On COP Failures and Moving Beyond the Davos Cluster

When will we end this madness?

Who was it who said revolution succeeds not when the poor rise up against the ‘doing ok for now’, but when both rise together? When would that ever be possible?

Maybe when the ‘just about managing’ and even the ‘doing ok for now’ look out at the suffering of so many children here and across the world – the subjects of ‘benefit’ sanctions by tax avoiding corporate media political bullies, the subjects of wage slavery in inhumane conditions in the global south, and of the appropriation of indigenous peoples community lands by forces acting for oil companies, palm oil, and fortress conservation like WWF.

When those of us who are ‘doing ok for now’ look out at that suffering, and recognise that the forces who are causing such pain, are also nailing our kids futures to the same.

Nailing our future to the same Davos crowd’s insane worship of insufferable greed. Facebook, Amazon, Shell, BP, Murdoch n all. All these obscenely rich who ‘succeed’ by impoverishing people and planet, who cut ‘benefits’ while benefitting from maintaining loop holes so they can avoid tax, whose media and captured political system decides our Governments, who are wrecking our NHS as they stealthily privatise and replace it, who have long since bent the BBC and media, and are bending education and culture, to their narrative.

If those who think they’re doing ok can move from passive compassion for those suffering poverty now, to an active insistence on halting an utterly unnecessary process of insanity, then we can begin to take back our world.

Kevin Anderson says “The power in maintaining the same narratives” has meant emissions have risen 60% since we collectively decided to reduce them 30 years ago. This “incremental greenwash is what, disturbingly, so many academics, senior NGOs and journalists have bought into.

“This Davos cluster has set the current narrative and is supported by the expert community who aren’t prepared to think of new narratives, new imaginative ways to deal with the climate agenda.

“It’s beyond the ability of that particular power cluster to think about these issues. And therefore the only way forward is probably going to be through different structures of power.”

Some words of came unexpectedly out of the gathered silence at Portobello and Musselburgh Quaker Meeting this morning, meeting at Bellfield in Portobello:

If fury is love enraged by injustice,

how to share it without burning,
how to be warmth, how to shed light?

If grief is love howling with loss,

how to plant our hearts fully in it,
deeply rooted, so we can grow?

If despair is love abandoned,

how to unravel its lonely silence,
how to meet, melt and flow?

How to be love?

This came out of feelings in response to the utterly unnecessary injustice of a COP that has done nothing to stop the ongoing Holocaust.

These are words that came out of an utter gratitude to all indigenous, youth, rebel, and other real leaders on the streets seeking to give full throated voice to life’s song.

Be the hope you need to see in the world. Insist on truth, don’t squander our future on accepting half lies. Insist on love, don’t squander our present on hatred.

Those who have been born to power, or achieved power, may be trying to do their best, but their best is such a compromised place, their empathy is so muffled by their fear and their felt need to control. Their privilege has cauterised their empathy, has cut them off from their humanity. Doubtless not in every moment, but in those moments that matter to us all. When we need the fire of their empathy and courage all we get are the ashes of their compromised, control and fear.

They render themselves unable to listen to their own hearts, let alone to others suffering.

They need liberating from positions where they are utterly in the way of the huge change that is needed – the change from governing by control to leading by listening.

There are many who have engaged in the official COP process to rescue some openings for sanity. Their struggle in that space is made harder if we don’t support them. Our struggle to replace that whole insane system is made harder if they don’t support us.

Those on the ‘inside’ and those on the ‘outside’ need to recognise that we need to secure crucial tiny victories for constituencies of the marginalised, but we also all need to focus on the utter transformation of a system defined by fear and greed, by a lack of trust and belonging to our shared humanity.

Our humanity is not the problem, our problem happens when we don’t engage our full humanity in opposing, defusing, and leaving behind an inhumane system.


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  1. Mons Meg says:

    Yet, we in the post-industrial world ARE generally doing okay, and we ARE generally unmoved by injustice and the suffering of others (except as spectacle, in which the movement becomes cathartic), and I can see how this is frustrating to the righteous.

    The whole spectacle of COP (including ‘all indigenous, youth, rebel, and other real leaders on the streets seeking to give full-throated voice to life’s song’) has indeed done nothing to stop the ongoing environmental revolution. It has only provided the righteous with an occasion to enact the performative rituals through which they seek to purify themselves and establish/maintain/restore a right relationship to the sacred order.

  2. Joe says:

    Great article and so very true. Is it possible to knock these selfish, greedy elites off their pedestals? Even to save the future? Serious action required by all. Many thanks. Are these articles posted on ‘Social Media’?

  3. Paula Becker says:

    Yes this Davos cluster (or World Economic Forum) is a huge problem. Consider the following list of WEF alumni and how they drove the Covid narrative.

    Bill Gates (Global Leaders for Tomorrow, 1993) – praised China for their Covid response, pushed for lockdowns and then vaccines (relentlessly)
    Tony Blair (Global Leaders for Tomorrow, 1992) – shill for Bill, frequently turns up on British media pushing the vaccines.
    Jens Spahn (Europe Policy Group since 2017) – German Health Minister. Germany now highly vaccinated, cases soaring.
    Jacinda Ardern (Young Leader) – Prime Minister of New Zealand. Big advocate for Zero Covid until Zero Covid failed miserably. Now leads an apartheid country.
    Devi Sridhar ( (Global Agenda Council on Health) – still advocating Zero Covid despite Zero Covid failing miserably.
    Sebastian Kurz (Young Leader) – recently stepped down as Austrian chancellor but is still a parliamentarian. Austria now an apartheid state.
    Emmanuel Macron (Young Leader) – French president. Pursues vax mandates and vax passports despite ongoing massive protests throughout the country.
    Stephane Bancel (Young Leader) – CEO of Moderna. Flogs vaccines. Billionaire
    Leana Wen (Young Leader) – pro China, pro Lockdown, pro vaccine talking head on CNN.
    Eric Feigl-Ding (Young Leader) – pro China, pro Lockdown, pro vaccine Twitter eejit.

    1. Mons Meg says:

      All states exercise an apartheid regime, Paula. Separateness or ‘aparthood’ is how we defend ourselves against those whom we deem to be a threat. It’s one of the drivers of nationalism. In the case of Scottish nationalism, that threat is the Tories/English/British; according to the current balance of public health opinion, it’s (among others) the unvaccinated.

      1. Paula Becker says:

        The apologist for authoritarianism is also an apologist for apartheid.
        Quelle surprise!

        1. Mons Meg says:

          How is the above an apology for apartheid?

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