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Inside the Astroturf Networks of the Brexit Party and Friends

The convergence of the far-right, “libertarians” and exiled Conservatives is the subject of this brand new cartoon by Dave Peter Kerr (@davidpeterkerr) featuring Nigel Farage, Banks, Anne Widdecome, George Galloway, Yaxley-Lennon, the Koch Bros, Steve Bannon, Sp!ked and more.

This is a national and an international network of people organising around a far-right agenda. If you vote for them, know who they are.

This is what happened when Hannah Miller from ITV caught up with Claire Fox/Foster to ask her about the Warrington bombs:



You’ve got to love Claire Fox/Fosters’s plaintive “why now” plea as she dissembles and tries to shift the blame onto “Remainers” as a sidestep from her repellent views.
It might be something to do with standing for election. Some of these individuals aren’t used to operating in daylight.

for more background see also…

Claire Fox, The Brexit Party, Full Brexit, the RCP, and Northern Ireland

A recent Twitter thread by Bob from Brockley on the Revolutionary Communist Party, aka Spiked, now the main force in the Full Brexit pressure group and standing candidates for Nigel Farage’s far right Brexit Party in the Euro elections in May. See here.

Koch, Spiked, and Mark Lynas: Uncomfortable bedfellows?
This by The Ecologist about Koch and Spiked, see here.

Koch-Funded Peasants for Brexit
On who funds Brendan O’Neill.  See here.

Flutes in Whitehall, Fascists on the Streets
As Tommy Robinson, Nigel Farage, Claire Fox and Toby Young gather on Newsnight, the toxic hatred of the media that has dominated the Trump movement in America manifested itself on the streets of London. See here.

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  1. John Mooney says:

    A pair of reprehensible carpet baggers without any redeeming attributes whatever,the brexit party are nothing more than a coterie of chancers,hasbeens and never will be “polititions”

  2. Derek Henry says:

    Thomas Fazi nails it

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