Three in a Row

Celebrate Scotland’s three-in-a-row wins over England with this 20% off exclusive Bella Caledonia offer, quote coupon code Calcutta3 at checkout.

Scotland 29 England 23 the first three in-a-row Scottish wins since 1972 and the first ever back-to-back Scotland wins at Twickenham .

Celebrate all three Calcutta Cup 2021-2023 victories with Philosophy Football’s unique shirt in Scotland colours.

This is a limited edition one print run, then deleted. Go here to order: Scotland Calcutta Cup Hat Trick or call 01273 472 721 for phone orders

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  1. SleepingDog says:

    I notice that BellaCaledonia still resists introducing a category for ‘Sport’. Or ‘Games’ for that matter.

    1. Most of our comment on Sport is about the social / economic context of it, but maybe we should have a separate section?

      1. SleepingDog says:

        @Editor, put it this way: I wouldn’t want to tie even a part of political cause to the vagaries of Sport or the fortunes of a particular team, though I readily accept an overlap between Sport and Politics. A separate Sport (sub)category might be useful to tie together items with a primarily Sport focus, like this one, and maybe help balance celebrations with critiques.

        More seriously, I would suggest that Games is more vital subcategory omission from Arts & Culture. A recent Guardian article suggests some reasons:
        Can board games teach us about the climate crisis? Game creators say yes
        whilst recent books like Half-Earth Socialism (I’ve only got into Chapter 1 and cannot recommend it yet) come with their own online modelling game. And as I’ve mentioned before, computer games would be my main recommendation for advancing languages like Gaelic and Scots to the younger generation and other demographics, and the odd review might help explain why. Games are one of the most politically-charged areas of culture globally at the moment, and this trend is likely to continue (for reasons worth exploring).

        1. Niemand says:

          I think a section dedicated to snooker is needed. Scotland has always punched above its weight in the sport / game but no longer really. Why??

          1. SleepingDog says:

            @Niemand, yet snooker remains resolutely Newtonian. What can it tell us about our chaotic, complex world of phase-changes and tipping points, of adaptive agents and quantum physics?

          2. Niemand says:

            Events on the table are indeed an excellent demonstration of Newtonian physics, though very odd things to happen with the balls that clearly push us into quantum phenomenon. And what of the endless Waiting for Godot-like sitting in the chair, the referees’ sisyphean task of replacing the balls after a ‘miss’; the almost desperate extended spider compared to the beautiful elegance of the swan neck rest? And what could be a better metaphor for the human condition that the snooker itself – trapped but always hopeful of escape until hope finally dies?

          3. SleepingDog says:

            @Niemand 🙂

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