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    Glasgow Up in Arms

    The arms industry is coming to Glasgow, a city that has experienced a rich history of anti-war mobilisations. The Underwater Defence Technology (UDT) exhibition will be […]

    Jenny Tsilivakou 22nd Jun'18 5
  • Events
    Willie Sullivan 19th Jun'18 6
  • Review

    People Make Glesga

    Bella Caledonia got in touch with Chris McQueer to find out more about his new collection of short stories HINGS. But Chris couldnae bother his […]

    Chris McQueer 13th Apr'18 5
  • Arts & Culture

    The Last Days of Creative Scotland

    Scotland’s artists mustn’t fall for this any longer. A change of management won’t be enough to save CS this time. It’s time for artists to […]

    Neil Cooper 3rd Feb'18 28
  • Music

    The Magic of Vinyl

    “I knew what I wanted to create,” says monorail’s Stephen McRobbie, a week or so after the record shop celebrated 15 years of trading in […]

    Nadine McBay 5th Jan'18 1
  • Drugs

    The Case for a Fix Room

    The case for a safer drug consumption facility in Glasgow, by Mhairi Hunter (writing in a personal capacity). Plans to establish a safer drug consumption […]

    Mhairi Hunter 15th Dec'17 16
  • Music

    On Glasgow’s Music and Soul

    A guest editor pick by Laura Waddell, here’s Leo Condie of WHITE and Sarah Martin of Belle and Sebastian in conversation about Glasgow, music, and […]

    Leo Condie and Sarah Martin 6th Dec'17 0
  • Editorial
    Guest Editor - Laura Waddell 6th Dec'17 2
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    On Govanhill

    Mhairi Hunter (Councillor, Southside Central ward, Glasgow) attempts to bring some balance and focus to the coverage of Govanhill. Last week the Times published a story […]

    Mhairi Hunter 21st Nov'17 22
  • Commentary

    GalGael 20 Years On

    * In an important piece, first published in the Bella magazine, Gehan Macleod explores the differences between charity and solidarity (charity is vertical, solidarity is […]

    Gehan Macleod 9th Aug'17 7
  • Review

    Disappearing Glasgow

    Is it a coffee table? Is it an academic tome? Upon picking up Chris Leslie’s beautiful book Disappearing Glasgow I wasn’t sure. On the one […]

    Ed Hollis 23rd Nov'16 7
  • Film and Animation

    Red Carpet from Cuba to Scotland

    “Building bridges based on the belief that film becomes art only when its materials are as inexpensive as pencil & paper. Cine Pobre Film Festival […]

    Chris Bartter 7th Nov'16 1
  • Arts & Culture
    Clare Patterson 20th Aug'16 9
  • Commentary

    The Right of Protest

    Three Syrian students charged with resisting arrest and assaulting police officers at a Glasgow protest have been cleared after a senior Sheriff branded the police […]

    James Doleman 29th May'16 9
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