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It’s great to announce as part of our plans to develop our content we’re collaborating with Gerry and Paul from Not Another Fake Newscast. We’ll be working together to bring you more regular interviews and podcasts.

Here’s some of their brilliant recent interviews with Peter Jukes of Byline Times, award-winning journalist Dani Garavelli, and founder of the Pirate Party Birgitta Jónsdóttir …



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  1. Derek Thomson says:

    Award-winning journalist Dani Garavelli?? Is that right, aye? Hatchet job hack mair like.

    1. Sorry, she’s an award-winning journalist.

  2. Andrew says:

    What did Garavelli get an award for? Misinformation by telling only one side of a story?

    1. She’s won several awards in recent years, most recently Feature Writer of the year. She’s widely regarded as one of the best journalists in Scotland.

      1. Derek Thomson says:

        So where do you stand on her recent article regarding the Alex Salmond trial?

          1. Derek Thomson says:

            Fucking hell! Just…..fucking hell! It won’t bother you in the slightest, but I previously had respect for you as a journalist – no longer.

  3. P squiggle says:

    You cannot be serious! Award winning journalist? Sleazy hatchet hack more like. Who gave her the award? Other sleazy MSM journalists. Seriously, have you not read the one-sided tripe she wrote about the Alec Salmond trial and you must know who paid her to write it. Unless of course I have misunderstood your irony in calling her “award winning”.

    1. Whether you like it or not she is an award-winning journalist.

  4. John O'Dowd says:

    Who gave her the award? Was it Tulcan – the Tory Supporting outfit that paid Garavelli for her Hatchet job on the innocent Alex Salmond?

    You know, the one that was going to give Colonel Ruth Davidson £50k pa for being er Ruth Davidson MSP?

    What is Bella up to here?

    1. I think she was awarded the Feature Writer of the Year in 2019 in the Scottish Press Awards.

    2. Derek Thomson says:

      I know – I can scarcely believe what Mike is up to here – there’s probably something going on that we don’t know about – some personal thing of Mike’s, or maybe money involved – unfuckingbelievable. It’s very disappointing, and will lose supporters of this blog.

        1. Derek Thomson says:

          Ok, then let’s have some justification on why you think that an unbelievably biased piece, a blatant character assassination, counts as “excellent”? I’m genuinely flummoxed. Glad you allowed my comments though, thought you were going to add censorship to your quite frankly astonishing support for Garavelli’s hatchet job.

  5. Andrew says:

    I am astonished and very disappointed that you could call this article excellent unless your criterion for excellence is that it is the best hatchet job you have ever seen. Your comment is a major misjudgement which I would not have expected from you and I shall try not to let it colour my view of any future work of yours. I don’t know any of Garavelli’s other work so cannot comment but the paper she usually writes for is far from trustworthy. This article was completely lacking in any balance, deliberately omitting the testimony of defence witnesses and making constant references to Weinstein in an unsubtle attempt to infer that Salmond’s behaviour was as bad as the American’s which it manifestly was not.

  6. Liam Don says:

    Not one single article about Alex Salmond winning his trial? You had plenty of insinuations peppered about articles before it, “Salmondgate” etc. Your naked bias and cosying up to those determined to propagandise against independence is shameful, embarrassing and downright vile. You critical faculties are either warped and underdeveloped or, far more sinisterly, you know preciously what you are doing and participating in. How the mighty have fallen, now just another bag carrying servant to the power elite. I’ve no love for Craig Murray, but he forensically decimates the “excellent” hit piece that Dani Garavelli was paid by a shady Tory establishment organisation to write. You shame not only the independence movement, but all free thinking individuals with your blind subservience to power.

  7. Iain says:

    Coming to this discussion late, but yes, the criticism of your support for Daravelli”s article is completely justified. That article was an utter disgrace: it could not have been more biased, and to defend it calls into question your attitude to social justice.

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