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What does the Covid inquiry tell us about the state we’re in?

I mean apart from the complete dysfunctional level of organisation at the most important level of power in an unprecedented crisis: the disgraceful sociopathic ageism; a level of gross misogyny embedded by those with power; the casual racism (with no regard for the impact of lockdown on ethnic minorities); a complete contempt for devolved administrations; and a level of toxicity that had Dominic Cummings call Ministers “… useless fuck pigs, morons, cunts, in emails & WHATSAPPS” … it’s all great.

Elderly people and disabled people were just considered as disposable. If Cummings is correct virtually no thought was given to vulnerable women and children and sufferers of domestic abuse who would be affected by lockdown. Little or no serious thought was given to the emerging crisis of long-covid.

But more than anything the inquiry revealed the extent to which Johnson’s government, and the people he represents are a pathological group where the economy is more important than people, he says: “We are killing the patient to tackle the tumour” then “Why are we destroying the economy for people who are going to die anyway?”

The problem is not that this is shocking. The problem is that it’s not. The slow drip-feed of revelations (mostly from one or two journalists and papers, such as Pippa Crerar at the Mirror) left people exhausted by the sheer bleak horror of it all. We’re not shocked, we’re not surprised.

And the performative nature of British ‘inquiries’ goes on and on.

Unless criminal charges are laid against any of these people, Boris Johnson, Hat Mancock, Rishi Sunak and others, they will simply shrug it off. 

Johnson’s chaotic indecisiveness delayed vital lockdown measures, the inquiry heard, while he told advisers the Covid virus was “just nature’s way of dealing with old people” and he was “no longer buying” the fact the NHS was overwhelmed during the pandemic. Johnson’s permanent indecision led him to be refereed to as The Trolley, constantly changing direction.

Lee Cain (who formerly dressed up as a chicken) and Dominic Cummings just represent an incredible level of self-conceit.

At one point Cummings is asked why he helped install as PM a man he knew to be unfit for office.

He said the alternative was a second referendum on #Brexit and a possible Corbyn gov’t, so “we decided to roll the dice”. ~AA

No-one is blameless and if the Scottish Govt had a better record than the UK one this is a very low bar. Their shifting explanations about the Whassap details are baffling. The level of contempt exhibited here is very clear …

The level of chaos is extraordinary and the consequences tragic. Nothing will happen. There will be no consequences. Britain is an irredeemable farce.

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  1. SteveH says:

    I agree with a lot here, but have a different slant on things.

    Word of caution: Its just too easy just focus on the Tories – as crap as they are, they’re a symptom not the sole cause of our problems. Look careful at whats happening in the EU. Populism is growing there faster than in the UK.

    There’s an unease been growing for decades now.

    In the UK (including Scotland) and the rest if the Western world we are dominated by the graduate and global elites, who have forsaken the majority who are working class or non-graduates.

    The domination of all of our institutions by those who went to top universities is clear. Significantly, many of those in the top jobs also attended private or elite schools.

    There is a major disconnect in our social discourse.

    Its not even useful to think in terms of left and right wing.

    I would say virtually all those in positions of power in elected and unelected (quango/agencies/civil service/senior police) have a fascist mindset. Fascist in as much as they have increasingly pushed the power of the state into our private lives).

    There is a drive towards greater restrictions of our lives. Compelled speech, so-called hate crimes, restricting people by LTNs, using crises to constrain us as much as possible.

    The old middle class has been hollowed out and marginalized. Elite education is the new differentiator.

    We are distracted by identity politics and critical social justice. But its only a means if dividing us, reducing the influence of the less privileged.

    Brexit caught the elites out, such is their arrogance. I remember as a remainer being mad as hell with the result.

    However, I have realised that it was more about our democracy being steadily diminished and pushed upwards to the EU, UN, WTO, IMF etc., and sideways to the agencies and quangos.

    They seem to want a cashless society, increased digital surveillance, more restrictive online laws, restricted movement. We pay more taxes than ever before, yet receive less services.

    I now even understand why Scottish independence had the support it has. Trouble is Scotland would just be exchanging one set of elites set on reducing real democracy for another.

    Can you really see the likes of the SNP being any better if it had even more unfettered power?

    The scary thing is that there’s not even a powerful cabal meeting in secret pulling our strings. Its more like an insidious groupthink blinding even well-meaning graduates into thinking global citizenship and an end to national identity is a good thing.

    1. Tom Ultuous says:

      “Can you really see the likes of the SNP being any better if it had even more unfettered power?”

      a) In what way is being able to spend your pocket money how ever you like “unfettered power”?

      b) Are the SNP a monarchy or something? Their electoral success is mainly down to the fact they’re seen as a vehicle to independence. Many of us would hope to be able to vote for a party a bit more left wing and innovative in an independent Scotland although that could turn out to be a newly invigorated SNP itself with something more like unfettered power. Scotland will never be allowed to be a success and embarrass England while it remains part of the UK.

      Feb 2023
      Ireland’s national debt now stands at 44,000 euro per person in the country.
      UK’s national debt now stands at 50,279 euro per person in the country (lookup nationaldebtclock).
      The poorest Irish have a standard of living almost 63% higher than the poorest in the UK. (Financial Times).
      Consider the wealth of natural resources Scotland has compared to Ireland. Oil, massive wind/wave energy potential, whisky and much larger fishing waters.
      Question: So how come the Irish are much better off than the Scots?
      Answer: They’re not a colony of the UK.
      All of the above is easily checked with single line browser searches yet the collaborators in Scotland refuse to believe anything that does not emanate from their colonial masters.
      Note, the ROI is just an example. The average French & German household was around 9K a year better off than its UK equivalent pre-COVID (Financial Times) and that will be more like 12K now. Since the Tories took over, the UK is worse off compared to any EU country. Look up ‘theatlantic – How the U.K. Became One of the Poorest Countries in Western Europe’.

    2. This is like a checklist of conspiracy theories

  2. Satan says:

    The Scottish government’s decision to send elderly people who they knew had covid from hospitals to old folk’s homes must be criminal negligance, as well as being brainlessly stupid. No-one needs a degree in medicine to figure that out and I doubt that anyone with a degree in medicine took that very bad decision. That would include Jason Leich. A dentist with a PhD in hospital bureourocracy, with an ex-lawyer to brodcast this stupidity every day to people that watch day-time TV. They both got covid. I ignored them and their rules, and I didn’t. The people responsible for the care-home debicle should be at least sacked with no pension. They could be described as murderers.

    1. John says:

      Anyone that boasts I ignored the rules and U was fine shows they are basically selfish with no appreciation of the health of others.
      I worked in a hospital in South Wales where covid took hold amongst local communities very hard in April 2020.
      I have personally seen the victims in hospital beds, being trolled to morgue and had to gown up with PPE in ICU.
      You have no idea what it was like and how stressful ;& dangerous it was for my colleagues in NHS.
      I take your selfishness and ignorance of your comments as a personal insult to all those who worked so hard in NHS during Covid.
      Please do not reply I do not need any more amateur expertise.
      Thank you

      1. John says:

        I should add the Consultants from ICU was on social media and appeared on Channel 4 News describing what life was like and appealing for people to comply with lockdown rules.
        They were subject to abuse online from anti lockdown protesters.
        Can you imagine how that must have felt like and why I personally find these types of comments so objectionable.

    2. Hugh McShane says:

      Satan- your logic? thought process + spelling justify using the adjective associated with your name!

    3. Drew Anderson says:

      Of course you did some fact checking, to back up your assertion; didn’t you?

      Professor John Robertson, at Talking up Scotland, has written extensively about this. Its pretty clear that the primary vector was agency staff in care homes; the Skye outbreak was linked to staff shipped in from as far away as Kent. Also, the Scottish Government gave the highest priority to care homes at the start of the vaccine rollout.

    4. Wul says:

      Busy month coming up Santa. Stay safe.

  3. Marybel Tracey says:

    Even his body language behind the desk at the enquiry was another example of this man’s loathsome contempt for anybody. He sat with his head in his hand as if he was discussing where he would go on his next holiday or what he thought would be his next drink . I was shouting at the TV saying ‘ Sit up straight man show some respect’ . This is only proof what even I knew we were being led by a load of Donkeys in Westminster ! They should all hang their heads in shame but watch and see ….. they will laugh it off and carry on regardless. We need shot of them all.

  4. John says:

    The whole point of the Covid enquiry is to review what happened and how lessons can be learned to ensure we are better prepared for and act more appropriately when there is a future pandemic. To undertake this any meaningful way it requires all involved to reflect critically on how they personally and the systems in place performed.
    Unfolding what we are seeing is a lot of arse covering, deflection, failing memories laced with lashings of narcissism.
    From what we have seen it looks as though it will be difficult to learn meaningful lessons for the future.
    What we have learnt is that the people in charge were hopelessly unsuitable and basically lied their way through the whole process. It is merely reinforcing what many of us suspected at the time.
    The public were not led through covid by Westminster government but managed their way through inspite of incompetence of Westminster government.
    It just makes you want to weep when you consider that we require sound leadership to address the challenge of climate change and I feel no more confident that the leaders or system will respond in a more sensible manner.

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