Porky Pie Pinata

Trade talks between the UK and EU are over. Boris tells the country to brace for a no deal Brexit.

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  1. bawbag uare says:

    scotland flag not correct

    1. Lorna Miller says:

      Omg you are totally right! Wtf? I had a migraine when doing this as well as long covid brain….I’ll fix it tomorrow! Oh the brass neck!

    2. Lordmac says:

      That’s not a Scottish flag, that’s our Tory’s Scottish emblem of control flag. Tee Hee

  2. Lordmac says:

    Looks like the Tory’s have won, things can now only get better, and cheaper, just like the old days, the( knows !) have it, covid might up the costs ,but only for a short time, great for the union and staying together

    1. Charles Gallagher says:

      Are you taking the piss? I remember pre-EEC, Britain on its knees, British cars delivered to the customer with paintwork not completed, doors that didn’t fit, etc. On strike more than at work, strikes that eventually destroyed Clydeside and heavy engineering in Scotland. Don’t get me started on Thatcher urgh!!!

      1. Lordmac says:

        That’s what happened when we gave miners engenering jobs, they couldn’t build cars, so they downed tools. Then we gave them steel work, then they fell asleep.

      2. Josef Ó Luain says:

        Ah, come on now, Charles, you don’t honestly believe that the examples you choose to mention had nothing to do with long-term under investment and a resultant managerial paralysis? Why would workers want to see the workplaces that paid the rent and fed their families, go to the wall? If you really were there, you must know that the huge majority of British workers were never Bolsheviks, despite how the Right leaning press-barons of the day chose to misrepresent them.

    2. Jim Sansbury says:

      Och awa an’ bile yier heid!

      1. Lordmac says:

        The thing about democracy now is, key board warriors, think they have a case

  3. Laurence Whittaker says:

    Ye gods there is some sh!te being talked here. My father was a senior engineer in the English Steel Corporation which became British Steel Corporation which was taken over by a management buyout then got flogged off to Koninklijke Hoogovens, a Dutch company and then Tata Steel from India. The basic problems with British Steel were underinvestment and mismanagement. In the 1970s they were still using plant from the 1920s while the Germans rebuilt their whole industry from the ground up after WW2. Naturally they wiped the floor with British Steel on the international market.

    The other problem was management, The German industrial relations policy was one of co-operation with the workforce and unions whereby they sought advice from workers about practical issues where the workforce would have some insight into production problems. The English approach to management was the opposite, it was a relic of the class system. They regarded the workforce as an enemy to be fought and controlled at every end and turn. The idea of actually co-operating with the workforce was completely alien to their mindset. This is why there was so many strikes, the unions were left with no alternative. Going on strike meant you weren’t getting paid and nobody wanted that. I was there, I saw it.

    Then when Thatcher came in a big part of her agenda was to destroy the unions as a political force. A true tory she did not give a flying f*ck about the economy, our industrial base or the communities which would be affected by the destruction of industry in the North of England or Scotland. They took Scottish oil and used the money to devastate huge areas of the country. They could have used this money to follow the German example and regenerate a competitive manufacturing sector but no, that might have made workers more powerful so it could not be allowed.

    We are now seeing the end of the line, a UK broken and economically destroyed by a party of traitors who will be rewarded handsomely by the foreign corporations who are being lined up to buy our assets on the cheap so they can be sold to the highest bidders. If we don’t get independence soon we will go down the toilet with the rest of the UK and it will bloody well serve us right

    1. Lordmac says:

      Yes to a extent, but it was the workforce that also shat on the eggs there was unions that also wanted to be the big swinging Dick’s, they had all the power, that was needed ,they had coal and gas control ,but would not side with the electrical union, and that’s were there first mistake and if on board would have called the shots and blacked out all the wealth in London

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