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Peaceful protest in solidarity with asylum seekers attacked by Neo-nazis and loyalists in Glasgow


Today’s organised demonstration by Glasgow No Evictions Campaign, in support of asylum seekers currently living in temporary accommodation in Glasgow and their demands was attended by at least 80 people, holding placards and peacefully demonstrating in solidarity.

protest from Bella Caledonia on Vimeo.

The asylum seekers are demanding to go back to their flats. They are also demanding the immediate reinstatement of their financial support which has been entirely cut by the state, as well as an improvement in the quality of their food for the duration of their stay in temporary accommodation.

In response to this demonstration, neo-nazi group National Defence League (NDL) held a counter demonstration under the premise of defending the statues of George Square. They issued a call out for one hour before the Glasgow No Evictions demonstration. Approximately 250 neo-nazis and loyalists assembled at the square.

It is important to note the Glasgow No Evictions Campaign never mentioned any intent to attack statues or any other structures- the demonstration was entirely peaceful and in solidarity with struggling asylum seekers. The mobilisation of neo-nazis against this event, on the pretext of defending statues, should therefore be seen as an attempt to exploit the situation to spread disinformation and influence more people.

asylum seeker demo from Bella Caledonia on Vimeo.

People in solidarity with asylum seekers were attacked multiple times by masked neo-nazis and loyalists. A large police presence tried to separate the two groups. There were multiple arrests.

The demonstration finally went on successfully and was followed by a short rally in Glasgow city centre.

Today’s events clearly show the importance of organising a mass antifascist response.


This article was written in collaboration with the Interregnum Collective.




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  1. Alex Kashko says:

    My cynical thought, and I hope I am wrong, is that police arrested only ( or preferentially) the no-eviction peaceful demonstrators.

    My other cynical thought, and a little paranoid, is that the “loyalist” attendance was engineered by the powers that be in South Britain to distract from what they are doing and boost support among their new alt-right constituency.

    1. Charlie Gallagher says:

      Alex, some of the usual suspects from the ‘IBROX RENT-A-MOB’ were in attendance.

  2. Daniel Raphael says:

    Honor and solidarity to Bella Caledonia for not only being an oasis of literate culture and creative art, but a conscious vehicle for the necessary actions of advocacy and resistance.

  3. Squigglypen says:

    Similar ‘loyalists’ who attacked the SNP supporters after the Referendum in George Square. ……the Orange bully boys from Northern Ireland in collusion with demented supporters from a well known football team all in tandem with folk still suffering from colonialisation of Scotland by the usual suspects.

    1. Davy says:

      “Orange bully boys from Northern Ireland” – it was Scottish settlers in north of Ireland under a Scottish king in 17c that contributed to much of the conflict there

  4. Irene Crichton says:

    Leave the asylum seekers alone they had nothing to do with any of the troubles in Ireland !They need help not more trouble from bullies like you! The Home office are at it again they are always boasting about what wonderful things our wonderful “united kingdom “is doing. The story of what is being done to these asylum seekers in Glasgow is an absolute disgrace. They have no money for food or for lifesaving medicine & some one waiting ages in pain for help with a broken foot is inhuman how dare the Government allow the Home Office to get away with this
    after the Fiasco of the Windrush Scandal Etc.Etc.


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