Outsourcing Unionism

The Scottish Tories are sending begging letters to people in Devon to stop another referendum saying – “bluntly we need the funds”.

As a keen observer of politics, I am on the mailing list if a number of political parties. One of which, though I had not realised it until yesterday, is the Scottish Conservative Party.

This email, from Douglas Ross and Baroness Davidson, is a plea to Conservative supporters, in England and Wales as well as Scotland, to donate money to fight the SNP and Scottish independence. To my mind, outsourcing unionism in the form of a begging letter to English and Welsh voters goes against the principle that independence is a matter for the Scottish people. Furthermore, it undermines Douglas Ross’ claim that the Scottish Tories are distinct from the UK Party. If you’re distinct, then raise party funds from your own members.

Having retrospectively examined the small print, I now realise that by signing up to the UK Conservative Party mailing list I consented to receive mail from ‘the wider Conservative Party’ which includes local associations, areas and regions of the Party, known as ‘accounting units’. I would like to take this opportunity to wish Douglas Ross good luck in his tenure as the leader of the Scottish Conservatives’ Accounting Unit, I have a feeling he’ll need it. And as we’re in a ‘Union of Equals’, might I suggest that he charges members £25 to join the Scottish Conservatives (making it equal to the UK Party’s membership fee) rather than allowing people to join for a nominal fee? It’ll help generate funds.

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  1. Robert Logan says:

    So its not a Branch Office re-Labour, its an Accounting Office .. like a stupidity tax.

    Begging people in England during the endgame will go down well for sure.

  2. Stuart Clark says:

    So the Unionists are asking folk in the Union for funds to preserve and defend the Union?

    What will these unionists do next, unite?

    Judging by the speed of progress of the current SNP leadership, It may well be years before these funds are used.

    1. Robert Logan says:

      Yup – the colonial accounting unit is asking their controllers for help.

      The outpost is sinking.

  3. Craig P says:

    Have they spent all the dark money already?

  4. axel says:

    I usually reply to emails like this with

    “I will vote in an independent Scotland but not before.”

    I am fairly sure nobody reads it but it may plant a couple of seeds.

    1. Axel P Kulit says:

      i meant I will vote for your party in an indeoendent scotland but the site changed what I typed

  5. Lesley Docksey says:

    As an English person who is happy for Scotland to become independent (I’d like England to be independent of Westminster and the Tories too), this was the laugh of the day for me. How idiotic can they get?
    Mind you, I am quite terrified of how the idiocy of Johnson’s government will damage us all.
    Question – are ideologues by nature idiotic?

  6. Chris Ballance says:

    Note the Tories never argue against Scottish Independence – where they know they’re on a loser – always against another independence referendum, where they have some traction.

  7. Jim Hagart says:

    I found it interesting he didn’t mention he had the full power of the UK Government and 3 unionist parties behind him. It seems they are no match for the SNP and didn’t deserve a mention. Still, no doubt we’ll hear much more from them in the near future.

  8. Fatweegg says:

    Stating the SNP have the full power of the ScotGov available to campaign with is libellous surely??

    1. Derek Thomson says:

      I have to say, that was my thought as well. Given that they’re now a bunch of gangsters, a rogue state in effect (a parcel of them,) they think that they can just sprinkle lies around like so much confetti, without consequence. Deeply, deeply depressing, but not surprising. Tories will Tory. Vermin. Utter vermin.

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