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  1. Charles L. Gallagher says:

    She’s so what????? Pain in her big arse more like!!!

    1. Donald McGregor says:

      I actually think she is quite attractive. Very scary in every way thoughbut.

    2. SleepingDog says:

      @Charles L. Gallagher
      “There’s no point in asking
      You’ll get no reply”

  2. Bruce McQuillan says:


  3. Jo says:

    I’m still not over the fact that this character, while in a previous Cabinet, went off on “holiday” and proceeded to have more than a dozen meetings with members of a foreign government…all without the knowledge or authority of the PM or Cabinet of her home country! Furthermore, no official proceedings were taken against her. She got to resign when she should have been sacked, expelled from her Party and booted out of Parliament for, essentially, treason. We saw no official investigation into the matter. No punishment…. nothing. And here she is, back in another Cabinet!

    1. SleepingDog says:

      @Jo, indeed I would view that as treason, although UK treason law is still monarch-obsessed. I gather that most European nations revised or created their treason law after WW2, but the UK has resisted (of course, it might be awkward when the Monarch was the biggest traitor of all). So what new treason law should an Independent Scotland have that would led to convictions for actions like Patel’s (and Edward VIII’s)?

      Meanwhile the current regimes UK and USA seem to be on course to define cooperating with the International Criminal Court or the European Union high treason. Whistleblowers on state crimes are already facing similar charges, I gather.

      1. Jo says:

        I’m no expert on the law on treason but having just checked it out I see what you mean about it being monarchy obsessed!

  4. Frank says:

    I’m pretty sure she is a bully however, if she was a Labour MP these accusations would be met with cries of sexism and racism. Different rules for different tribes.

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