moment to take it all in. Let’s pause to note the language-spin of calling northern English towns completely undermined by years of London-centric economic misrule “Stronger Towns” and the sheer  brazen opportunist cheek of May and her team.


So obviously the first thing is that something called the “UK” morphs seamlessly from Slide A (green) to Slide B (yellow), which the quick-witted amongst you will have noticed is, er, England.

The second thing that may strike you is that, as the Guardian helpfully points out: “Much of the Stronger Towns Fund are to be allocated to leave-voting towns in north of England and Midlands”. So the algorithm seems to go something like this: vote for separatism under a misplaced sense of grievance: lose 13 billion euros (but get paid-off with a portion of £1.6 billion). Vote against being expelled from Europe despite being told the ONLY way you could stay within the EU was to vote NO in 2014, get sweet-fuck-all.

Third, you may have noticed that the numbers don’t quite add up.

May’s Brexit bribe loot equals a deficit.

Her “Stronger Towns Fund” equals £1.6 billion over six years/£266 million per year (Ingerlund only). The European Regional Development and European Social Fund equals £9.34 billion over six years/£1.56 billion per year (“UK” wide).

This is economic self-harm, nothing less.

Whatever happened to pooling and sharing?

As Alec Finlay writes: “45% of Scots votes for change in 2014, many in poor communities. They didn’t get bribes, they got The Vow.”


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  1. tom kane says:

    Fab, Mike.

    Scary, sad and fab.


  2. Redgauntlet says:

    A colony…

    Euros = bad…
    English pounds = good..

    A colony, a colony that still doesnay know it…

    1. willie says:

      Aye, we got the Wow through the Vow.

      What more do we want?

      Simples really !

  3. Alasdair Macdonald says:

    Is this what Mr Gordon Brown means by ‘pooling and sharing’?

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