Time Lapse video of Scottish Independence March, Glasgow, May 4 2019


Film: Jim Rusk
Feature Image: Henry Bell

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  1. Jane Fraser says:

    That is beautiful! All the blue!

  2. Dougie Blackwood says:

    Must have been at least 20 thousand.

    1. Millsy says:

      20,000 , yes , followed by another 20,000 followed by another 20,000 followed by …….

    2. Tom says:

      definitely ‘at least’ Dougie. Well spotted!

  3. john burrows says:

    Heart warming.

    Too bad Bella, the idiots “leading” the SNP and the over sensitive intellectual set, chose to undermine the whole effort the next day by trolling supporters of independence in a national newspaper. I’m beginning to understand why it has taken more than three hundred years to dissolve the Union.

    Someone is going to have to explain to me how the SNP expect to win anything when it aims its fire at its own people. The party will be lucky if it hasn’t just lost
    100,000 voters through this latest example of ineptitude.

    In the annals of political science, can someone tell me if it is possible the SNP are the only example of a political organization that attacked its own voters, two weeks before an election?

    The same weekend of the Scottish Conservative conference, where all guns should have been focussed on their mendacity, the First Minister, our virtue signaler in chief, chooses to authorize a bitter attack on those sympathetic to the cause of independence. Distracting the entire electorate from their main opponents, by aiding and abetting those same opponents in a hatchet job on their own impassioned supporters.

    I just can’t get my head around this monumental act of self inflicted harm.

    Their is a need for debate on the level of toxicity that springs from social media, but there is a time and place for everything. The timing of this was a mindless and tone deaf act of profound stupidity. It belies a deep naivety of understanding of the modern political process and realpolitik.

    We are lions led by lunkheads.

    Ms. Sturgeon and those around her should step down from the leadership of the SNP if she is offended by her fellow Scots. When it comes to the cause of independence, she has demonstrated time and again that she is not mentally equipped to lead a popular campaign. We Scots just don’t live up to her highest of standards. I guess we mere mortals will just have to go on without her.

    1. john burrows says:

      My apologies for the spelling errors and some poor wording. Been working late and I’m a bit tired and depressed.

      The last few days have been disheartening. I can’t help but feel we are all being led inexorably towards a political Culloden, by those we have accepted as leaders of the Cause. The Scots have an annoying habit of gifting our useful idiocy to our the opponents. It wears on the soul at times like these.

      Hasn’t it always been thus for the Scots, these past centuries? We will endeavor to persevere. It’s in our nature.

      Brexit is such a disaster, the English might accidentally gift us independence despite the “Cybernats”, the SNP, the intellectual set, or even Bella 🙂

      1. Bert Logan says:

        It appears the everyone has fallen for this ‘divide and conquer’.

        Great march.

        Next one, watch a ‘journalist’ interview 10 or so ‘Nat leaders’ and then tease out a story for the unionist cause.

        If you dont understand this, then pay attention next time.

    2. I didnt troll anyone, and I find the accusation offensive. I suggested that it would be a good idea for the Yes movement to call out abusive presences within our own ranks.

      1. john burrows says:

        I apologize for going overboard on the hyperbole and mischaracterizing your stance on this issue. It was undeserved.

        The editors of the Herald have played us all for fools.

        They sought to create a wedge within the movement for independence. They succeeded.

        My anger is primarily with a leadership that never seems to learn that when you sup with the devil, you must always do so with a long spoon.

        Perhaps one day we will figure out a way of defusing Mr. MacKay’s often damaging contributions to the indy debate, without self imolating.

        I just wonder at the ethics of a man, theoretically a supporter of independence, who feels compelled to be party to a bait and switch trolling of an entire nation.

        And all of it for a few quids worth of advertising revenue and a few days on the stage. It just comes across as cheap and tawdry. I am sure everyone feels the need to have a long shower to wash the dirt away.

        Why Mr.MacKay chose to poison and weaponize a needful debate, two weeks before what may be our last European elections, will be forever a mystery to me.

  4. Murdo Ritchie says:

    The time lapse photography views the event from approximately the middle of the route. There were a very large number of people who joined it at later points. This was especially the case at the area covered from Blytheswood Square to George Square. At just after four o’clock, when I left Glasgow Green, I would estimate there were around 80, 000 people and more were still coming in.

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